Garmin Tactix Delta Review: A Powerful Outdoor Watch

I have used many Garmin watches but recently I bought a Garmin Tactix Delta that has become my best adventure companion. From battery life to outdoor features it has insane performance. 

Although people think the Garmin Tactix Delta is made for military folks, but it is not mandatory to buy this watch if you’re in the military. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast Garmin tactic delta offers a lot of useful features for you like offline mapping, durable design, accurate GPS, music, long battery life, fitness tracking and much more. 

Now you might think that there are a lot of affordable Garmin watches but why should I invest in this high end Garmin watch? So, In this article I will share my hands-on experience with Garmin Tactix Delta and tell why you should go for this watch?

So take a cup of coffee and sit in a calm place, because I’m going to share a detailed review of Garmin Tactix Delta with you. 

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Garmin Tactix Delta Physical Appearance

Being an outdoor enthusiast the design is very important for me, and Tactix Delta comes with Military Standard design. The case is made of fiber-reinforced polymer and some screws that give a more rugged look.

Unlike other Garmin watches, Tactix delta has Diamond-like carbon coated steel bezel making it a more durable watch. I’m sure these bezels will definitely protect your watch whenever you’re hunting in a bushy area. Because of the durable design, if you leave a tactic delta in the fire, sometimes nothing will happen to it. So you don’t have to worry about it whenever you’re lighting a fire somewhere.  

Just like Fenix models there are Five buttons in Tactix Delta helping you to navigate through menus, start and pause training, open apps, and more. Unfortunately, there is no touch screen display in Tactix Delta because touchscreen wear and tear more quickly in harsh outdoor environments. 

The screen is protected with domed Sapphire glass, whereas the solar version of Tactix Delta has power Sapphire glass which converts the sunlight to solar energy.

This glass only comes in Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire and Garmin Instinct 2 Solar. Sapphire crystal glass rarely comes in watches, and it’s the strongest glass to protect your watch against scratches, shattering, dust and other environmental conditions. That’s why Garmin Tactix Delta is the best option for hard environments. 

Tactix Delta is more durable than it seems. It can withstand 10 ATM of water pressure, so it’s a good option for pro divers, athletes and swimmers. Garmin has also included a lot of swimming features and underwater heart rate tracking for athletes (I will discuss all these features later).

Garmin Tactix Delta feels a bit bulky than Fenix 7 on the wrist, it weighs 97g this is because of its premium material. There is a Silicon strap with it, which is breathable and doesn’t irritate your wrist during adventures. 

In terms of display, Tactix Delta gives 1.4” transflective memory-in-pixel display, which seems to be good and visible under sunlight. The color saturation, and brightness is superior then other Fenix models.  

Garmin Tactix Delta Has Insane Battery Life

Battery life is the big plus in Garmin Tactix Delta making it a worth it watch. I think after Garmin instinct 2, Tactix Delta is the only Garmin watch offering 21 days of battery life. So whenever you plan any long adventure Garmin Tactix Delta tracks your activities till the end, and you don’t need to worry about its charging. 

But if you turn on GPS to track routes or navigation then it will give you 60 hours of battery. But I know no one will continuously use GPS for 60 hours, that’s its solid battery juice will support you throughout your whole journey. 

Tactix Delta has a strong grip on the battery compartment, it also includes battery saver mode which completely eliminates the stress of charging. The best part is you can turn on battery saver mode during nights or when you’re not using it. In this way the battery will last up to 40 – 50 days. 

Some folks use GPS a lot because they have to travel daily, adventure has to be had, or hunting, for such people Tactix Delta offer Expedition mode. This mode will give accurate GPS performance with prolonged battery life. Garmin claims to give 46 days of battery life in Expedition mode. 

Battery life of Tactix Delta depends on various factors and sensors. Last time my Delta gave me 17 days of battery life, and when I found that my Pulse Ox sensor works 24/7 and drains most of the battery.

You can optimize the battery by editing a few Settings. On your Garmin Tactix Delta go to Menu > Power Manager > Battery Saver > During sleep and turn it on. Now during sleep mode the battery saver mode will automatically turn on, this will give you a long lasting battery.

In a nutshell, the long battery life of Tactix delta is one of the primary features that convinced me to buy  it. Battery life especially helps you a lot when you run ultramarathon, or camping on mountain tops, its 60 hours of GPS battery life is useful for these adventures. 

