Fitbit Fall Detection: Which Fitbit Has Fall Detection!

Fitbit is one of the eminent brands in the fitness tracking industry. It offers all those features that help you to stay fit and active. But does Fitbit have fall detection?

Yes, the new Google Pixel watch, powered by Fitbit, includes fall detection. It automatically detects falls and sends an instant SOS to your emergency contacts.

If you’re struggling to maintain the balance of your body due to old age or health issues, then a Fitbit with fall detection is a precious gadget. 

In this article, I will explain how fall detection work in Fitbit and how to set it up. So keep reading till the end because you’re going to learn a lot of secrets. 

Which Fitbit Has Fall Detection  

Which Fitbit Has Fall Detection  

There are many Fitbit watch series, including Versa, Sense, Charge, Flex, Inspire, Ionic, etc. None of these Fitbit offers fall detection features. 

The fall detection features require internet connectivity or LTE to send SOS messages to emergency contact and services. But none of the above Fitbit offers LTE features. 

But recently, Google has launched Google Pixel Watch, which Fitbit powers. To your knowledge, Fitbit is owned by Google, so the Google Pixel watch is also a Fitbit.

The Google Pixel Watch has LTE features and offers fall detection. Additionally, Google Pixel offers all the health features inspired by Fitbits and some additional features like Fall detection and ECG. 

So apart from just monitoring the fall, you can also check the sign for fib with the built-in ECG app, which is very cool. 

How Does Fitbit Fall Detection Work?

Does Fitbit Fall Detection Work

Before using the fall detection feature, you must know how it works on Google Pixel Watch. 

The Google Pixel Watch (now a Fitbit) has an accelerometer and gyroscope that monitor the movements. So in case of hard falls, these sensor detects rapid and hard movement, and the algorithms instantly bring an alarming screen on watch. 

When the watch detects the fall, it shows two options on the screen; “I fell & need help”, and “I’m Ok.” So if you choose the first option, it will automatically send the SOS message along with your current location and call the emergency services. 

And if you don’t choose any option within 30 seconds, it will automatically alert emergency contacts.

The GPS sensor also plays an important role because it sends your current location to emergency contacts, so they can reach you at the exact location. 

How To Setup Fall Detection On Fitbit (Google Pixel Watch)

Once you have the Google Pixel Watch, you need to set up its fall detection feature. It won’t track any falls if you don’t turn it on. 

So here are the steps to setup fall detection; 

  • Grab your phone and open the Pixel app. 
  • From the bottom, choose “Watch Preferences.” 
  • Tap on the “Safety & Emergency” option. 
  • Tap on “Fall Detection.” 
  • Now turn on the fall detection feature.

The fall detection is now enabled on your pixel watch. Once it detects any hard fall, it will show you the two options.

If you don’t select any option under 30 seconds, it will automatically notify you about the incident to your emergency contacts. 

Benefits Of Fall Detection Feature

Benefits Of Fall Detection Feature

The fall detection feature is a lifesaver.

Suppose you have encountered an emergency or incident, and no one is nearby to help you. In this situation, the fall detection feature will notify emergency services and your contacts about your current condition.

The feature is quite beneficial for the elderly, who are struggling to keep the proper balance of the body. 

Also, if you’re a heart patient, who are always afraid of heart strokes or heart attack, the fall detection feature is a must-have for you. 

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts can also take advantage of fall detection features. The incidents and falls might happen during outdoor sports, so in that case, you can contact your nearby fellows and emergency services for your help. 


The new Fitbit, which is Google Pixel Watch, offers a fall detection feature; it detects the hard fall and alters emergency contacts and services. 

Besides monitoring the fall, the new Google Pixel watch also offers many useful features, like heart rate tracking, ECG, SpO2, sleep, and calorie burn. You can keep an eye on your health and fitness using these features. 


Does Fitbit Versa have fall detection?

No Fitbit Versa doesn’t have fall detection features. The fall detection feature requires internet connectivity or LTE to send message to emergency contacts, whereas the Fitbit Versa 2/3/4 don’t have LTE. 

Is Google Pixel Watch a Fitbit?

Yes, Google has now owned the Fitbit, and the new Google Pixel watch rivals all the features of Fitbits. That’s why Google Pixel Watch is also a Fitbit; it offers six months of free Fitbit premium membership. 

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