How To Turn On Smartwatch Without Power Button?

Being a smartwatch user, you have to pay full attention to the care of your smartwatch. If you don’t do so, then you might face some issues and problems with your smartwatch.

One of the most common issues that a lot of users face is the not working power button. This issue arises when you don’t pay attention to your smartwatch for a longer time, and your smartwatch remains dead for a long time.

During the fault of the power button, many people think that they have lost their watch, but they don’t know that it is a fault of the power button and don’t know how to correct it.

In this situation, you must learn how to turn on your smartwatch without the power button so that you can save your watch from losing. In our research, we found some methods that work best when the power button does not work.

Reasons Due To Which Power Button Is Not Working

There must be many reasons for which your smartwatch power button is not working. Some of these reasons include:

  • A significant reason for the power button fault is when you leave your watch uncharged for a while. Your careless attitude towards your smartwatch can lead to the failure of the power button.
  • Another important reason for this issue is that sometimes the power button loses its strength and efficiency and does not work. This case happens mostly with low-quality watches and sometimes with high-quality brand watches. It also happens when you keep pressing the button unnecessarily and randomly.
  • The power button might be permanently damaged in an accidental moment of carelessness. People go through this every day, although it seems unbelievable.

Solutions For Turning On The Watch Without Power Button

The following solutions might help immensely when it comes to turning on a smartwatch without the power button.

Check The Guide Book

Guidebook with your smartwatch can provide you with solutions to many specific problems. So, it is essential to read the guidebook.

Sometimes, there are very high chances that you might get a solution in a guidebook as many companies and brands have mentioned the answer to this issue in their guidebook.

The brands and companies are familiar with this issue, due to which they have already described the solution to this issue so that the user can fix his problem.

Several brands have taken the issue seriously and published a guide to help deal with the problem. The guide includes features that illustrate how to turn on a smartwatch without pressing the power button.

2. Charge Your Watch

A smartwatch is a device that requires proper maintenance and proper care of the user, and if a user compromises in taking care of the watch, then a lot of issues arise. So, it is essential to pay attention to your smartwatch as you pay attention to your phone.

The second method of solving the power button issue is charging the watch. To get rid of this issue, you have to set your smartwatch.

The watch cannot be charged with an alternative method in this case. Take the wireless charger you received with the watch instead.

After some time of charging, the watch will turn on if the charger is connected correctly, and you also don’t need to press the power button. This process can take some time, but it is the most reliable and time-consuming method of turning on your watch in case of power button failure.

3. Go In-Depth

This method is a little difficult and requires concentration. When the charging method does not work, then you have to go in-depth.

The charging method doesn’t work because a layer of carbon is seen in the copper plate of the watch. Due to which the connector of the charger cannot connect with the charging pin of the smartwatch

It is, therefore, necessary to remove the carbon layer before proceeding. Follow our instructions step by step if you want to get out of this problem.

Step 1 (Material Picking)

For this method, you need the following things:

  1. Water 
  2. A little jar 
  3. Cotton
  4. The charger of the smartwatch 
  5. Toothpick 
  6. Cotton bud 

Cotton buds are used instead of cotton and toothpicks here. Avoid handling toothpicks if you have cotton buds in your house. Apart from being ordinary and essential items in a home, they are also known for their durability. As a result, they will be easy to manage for you.

Step 2 (Put Cotton In Water)

As soon as you have collected all the materials, you can move on to the next step. The first thing you need to do is pour a small amount of water into the jar. Then you should dip a cotton bud into the pot.

Use a toothpick and some cotton to make a cotton bud if you don’t have a cotton bud. Once the stick is dipped in the jar, it is ready to use.

Step 3 (Rub The Copper Plate) 

Remove the cotton bud from the jar after it has been dipped. Rub the copper plates of the connector, which are made of charging pins. 

To rub it effectively, you have to be both powerful and accurate. However, be careful as the screen of the watch might be damaged by scratching. The connector should be rubbed for two to three minutes. 

Ensure you are not using too much water or rubbing too hard. This process needs to be gentle yet effective and powerful.

Note: Make sure you rub the copper plates of the connector gently because it can damage your watch screen.

Step 4 (Dry The Plate)

You need to wipe down space after wiping the copper plate with wet cotton. To make the area dry: 

  1. Ensure that the cotton is dry before using it.
  2. Remove any extra moisture from the copper plate by wiping it properly. 
  3. Wait a few seconds to complete the process. 

When the copper plate is completely dry, it will be ready for use.

Step 5 (Use The Same Process With The Charger)

The same procedure needs to be followed before you charge your smartwatch. You should first rub-dry cotton over the charger pins that connect the watch to the charger. Rub the area gently but effectively with the wet cotton bud.

Please make sure that the charger pins are not damaged.

Once you have wiped the wet nails with dry cotton, let them dry thoroughly for a couple of minutes. Due to their carbon layer, the charger’s pins require rubbing. Do not skip this crucial step if you want a positive result.

 Step 6 (Connect The Watch To The Charger)

Place the watch on the charger after cleaning and drying the pins of the watch and the charger. Ensure that both the charger and watch connectors are correctly connected. 

Wait a second until the watch has been charged. By this point, your watch will be connected to the charger and turned on if you followed the process flawlessly.

Step 7 (Repeat This Method)

You may need to perform the same process again if you have not already connected the watch to the charger. You will succeed in turning on your watch after repeating the process two or three times. Do the same thing again and again with maximum effort.

Final Words

After reading this article, we hope that now you will be able to turn on your watch by using the above methods.

The first two methods are standard. If your watch doesn’t turn on from the first two methods, you should go with the third method. Follow all the steps of the third method, and your watch will turn on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I restart my smartwatch?

You can either browse through the settings or press the power button on your watch to restart it. From settings, go to the system option and tap on restart.

How long do smartwatch batteries last?

Most smartwatches have a battery life of one to two days. However, it is mainly dependent on the usage of the watch.

How do I charge my smartwatch?

Always use the wireless charger that came with the smartwatch. After connecting with the charger, a lightning bolt will appear on the watch, indicating charging.

How long does it take to charge a smartwatch?

The smartwatch will take 3-4 hours to charge fully if the battery is at 0%. Before charging your watch, make sure to turn it off.

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