Tactical Features in Garmin Tactix Delta

The tactical features are a big difference between Fenix 7 Sapphire and Tactix delta. From a military aspect these features are very handy for military users. I think for civilians these features are not too helpful. So let’s briefly go through them one by one.

Night Vision Mode:

In mode the watch changes the display, it becomes dimmed and can be read with naked eye. But with night vision goggles it can be read easily. So this feature is helpful for military users who are on a mission or any night operation. 

Stealth Mode:

This mode prevents military users from being exposed by electronic sniping devices or detectors. When you turn on Stealth Mode it will turn off all the wireless connections like BlueTooth, GPS, and others. In this mode you can see the time, directions, and other data, but data will not store on watch. Again this feature is not useful for Civilians. 

Kill Switch:

You can say that Kill Switch is a reset button, it erases everything from the watch leaving no hints of your previous locations and moves. The watch of military users contains a lot of sensitive data and this Kill Switch mode will help them to keep secure and clean all the historical data from the watch.

JumpMaster Mode: 

This tactical feature of Garmin Tactix Delta is not only useful for military users but few adventure enthusiasts can also take advantage of it. For sky divers and paragliders this feature calculates their altitudes, height of starting point, navigations and more. 

Navigation Features

No doubt Garmin Tactix Delta has a distinguished navigational system. The first thing that I love about its navigation system is it offers preloaded full color maps, and offline maps. The maps are detailed and you can see the names of cities, streets, restaurants, shops, petrol pumps, markets and more. 

Just like other Garmin watches, Tactix Delta not only offers GPS but also has GLONASS and Galileo for fast and accurate navigation. So whether you are in deep forest or in Wilderness desert you can access the detail of your routes immediately. 

Moreover, you can also set way points that help you to navigate back to your initial position. There are different topographical maps which give more comprehensive data of a few regions. You can also purchase or download maps of certain regions. 

On Garmin Tactix Delta you can view over 2000 worldwide ski resorts, and also pin your favorite resort for revisiting. Similarly, the watch also shows over 41,000 golf courses around the world.

For military users Garmin offers Federal Publish Land Maps that helps you to know where you’re supposed to be. It shows public land boundaries on topographical maps. 

Few navigational features are useful for athletes, like runners can track their opponents, Group tracking, and more.

Running Features

No doubt Garmin offers premium watches for runners that helps to improve their running performance. Most of the running features in Tactix delta seem similar to Forerunner and Vivoactive models but some extra features make it a more worthy watch for runners. 

As a runner you can view your speed, pace, distance, calories burn, VO2 max performance, HR and more. But these features are also offered by other cheaper Garmin watches, the reason that makes Garmin Tactix Delta a best watch for runners is it offers best navigational features. PacePro, Course creation and Running dynamics features are also useful for runners. 

1- Course Creation

This is one of the pro features in Garmin Tactix Delta, with this feature you can pre plan your running or cycling routes. Tactix Delta has an enormous amount of map data so it can choose the best and safest routes for your runs, cycling or hiking. This feature is only available in the latest Fenix models and Tactix Delta.

2- Running Dynamics

Running Dynamics is a potent feature for runners that helps them to understand their running performance in a better way. Although this feature comes in most of the Garmin watches, Tactix Delta gives comprehensive insights of this feature.

The feature will measure the core metrics of your running like cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, balance, pace, stride length, performance condition, lactate threshold and more. The best part is that you can view all these metrics in a real-time that helps a lot to bring a big impact in your running. Personally, I love this feature because it helps me to improve my running performance day by day. 

3- Garmin PacePro

This is another pro feature made for pro runners. In a nutshell, PacePro feature tells your the required pace to complete your running in required time. It helps you to plan an ideal pacing strategy and improve your running performance.

Especially if you’re planning for a running challenge this feature gives you a lot of pre information about your pace and speed depending on the route’s conditions, elevation and time. 

Cycling & MTB Features

Most of the Garmin watches can track cycling, but they one show maps, speed, and few common metrics. Garmin Tactix delta offers comprehensive cycling data and some premium features for cycling and MTB.

Firstly, here you will see in detail cycling maps that show street level navigation. With in-detail real-time navigation you don’t need any third party cycling meter. 

The pro feature in Tactix Delta is MTB GRIT & Flow, the feature calculated the difficulty of routes based on route condition, turns, up and downs, and previous data of other Garmin Connects users. You can also view the Grit score in real time, after completing your ride you can also view the Grit chart on Garmin Connect app. 

Apart from that, Functional Threshold Power is another exciting feature for MTB and cycling. It tells you about the average output power that you have sustained for an hour. The FTP is measured in watts, and it’s calculated based on heart rate data. 

