Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm VS 40mm: Get the Best Now!

Galaxy Watch 4 series has two different versions based solely on size. These Samsung watch models include 44mm and 40mm. You might be concerned about which one is the best for you.

There is little difference between Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and 40mm in terms of features. But they vary in price, color range, size, display, and battery life.

Selecting the suitable variant among these Samsung Galaxy Watches is a puzzle, as choosing the right one depends solely on your preference. We have researched a lot on the very domain just for our audience!

So, let’s compare these Samsung smartwatches to help you!

Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs 40mm | The Key Differences

First and foremost, these two Samsung wearables have some key differences. These discrepancies include price and color ranges, size, display, and battery timings. 

Let’s clarify these disparities in Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and 40mm!

1- Galaxy Watch 4 Series | Price Ranges

Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs 40mm

The price range in variants of these Samsung watches is due to their connection mode. Yes, Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and 40mm have two different versions. 

One variant of both 44mm and 40mm watches uses Bluetooth. In contrast to the Bluetooth models, the other version of both smartwatches uses LTE.

To begin with Galaxy Watch 4 44mm, the price of the Bluetooth version is 279.99 USD. On the other, the LTE model of this smartwatch costs around 329.99 USD.

Unlike models of 44mm size, the watch 4 40 variants are pretty cheap. The Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Bluetooth edition costs 249.99 USD, while the LTE model costs 299.99 USD. 

The price variations in these Samsung smartwatches are due to the greater size and display in the 44mm edition. So, in wearable 40mm vs. 44mm pricings the former size variant wins the race.

2- Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs. 40mm: Size Comparison

Clearly, Samsung wearables in Galaxy 4 series come in two different sizes. The 44mm size of these Galaxy Watches weighs 30g (without the strap). This 44m model has dimensional proportions of 44×43.3×9.8mm. 

On the other hand, the 40mm version of these Galaxy smartwatches weighs 26g (without the strap). This Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm has dimensions of 40.4×39.3×9.8mm.

The size comparison implies that the Galaxy Watch 4 40mm is more compact. So, for narrow wrists, this Samsung smartwatch is the best choice. 

Therefore, the answer to the query “Is Galaxy Watch4 44mm too big for women” is yes, as it would not be convenient for less broad wrist types. However, if you’re someone with a broad wrist type, then go for the 44mm size variant.

Galaxy Watch 4 44mm on a small wrist is not suitable. If you prefer compact smartwatches, go for a 40mm size if it’s an excellent fit for your wrist size.

So, In Galaxy Watch 4: 44mm vs. 40mm the size difference is quite prominent. Due to this difference you can select the one that’s most suitable for you. 

Hat’s off to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series

The size comparison implies that Galaxy Watch 4 40mm is more compact and lightweight. But it doesn’t mean the 44mm model is too heavy and oversized. 

All Galaxy smartwatches are lightweight, which is a commendable feat by Samsung. Undoubtedly, you would never see a Samsung Galaxy watch that’s not compact and lightweight. 

3- Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Display Sizes

 Galaxy Watch 4 Series

The difference in display size is imminent because of size variation in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series.

The Galaxy 44mm wearable has a 1.4 inches display. Differing from the 44mm size, the 40mm variant processes 1.2 inches of screen size.

Both sizes include a touchscreen, buttons for navigation, and a rotating bezel to adjust the time. However, if the bigger, the better, go for a 44mm version as it has a larger display.

Undoubtedly, Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs. 40mm implies that the 44mm model has a larger display.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm and 44mm: Battery Life

No matter how great the smartwatch is, if it sucks at battery timings, then who cares. Indeed, all Samsung smartwatches have efficient battery life.

The Galaxy Watch 4 44mm offers more battery timing than the 40mm size. The Watch 4 44mm edition has a 361mAh battery capacity. In contrast, the 40mm has a less battery capacity of 247mAh.  

Can’t compromise on how long your smartwatch battery lasts? Go for the Samsung Galaxy wearable 4 44mm model, which has longer battery life.

Unquestionably, in our Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs. 40mm the clear winner is the 44mm version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Color Variations and Strap Sizes

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series:

The 44mm size of this Samsung smartwatch series is available in Green, Silver, and black colors. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 4 40mm has Black, Silver, and Pink-Gold colors.

The 40mm smartwatch comes with a strap size of 20mm width. In contrast to Samsung Galaxy 40mm wearable, the 44mm size is available with a 22mm wide strap. 

Will your Apple watch band fit your Galaxy watch? No, it’s not possible!     

In contrast, 40mm and 44mm sizes are waterproof. These are water resistant up to 5atm (pressure) and 50m (Depth). 

This water resistance parameter means they can resist water up to these measures. So, Galaxy smartwatches of 4 series are only partially Waterproof.

Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs. 40mm: Comparison Table

SpecificationsSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mmSamsung Galaxy Watch 4 40 mm
About the Device44mm40mm
Device Name and Type·   Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm·   Sports and Fitness Smartwatch·   Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm·   Sports and Fitness Smartwatch
Release DateAugust 2021August 2021
Targeted GenderUnisexWomen
Predecessor and Successor·   Galaxy Watch Active 2 series·   Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series·   Galaxy Watch Active 2 series·   Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series
VersionsBluetooth/Wi-Fi only orLTE onlyBluetooth/Wi-Fi only orLTE only
Price279.99 USD for Bluetooth model, 329.99 USD for LTE Model249.99 USD for Bluetooth model ,299.99 USD for LTE Version Check Price
Display TypeAll color, Super AMOLEDAll color, Super AMOLED
Watch face Customizable and Display always onYes, and display always on also availableYes, and display always on also available
Display Resolution and Pixel Density·   450 × 450 resolution·   321 PPI (Pixels per inch)·   396×396 resolution·   321 PPI (Pixels per inch)
Input TypeDigital rotating bezel with 2 physical buttons and a touchscreenDigital rotating bezel with 2 physical buttons and a touchscreen
Display Size1.4 inches (Larger display)1.2 inches
Shape and Dimension·   Circular·   44×43.3×9.8 mm·   Circular·   40.4×39.3×9.8 mm
Color Variations and Weight·   Black, Green and Silver·   30g (excluding the straps)·   Black, Silver and Pink Gold·   26g (excluding the straps)
Case and Bezel MaterialBoth case and bezel are of Armor AluminumBoth case and bezel are of Armor Aluminum
Strap Size and Material20mm Fluoroelastometer and Hybrid leather20mm Fluoroelastomer and Hybrid leather
Screen Protection Corning Gorilla Glass DX+Corning Gorilla Glass DX+
Water Resistant and Swim ProofWater Resistant and Swim Proof up to 50m depthWater Resistant and Swim Proof up to 50m depth
Durability TestMIL-STD-810GMIL-STD-810G
Hardware Memory and Cellular Connectivity44mm40mm
RAM and ROM·   1.5GB·   16GB·   1.5GB·   16GB
Memory Card SlotNot availableNot available
Cellular Connectivity TechnologyNo Cellular Connectivity TechnologyNo Cellular Connectivity Technology
Sim Type and Sim BandAs there is no Technology for Cellular Connectivity so no Sim Type and Band is CompatibleAs there is no Technology for Cellular Connectivity so no Sim Type and Band is Compatible
Connectivity Options and Notifications44mm40mm
GPS (Global Positioning System) and NFC (Near Field Communication)·   GPS (Global Positioning System) and NFC (Near Field Communication) are available·   GPS System: A-GPS/Galileo/Beidou/GLONASS·   GPS (Global Positioning System) and NFC (Near Field Communication) are available·   GPS System: A-GPS/Galileo/Beidou/GLONASS
Wi-Fi·   Wi-Fi 802.11·   Wi-Fi is enabled·   You can turn off Wi-Fi·   Wi-Fi 802.11·   Wi-Fi is enabled·   You can turn off Wi-Fi
Voice Call Notifications or AlertsYesYes
Text Message Notifications or AlertsYesYes
Email NotificationsYesYes
Event RemindersYesYes
App Alerts or NotificationsYesYes
Platform and Media44mm40mm
Chipset and Operating System·   Exynos W920·   Wear OS 3.5·   Exynos W920·   Wear OS 3.5
CPU1.18 GHz Dual-core (Cortex A55)1.18 GHz Dual-core (Cortex A55)
GPUMali™-G68 MP2Mali™-G68 MP2
Audio and Microphone·   mp3/mp4·   Microphone present·   mp3/mp4·   Microphone present
Loudspeaker and Bluetooth MusicYes, both are availableYes, both are available
Sensors and Activity Tracking44mm40mm 
Accelerometer, Altimeter, Barometer and Pulse Oximeter (SPO2)YesYes
Ambient Light, Gyroscope, Compass, HRM (Heart Rate Monitoring Sensors) and Any Other Sensors·   Yes, all are available·   Another sensor includes BIA Sensor·   Yes, all are available·   Another sensor includes BIA Sensor
Temperature Sensors for Detailed Temperature MatricesNoneNone
Blood Oxygen Level, Blood Pressure, Sleep and ECG TrackingYesYes
Tracking of Distance, Steps, Calories and Floors ClimbedYesYes
Stress, VO2 max, Swim, Heart rate tracking and On-Screen Workout MonitoringYesYes
Sport Modes90 Sport Modes Available90 Sport Modes Available
Menstrual Cycle TrackingNoNo
Battery and Other Features44mm40mm
Battery TypeLithium-ion BatteryLithium-ion Battery
Removable BatteryNon Removable BatteryNon Removable Battery
Battery Life and Battery Capacity·   2 Days per a single charge (Longer Battery Life)361mAh·   Normal battery life of 24+ hours per a single charge247mAh
Charging TypeA Charging Dock, Wireless WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Board wireless charging method. No solar charging possibleA Charging Dock, Wireless WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Board wireless charging method. No solar charging possible
Charging Time1-2 Hours1-2 Hours
Companion AppGalaxy Wearable AppGalaxy Wearable App
Compatible WithAndroid 6.0+, RAM 1.5GBAndroid 6.0+, RAM 1.5GB
Payment MethodsSamsung Pay, Google PaySamsung Pay, Google Pay
Find My Phone FeatureYesYes
Voice Command FeatureYes, through Google Assistant or BixbyYes, through Google Assistant or Bixby
Galaxy Watch 4 Box ContainsManual, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4 44mm, Straps and a ChargerManual, Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 4 44mm, Straps and a Charger
HTML BrowserNoNo

