Charging A Smartwatch When You Don’t Have a Charger: 5 Ways!

Smartwatches are pretty nifty gadgets to track fitness and health, but you must keep them charge to track your fitness journey 24/7.

Suppose you’re far from home and don’t have a charger to charge your smartwatch now; what can you do? Can you charge smartwatch without a charger?

Yes, there are different ways to charge a smartwatch, even if you don’t have a charger. Especially if your smartwatch supports wireless or magnetic charging, you don’t need to worry. 

In today’s guide, we will share quick methods to charge a smartwatch without a charge.

Different Ways To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger?

  • Use Power bank
  • Use your laptop 
  • Use a portable wireless charger
  • Use the rough USB cable
  • Use PowerShare Feature On Smartphone

Method 1: Use Power Bank

use power bank

If you have a power bank in your bag, you can take advantage of that and charge your smartwatch. But in this scenario, you must have a charging cable. 

Connect the smartwatch’s charging cable to the power bank, and press the power button on the power bank. Before that, ensure the power bank has enough juice to charge your smartwatch. 

A power bank with high mAh will charge your smartwatch faster. There is no risk involved in charging your smartwatch with a power bank. But if your power bank has less mAh then it’s not recommended to constantly charge your smartwatch. 

Methods 2: Use Your Laptop

use laptop to charge smartwatch

The laptop is also a great source to juice up your smartwatch. Even though this method is not recommended for the long run, but if you’re on vocations and forget the charging adapter, then you can use this method. 

You only need a magnetic charging cable or any cable your smartwatch supports and a laptop. If you have both of these things, you’re good to go. 

First, connect the charging cable to your laptop, and if you have a MacBook with no USB port, you need a converter. Connect the other end of the charger with your smartwatch, and turn on the laptop. 

Ensure your laptop is charged enough to transfer its juice to a smartwatch; otherwise, it may affect the battery. 

If you’re a person who doesn’t have a charging cable and adapter both, in such case, follow the next two methods to charge your smartwatch. 

Method 3: Use A Portable Wireless Charger

Portable Wireless Charger

This is one of my favorite methods to charge a smartwatch without a charging cable. Suppose you’re in the office and you don’t have a charging cable. You can use a portable wireless charger to charge your smartwatch. 

But this method only works for a smartwatch that supports wireless and magnetic charging, like Apple and Galaxy watches. 

You only need a portable wireless charger, and you don’t need any cable. 

Ensure the charger has enough charge; otherwise, it wouldn’t charge your smartwatch. Simply put your smartwatch on a circular ring, and it automatically sticks with the smartwatch because of magnetic attraction. 

Method 4: Use a Rough USB Cable

charge smartwatch without a charger

If you’re a DIY person, this method is best for charging your smartwatch without a charger. You only need any rough USB charging cable, just cut the non-USB end of the charging cable. 

You will see four types of wires, but you only need a back and red wire here. Tear the plastic from both wires to get the copper wire, and twist them with your finger to get the proper shape. 

Next, connect both the wire to the back side of the smartwatch with the terminals, and connect the USB end with any wall mount or laptop. 

If your smartwatch is charging, then you’re done. Use the insulation tap to hold the wires on the back side of the watch. Now leave the watch on the desk to charge it properly. 

Method 5: Use PowerShare Feature

If you have the latest Galaxy Phone, you can use its PowerShare feature to charge your smartwatch. The Galaxy Phones, including S21/23/23, Note 20 and ultra, Z Flip, and Z Fold support PowerShare features. 

But to get the advantage of the PowerShare feature, your smartwatch must support Qi charging technology. Luckily all the Galaxy watches support Qi charging, and you can charge them with your Galaxy phones. 

This is a nifty feature; you don’t need any charging cable or adapter. But the method only works if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone that supports the PowerShare feature and a Galaxy watch. 

Wrapped Up

I know how frustrating it is when your smartwatch runs out of charge and you don’t have a charger. But luckily, there are some quick practices you can try to charge your smartwatch. 

In the above article, we have mentioned all the best possible ways to charge a smartwatch without having a charger. And I hope this article will save you a lot of time. 

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