The Tactix Delta not only measures your cycling performance but also enables you to control third party cycling daggers like VARIA™ LIGHTS,  VARIA™ RADAR, and  VARIA™ Vision. 

Hiking Features

Being a best outdoor watch Garmin Tactix Delta offers next level hiking features. First thanks to its advanced navigational system that allows me to pre plan the best routes. 

The fundamental hiking features are no more different than running features, you can monitor speed, HR, VO2 max performance, calories etc. But the Garmin Taxtix delta offers color mapping with elevation tracking, latitude, and longitude data, dural coordinate GPS and more.

Under the hood the most favorite feature for hiking is the ClimPro feature that tells the upcoming climbs, and at what distance they occur. You can also view ascent and gradient remaining for climb. 

The Garmin Tactix Delta has various sensor that helps to you monitor weather conditions, direction, altitudes, sunset/sunrise time, moon information, and more. The unique thing in Tactix Delta is that it offers storm alerts helping you plan your hiking adventure according to weather conditions.

Finally, for hikers it also offers “Expedition mode” that saves your battery life by disabling Bluetooth connectivity, and other sensors, only leaving GPS to be turned on. 

Swimming Features

Garmin Tactix Delta not only tracks your performance on ground but also keeps track of your data under water. The watch comes with a 100 meter resistant rating so you can use it for track swimming activities. There are various swimming profiles including pool swimming, and open water swimming. You can also create a custom swimming profile based on your preferences. 

During swimming activities Tactix delta keeps track of distance, stroke count, pace, length, swim efficiency and calories burned etc. The best part is the watch automatically detects your stroke type on the pool. 

Moreover, Tactix Delta also tracks your heart rate underwater which is a big plus point for swimmers. You can also track advanced swimming training, there are a lot of pool swim workouts to choose from. 

Health & Fitness Features

1- Strength Training Features

This is the best part that I like about Garmin Tactix Delta. Whether you lift heavy weights, do cardio or CrossFit this watch will help you to train in an effective way. It includes different animated workouts, strength training and yoga workouts that you can view on the watch screen. 

Apart from simply counting reps and sets it will detect your respiration rate, and blood oxygen saturation. Moreover, the watch also lets you know when you will be ready for next workouts. There are different training features including Training status, training load, and training effect, all these features give a comprehensive overview of your training habits. 

Tactix Delta sync real-time data with Garmin Connect app, you after workouts you can keep an eye on your performance. Based on your previous training data the Tactix Delta gives daily workouts suggestions. 

Apart from built-in workouts modes you can also install third party apps for track workouts. On the Garmin Connect app you will find a lot of third party apps that track your cardio workouts, weightlifting, interval training etc.

For training tracking there are a lot of other low budget Garmin watches available that perform better than Tactix Delta. I know it’s harsh reality that Tactix Delta miss few training features that are available in other Garmin watches. Like there is no Real-time Stamina tracking but Fenix models offer this feature. Also Tactix Delta lacks the Advance strength training mode that comes with Garmin Venu 2, and Venu 2 Plus. 

2- Health Tracking

Garmin watches rivals all the features that other competitors offer. Apart from basic health features like heart rate tracking, stress tracking, sleep monitoring etc Garmin Tactix Delta provides a comprehensive overview of your health and fitness routine. 

First, I appreciate the accuracy of sensors, you get precise heart rate data with abnormal heart rate alerts. Like other premium Garmin watches, Tactix Delta coms with 24/7 respiration tracking, so whether you workout or sleep it tracks your respiration rate. It also gives some relaxing and focusing modes to improve respiration rate. 

Fitness age is another pro feature letting you know how fit your comfort of your actual age. Another health feature spotted in Tactix Delta is body battery energy That measures the user’s energy reserves throughout the day, the feature is common across various Garmin watches.

Stress tracking on Tactix Delta is similar to Fenix models, it calculates stress score based on HR and HRV data. The algorithms better understand your autonomic nervous system and give precise stress scores. 

Sleep tracking shows more accurate and in-detail data. Tactix Delta not only shows the sleep score but also mentions sleep quality based on your sleeping habits and durations. It gives a complete breakdown of your deep sleep, Rem, light sleep, and awake time. You can also view the sleep graph on your watch.

There is no extra health feature in Tactix Delta all the features are similar to the previous models. But one thing that I love about it is the accuracy of data. 

