Can You Wear A Fitbit On Your Ankle?

Fitbit has built a potent reputation over the past few years. Fitbit trackers are made to wear on your wrists. But most users also ask whether they can wear Fitbit on their ankles.

You can wear Fitbit on your arm just like whoop. But wearing Fitbit on the ankle has downsides, like the HR sensor doesn’t work there. 

For outdoor sports like running and cycling, you can wear Fitbit on your ankle only if you want to track step count and distance. But for health tracking, you can’t wear it on the ankle. 

In today’s guide, we will share why you should not wear Fitbit on your ankle and the accuracy of Fitbit on the ankle. 

Can I Wear a Fitbit On Ankle?

fitbit on ankle

No, It’s not recommended to wear Fitbit on your Ankle. The Fitbits are only designed to wear on the wrist. Their sensors can only take accurate readings if you have worn them on your wrist. 

Fitbit trackers are a host of sensors, like optical HR sensors, Infrared sensors, Altimeter, and others. And these sensor doesn’t work efficiently on your ankle. 

The only sensor that works on the ankle is an accelerometer responsible for step count. That’s why you will get deprived of heart rate, SpO2, and other primary health metrics. 

A few of the Fitbit, like Sense and Versa 3/4, can monitor skin temperature on the ankle, but still, it’s not worth it to wear them on the ankle. And you need a separate ankle strap or ankle band to wear such a fitness tracker on the ankle.


Can I Wear Fitbit On My Arm?

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Yes, you can wear Fitbit on your Arm, which is convenient compared to wearing it on the ankle. But for this, you need a dedicated strap that fits on your arm.

Luckily Fitbit trackers come with swappable straps, so you can easily interchange the straps. Fitbit also offers separate straps for arm use. Such bands are stretchable and don’t have any buckle. 

To get more accurate readings on the arm, you must ensure that the Fitbit track is properly in contact with your arm. And also, make sure the band is not too tight. 

On your arm, Fitbit can take heart rate and SpO2 readings. And it works just as if you wore it on your wrist. 


Can I Wear Fitbit Anywhere Else?

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Few of the Fitbit trackers are considered clip-on fitness trackers; you can wear them on a bra or belt. 

Fitbit has separately made clips for Inspire 2, Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit Versa series, which can be attached to your bra or belts. 

But can Fitbit devices accurately measure your fitness on bras or belts? The Fitbits are only designed for wrist use; on your bra, it’s impossible to track major health metrics like sleep or SpO2. And they will only count your steps and distance covered etc. 

Disadvantages Of Wearing Fitbit on Your Ankle

I know you have bought Fitbit to track your health and fitness, but unluckily, you will be deprived of tracking health and fitness if you wear Fitbit on your ankle. 

Here are some of the major disadvantages of wearing Fitbit on the ankle. 

1- You Can’t See The Screen

One of the major things in Fitbit is the AMOLED display that shows the real-time stats of your fitness journey. Using the display, you can keep an eye on your stats. 

But if you wear Fitbit on your ankle, you can’t see the display, so you must keep your smartphone in your hand to check the stats. 

2- Can’t Measure Heart Rate

Fitbit’s optical heart rate sensor only monitors your heart rate or SpO2 if you wear it on your wrist or arm. On the ankle, it gives inaccurate heart rate data. 

To take accurate HR readings, the Fitbit must come in contact with your skin, and on the ankle, it’s not possible. 

3- In Accurate Sleep Tracking

Fitbit is considered the most accurate sleep gadget, but it will only accurately measure your sleep if you wear it on your wrist. Fitbit on your ankle doesn’t give accurate sleep date. So if you bought Fitbit to improve sleep habits, then it’s must wear it on your wrist. 

4- Not Safe

Wearing Fitbit on your ankle is not safe; at this time, Fitbit can be easily damaged. If you fall during running, cycling, or walking, some destruction might happen to Fitbit. 

Also, we have noticed that Fitbit got a lot of scratches on the ankle compared to the wrist. So if you want to extend the lifespan of Fitbit, you should wear Fitbit on your wrist. 

5- You Need To Buy Dedicated Ankle Strap

By default, Fitbit has a wrist strap, which is unsuitable for wearing on the ankle. That’s why you need to invest in extra ankle straps.

Wrapping Up

Fitbit devices work efficiently only if you wear them on your wrist. Because Fitbits are only designed for wrist use, if you wear them on your ankle, you will get inaccurate HR, SpO2, calories burned, and sleep readings. 

But if your concern is only step count or distance tracking, you can wear Fitbit on your ankle. The accelerometer in Fitbit is more efficient and measures accurate step count even if you wear Fitbit on a bra, ankle or belt. 

Similarly, runners can also use Fitbit on their arms to measure accurate HR or SpO2. But for arm-wearing, you need a dedicated Fitbit band or strap. 

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