What Fitbit Do I Have? 5 Quick Ways To Find!

Since the launch of the first Fitbit Flex in 2013, Fitbit’s market growing exponentially. In the past few years, Fitbit has had a lot of new fitness trackers to their lineup, that’s it become challenging to know which Fitbit you have. 

Fitbit has several major lineups, including; Sense, Versa, Charge, Luxe, Ace, Flex, and Inspire. Each Fitbit lineup includes several models or successors. 

When you buy a second-hand Fitbit, or someone has gifted you a Fitbit tracker, the question that initially stuck to mind is, “What Fitbit do I have.” Because of the diverse culture of the Fitbit family, it’s not an easy job to know which Fitbit you own exactly. 

In this article, I will share five quick ways that help you to know about your Fitbit model. So keep on reading. 

What Fitbit Do I Have: 5 Ways To Know

I will share five ways to help you know about your Fitbit model.

  • Check Fitbit App
  •  Check Device Settings
  • Model Number
  •  How Your Fitbit Looks Like (Images)
  • Use Google Lens

1- Check The Fitbit App

The first and straightforward method is to check the Fitbit App. Once you have successfully connected your Fitbit to your smartphone, you can view the detail of your Fitbit tracker in the companion app. 

For that, open Fitbit App on your smartphone > Tap the Profile icon > and check your linked Fitbit tracker with its model name. This is the quick way to know about the Fitbit model, but this method doesn’t show you the model number. 

If this method is not working for you, try the next method. 

2- Fitbit Device Settings

This is another way for those unable to connect their Fitbit with the companion app. This method is quick and easy; you can find a Fitbit model name from your Fitbit’s Settings. 

  1. Simply tap on the watch face to wake up the screen, and Swipe left to find the Settings app
  2.  Tap the Settings icon, and scroll down to the “About” option. Tap on it, and here you can find your Fitbit model name. 
  3.  If you want to find the Fitbit model number, go next and choose Regulatory info; here, you can find the exact model number at the top. 

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3- Fitbit Model Number

Every Fitbit device has a model number on the back side that helps you know what Fitbit you have. Once you have located the model number written at the back of your tracker, you can easily find your Fitbit name using the table below. 

Note: The model number starts with FB and has three digits next to it.

Fitbit NameModel NumberRelease Date
Fitbit Sense 2FB521September 2022
Fitbit SenseFB512September 2020
Fitbit Versa 4FB523September 2022
Fitbit Versa 3FB511September 2020
Fitbit Versa 2FB507September 2019
Fitbit Versa LiteFB 415March 2019
Fitbit Charge 2FB407September 2016
Fitbit Charge 3FB409OCT 2018
Fitbit Charge 4FB417March 2020
Fitbit Charge 5FB421September 2021
Fitbit LuxeFB422April 2021
Fitbit FlexFB401May 2013
Fitbit Ace 3FB418March 2021
Fitbit Ace 2FB412March 2018
Fitbit IonicFB503September 2017
Fitbit SurgeFB501OCT 2014
Fitbit AltaFB406Feb 2016
Fitbit BlazeFB502January 2016
Fitbit Inspire 3FB424September 2022
Fitbit Inspire 2FB418September 2020
Fitbit Inspire HRFB413March 2019

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4- Fitbit Images

If you don’t want to put extra hard work into finding your Fitbit model number or name by going to the Settings app, or Fitbit App, you can check the images below and find out which Fitbit you have.

Fitbit Sense 2 | FB521

fitbit sense 2

Fitbit Sense | FB 512

fitbit sense

Fitbit Versa 4 | FB523

versa 4

Fitbit Versa 3 | FB511

fitbit versa 3

Fitbit Versa Lite | FB 415

versa lite

Fitbit Charge 5 | FB421

fitbit charge 5

Fitbit Charge 4 | FB417

charge 4

Fitbit Luxe | FB422

fitbit luxe

Fitbit Ace 3 | FB418

fitbit ace 3

Fitbit Inspire 3 | FB424

fitbit inspire 3

Fitbit Inspire 2 | FB418

inspire 2

Fitbit Flex | FB401

fitbit flex

5- Use Google Lens

Another quick way to learn about Fitbit devices is Google lens. The Google lens scans your object and shows the detail about it. So, open the Google lens in your smartphone and scan your Fitbit; it will automatically bring you to the images tab of Google.

Even though Google lens can tell you the Fitbit name, it’s not too precise. Because of the similar design of a few Fitbits, it can mismatch the models.

Warping Up

Fitbit is a well-known fitness tracker brand that allows you to track your health and fitness goals. There are different Fitbit models available, so knowing which Fitbit you have becomes challenging. In the above guide, we have mentioned the five quick ways to find your Fitbit name. I hope you know the name of your Fitbit now.

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