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Features

Both sizes of Samsung Galaxy smartwatches have the same features. Each comes with interchangeable straps and has an AMOLED display. Yes, Galaxy Watch 4 44mm band is likewise compatible with your 40mm watch.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series comprises the same Armor Aluminium case and hybrid leather straps. These hybrid leather straps also contain Fluoroelastomer. 

Both 44mm and 40mm size smartwatches have a touchscreen for easy navigation. In addition to touchscreen availability, they also possess a digital rotating bezel.

Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Health and Fitness Tracking Features

Both Samsung Galaxys smartwatch 4 40mm and 44mm have the same fitness tracking traits. They measure

  • Distance, steps, calories, floors climbed, and they even have a fall detection mechanism.
  • Heart rate and ECG (Electrocardiogram) with heart rate sensors and do hold data for Atrial fibrillation. You can enable ECG and blood pressure for your Galaxy Watch 4 for more detailed blood pressure and electrocardiogram data.
  • Sleep stages including the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stages and stress.
  • Blood pressure and guided breathing sessions are available. However, you would need to use Samsung Health Monitor App for more detailed health matrix data. 
  • Hand washing reminders. You will receive a notification to wash your hands for 20 seconds with the soap. This specification is enabled through an app specific to hand washing.
  • Workout activity with 41 sports or workout modes. 
  • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) and VO2 max levels. So, with this SpO2 feature, you can measure your blood oxygen level from your smartwatch.
  • BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) measures BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat, and body composition. This feature is present in these Samsung smartwatches, including Galaxy Watch 4, 44mm, and 40mm.

Samsung Smartwatches Series 4: Common Key Features

Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and 4 40mm hold similar key features.

Smart Specifications

  • Have an always-on screen display and similar case and strap material used.
  • The LTE versions of the Galaxy Watch 4 series are standalone models. So, you can use these to make and receive calls and messages. No need to connect the standalone model of your smartwatch and smartphone for calls and messages. 
  • You’ll stay connected with your smartphone as you’ll receive notifications on your smartwatch. On a side note, you can turn off Wi-Fi if you want to.
  • Each has a microphone and loudspeaker to make your smartwatch experience enjoyable.

Hardware, Equipment and Performance

  • Both are compatible with Android 6.0 or 6.0+ with RAM 1.5 or higher. 
  • All variants of Galaxy wearable series 4, 44mm and 40mm, have military-grade drop certificates. These certificates are shock ratings. These Samsung smartwatches hold a shock rating of MIL-STD-810-G US Military Grade.
  • RAM and ROM capacity is no different, but the new W920 Exynos chipset has perks. This chipset enables 10% faster GPU and 20% faster CPU performance. 
  • Both Galaxy watches: 40mm and 44mm on a short note have 16GB storage capacity and 1.5GB RAM.

Payment Systems and User Experience

  • Convenient Payment Systems like Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
  • Swim proof up to 50m and 5atm. However, if you submerge, you must remove water from your watch’s loudspeaker. 
  • Interchangeable faces are available. So, you can select the face design you want from the store.
  • The new Samsung One UI interface allows for a better user experience. On top of better user experience, more apps are accessible than the Galaxy Watch 3 series.

Pros and Cons of Using Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and 40mm.

  Designed efficiently for premium, compact, and lightweight experienceThey don’t offer much of a battery life compared to other smartwatches 
A durable military-grade shock-resistant device with a large storage capacity.  Shock certificate of MIL-STD-810G Galaxy Watch 4 44mm and 40mm are not compatible with iPhone or iOS devices  
The LTE model allows for a more efficient voice calling and text messaging experience.  
  Loudspeaker, microphone, and digital rotating bezel are inbuilt.  
Proficient performance with 1.5GB Ram and Exynos W920  

Wrap Up

Whether you select Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm or 44 mm among the two sizes is entirely up to you. However, the difference between these two smartwatches is quite imminent. 

To summarize the Galaxy Watch 4 44mm vs. 40mm comparison, the wearable you select is entirely up to you. These Samsung watches vary based on the sizes of the device, pricing, color availability, and battery life.

If you’re comfortable with the one that’s low priced, more compact, has less battery life, and is available in black, silver, and pink-gold colors, go for a 40mm Galaxy watch. Check the latest price and buy Galaxy Watch 4 40mm if it suits you.

Conversely, if you are okay with the expensive one and want a larger device with more battery duration and color variations of Green, Black, and Silver, the Samsung Galaxy wearable of 44mm is best for you.

Check the latest price and purchase Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm if that satisfies your needs.

We hope this article helped you out!

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