Coros Pace 3: “New Specs, Price, Release Date”

The previous Coros Pace 2 was launched in Aug 2020, and till now, Coros have not launched the next flagship watch. But recently, Coros has spread the word that they will launch Coros Pace 3 in Aug 2023. 

I know the Coros users are excited about the new flagship watch, which will come with the most trending and on-demand sports features.

The new Coros Pace 3 has the same design as its predecessor but will offer major improvements in sports and fitness features.

Let’s talk about some of the key specs of Coros Pace 3.

New Features & Improvement In Coros Pace 3

The new Coros Pace will come with improved training features and display. No doubt Coros is launching the Pace 3 after 2 years, and they will upgrade the current features. 

#1 Display Improvements 

It’s rumored that the new Coros Pace 3 has an AMOLED display, which is a benchmark of current sports watches. Even Garmin has also launched its new flagship watches with AMOLED display. 

The improved display of Coros Pave 3 is also a demand of users, that’s why you can expect some of the big improvement in the display. The Pace 3 might have higher nits and vibrant colors for easy display readings. 

#3 Improved Battery Life

The predecessor Coros Pace 2, gives 20 days of battery backup in its smartwatch mode and 30 hours of battery life in GPS mode. But you can expect improved battery performance in the new flagship watch, especially with GPS usage. 

#3 Interactive GUI

The Coros has announced the launch of its new Pace 3 later two years, and after such a huge timespan, you can expect additional upgrades to the interface. 

It’s rumored that the new Coros Pace 3 will come with a new GUI, which is more customizable, and users can set it according to their preferences. Plus, the new GUI will be easy to navigate and show a more detailed overview of your training activities. 

#4 New Training Features

The Coros Pace 3 will come with improved training features. It’s a rumor that you might get some advanced recovery features. 

Moreover, the new flagship offers a detailed overview of your training data. With the increased demand for virtual running coaches, we can expect it in the new Coros Pace 3.

All the Garmin and Polar flagship watches come with virtual guidance, so you can expect the same virtual coach in Coros Pace 3 this time. 

#5 Coros Pace 3 Price 

The price of the new Coros Pace 3 will be higher, as it will come up with some improvements and upstages. Plus, the current era of inflation increments in the price of new fitness gadgets. 

The previous Coros Pace 2 cost you $190, so you can guess the price of the new Coros Pace 3 might be higher than $300. 

Coros Pace 3 Specs

Model Pace 3
Design Circular
Dimension 42 × 42 × 11.7mm
Display 1.2”
Display TypeAMOLED
Body MaterialFibre Reinforced Polymer
Weight36 to 45g
Compatibility Android & iOS
Water Rating 5 ATM
Barometer Yes
HR sensorYes
Recovery featuresYes
Sleep TrackingYes
Battery LifeGreater than 20 days in smartwatch mode, and 30+ hours in GPS
Multi Sports ModesYes

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