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Post List #1

How Accurate Is Fitbit Heart Rate? [Real Time Testing]

Felix LeoAug 7, 20238 min read
how accurate is fitbit heart rate

Fitbit has bring a lot of advancement in wearable tech industry, since the inception Fitbit are consider one of the most accurate fitness trackers.  When…

Does Fitbit Work With Samsung Health? [2 Ways To Connect]

Felix LeoAug 4, 20237 min read
Does Fitbit Work With Samsung Health

In contrast to Fitbit, Samsung Health offers some important features that will help you improve your basic health. And guess what? Due to this reason,…

6 Best Smartwatches For Calling And Texting [2024 list]

Felix LeoAug 3, 202318 min read
best smartwatch for calls and text

Despite tracking your fitness and health, smartwatches can call and reply to text messages.  Even though many smartwatches are available in the market, only a…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging: [10 Quick Fixes]

Felix LeoAug 1, 20238 min read
galaxy watch not charging

Samsung Galaxy watches provides dozens of smart and health-tracking features. But it will stop tracking your health if it’s not charged.  It’s even worst when…

5 Best Whoop Alternatives in 2024

Felix LeoAug 1, 202311 min read
best whoop alternative

In this guide, I will share some of the best whoop alternatives to take your fitness journey to the next level.  Even though the Whoop…

Coros Pace 3: “New Specs, Price, Release Date”

Felix LeoJul 24, 20233 min read
coros pace 3

The previous Coros Pace 2 was launched in Aug 2020, and till now, Coros have not launched the next flagship watch. But recently, Coros has…