Safety Tracking Features

Safety always comes first that’s why the Tactix Delta offers some of the premium safety tracking features. I know mostly outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers buy Tactix Delta and for such individuals safety tracking features are very useful. 

The watch offers an incident detection feature, it detects incidents and immediately sends an SOS message along with your live location to your emergency contacts. Similarly if you’re in a group the Group LiveTrack feature helps you to keep close to your group friends. 

Similarly LiveTrack is another helpful safety feature. In case if you are lost somewhere you can send out your live location to your friends. 

Other Smartwatch Features

Although the Garmin Tactix Delta is a tactical watch with incredible outdoor capabilities, it still offers a lot of smartwatch features. 

First it offers Garmin pay so you can make contactless payment at any time at any place. Similarly, the watch also keeps you updated regarding notifications and alerts. You can not only view text but also respond to text only if you’re android users. 

The good thing is Tactix Delta also supports music, it can store up to 2000 songs so you can enjoy phone free listening. Plus, you can also stream music from Sporty, Dezeer, or other music apps. 

Moreover, you can access calendar, hunt calendars, stopwatch, Weather updates, find my phone, and more features. 

Garmin Tactix Delta Price

Tactix Delta is the high-end Garmin watch offering the most premium feature, and the price is comparatively high compared to other Garmin watches.

The price of Garmin Tactix Delta starts from $899 for its simple variant, which is much more expensive than Fenix 7. The Fenix 7X Sapphire solar edition is available for $899, so if you don’t need tactical features like kill switch mode, Stealth mode, or night vision mode, then you can go for the Fenix 7X solar model.

On the other hand, the Garmin Tactix Delta Solar edition is available for $1099. And if you go for the Applied ballistics calculator model, it will cost you $1399, which is the most expensive model of the Garmin family.

Is Garmin Tactix Delta Worth It For You?

So mostly readers now ask whether they should invest in Garmin Tactix Delta and is it worth it or not? So Garmin Tactix Delta is all about battery saving, outdoor features and tactical features. It’s a worth it Watch if you’re in the military as it offers some useful tactical features for military users. 

Also if you are fan of outdoor adventures and love to plan long trips the Tactix delta is worth it for you. I’m sure you will fall in love with its navigational system, the detail and colors full maps are really helpful for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Similarly, this full feature watch is also a great option for runners, bikers, hikers, and cyclists. It offers a detailed overview of every activity. 

But if your concern is only health tracking and you go out on adventures sometimes then you should go for other brands like Fitbit, Apple or Samsung etc.


When did the Garmin Tactix delta come out?

The Garmin Tactic Delta was launched on 20 January 2020 at Shot Show In Las Vegas. Initially Its retail price was $899, whereas the solar version was available for $1,099. And till now Garmin didn’t change the price of Tactix Delta.

Garmin Tactix delta vs Fenix 6x?

Garmin Tactix Delta and Fenix 6 both are durable watches. But Tactix delta offers few advanced tactical features like kill switch, jumpmaster mode, night vision, stealth mode, and kill switch. Secondly, the Tactix Delta has a better navigational system with colorful maps. It also supports offline mapping. In terms of battery life Garmin Tactix Delta is also a winner offering 21 days of battery backup whereas Fenix 6 offers 14 days of battery time. 

How to reset Garmin Tactix Delta?

By resetting your Garmin watch it will delete all your activity logs and data. To reset your Garmin Tactix Delta go to “Settings” and then go to “General Administration” > “Reset Device” and then tap on Done.

Can I play music on Garmin Tactix Delta?

Yes, you can play music on Garmin Tactix Delta, but you have to use any bluetooth headphones for phone free listening. There is no built-in speaker on Tactix Delta that plays music. But the watch allow you to store over 2000 tracks and listen to them on headphones. Similarly, you can also stream music from Spotify and Deezer. 

How much battery life does Garmin Tactix Delta give?v

Garmin Tactix Delta is a premium outdoor watch that gives 21 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. On GPS mode it last for 60 hours, so you can track your routes for long time. The watch has a strong grip on battery life and it also offers Battery Saver Mode that extends battery life to 80 days.

Is the Garmin Tactix Delta worth it for runners?

No doubt, the Garmin Tactix Delta is one of the best watches for runners. It offers lovely colorful maps, and accurate navigation that runners can take advantage of. Runners can also pre plan their routes with a course creation feature. The watch also has a PacePro feature that tells the required pace to complete the run in required time. Similarly, it offers a Running Dynamics feature that gives comprehensive data related to your Running.

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