G Shock Wr20bar Review – A Rigid Watch Built To Last

Casio always surprises its users with astounding watches and products, and this time, it’s G Shock Wr20bar. And, today, you will be reading the G Shock Wr20bar review.

Starting off, if you’re looking for a tough watch that is built to last, then you should consider the G Shock Wr20bar.

This timepiece boasts an impressive list of features, and it can withstand almost anything that you throw at it. It is designed for the outdoorsy type who enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Read more about the Casio G Shock Wr20bar in our in-depth review below.

The Meaning Of The Name – G Shock Wr20bar

The G-Shock original is one of the most durable watches ever designed.

Moreover, the watch has been tested in a pressure chamber to withstand 20 bars of water pressure. It’s equivalent to the pressure experienced by a diver at about 200 meters below the sea surface.

(1 bar = 1 ATM = 10M).

G Shock Wr20bar Review – An In depth Analysis Of The Most Rigid Watch

G Shock Wr20bar

G Shock Wr20bar Specs

The Casio G-SHOCK WR 20 BAR is an analog-digital hybrid watch. It has Japanese Quartz movement, along with a multi-band atomic timekeeping system that gets the time from radio waves.

Its analog hands features a minute hand and hour hand for reading the time when set in analogue mode.

The WR 20 BAR can withstand any tough environment, from above ground pools to deserts and temperatures ranging from -10F to 140F (-23C to 60C). 

It makes the watch an ideal sports watch. It wears with a 16 mm resin band that is water resistance up to 200 meters (660 feet).

Rigid Design:

The WR20BAR really packs a punch when it comes to style, and it’s the perfect option for anyone looking to stand out.

Unlike typical G Shock watches that are decidedly more conservative in appearance, this watch is full of style.

Fashionably, sticking out of the middle of its circular LCD screen is a hand-shaped pointer that also happens to be copper colored.

The standard hour and minute hands blend in seamlessly with the rest of the face, which further sets this watch apart from similar models on the market.

Moreover, it’s an even more advanced design than you would find with most other watches, and we know you’ll absolutely love it!

The watch is black with silver markings, and it also has a water pressure gauge on the left side. The bezel is metal and stands out perfectly against the slick blackness of the face. This G-Shock watch looks fabulous!

More Depth = More Pressure

The deeper underwater you go, the greater amount of water pressure you’re subjected to.

Surprisingly, the G Shock packs itself in the professional dive watches, because it has double-lock protection against crushing pressure up to 660 feet (200 meters).

More Of A fashion Bracelet:

The G Shock Wr20bar is more of a bracelet or a men’s fashion accessory. Because, it has a black watch face that’s invisible in the low light condition, perhaps it has afterglowing.

Also, it doesn’t have any numbers, like 3, 6, 9, 12, so checking out the time makes it quirky.

Apparently, you have to strain to figure out what time it is and if you are in the dark you can forget about it.

Casio G Shock WR20BAR Features:


Like many other Casio models, the Casio G-Shock is water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet. It also has its own LED backlighting.

Rest assured that in dark areas, you will encounter visibility issues when wearing this watch on your wrist. Furthermore, the Casio model features a 1/1000 second stopwatch feature as well as a countdown timer.

Another thing, you can set this watch to world time, and multiple different time zones. It is also shock resistant, just as a G Shock watch should be.

So of course, it can take a pounding and will not break when accidentally bumped or scratched, for instance.

As expected from a quality G Shock brand watch, it also has a water pressure gauge, an excellent feature to have if you ever decide to explore underwater environments around the globe.

Diving deeply, this sports watch has a mineral glass face, It is resistant to scratches. However, if you do scratch the face of your watch, you can have it replaced at no cost from the manufacturer.

The watch comes with a robust resin band and has a metal buckle closure for added security.

The band also has a push button release, so you can easily put it on or take it off. This watch also comes in several other colors, including blue/black and red/black.

Furthermore, the WR20BAR watch has an auto LED light with after glowing feature. It illuminates the display for easy viewing in low light conditions, at some extent, however it doesn’t work as advertised.

The light turns on automatically when you press any button or move your wrist, so that you don’t have to remember to turn it on yourself every time before seeing the time or date!

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Extreme  durability:

Casio G Shock WR20bar watches are snorkeling timepieces.

For those always looking for that perfect time piece for an occasion such as the beach, these watches are the best option.

These Casio Men’s G-Shock Watches have a seemingly indestructible automatic helium escape valve.

They are guaranteed to take beatings whether you are surfing, kayaking or just playing in the sand with your kids.

Does G-Shock Button Works Underwater?

Yes, it’s extremely safe to press the function buttons underwater, and they’ll work just fine. It’s due to the fact that you’ll not be diving to the max depth like 300 m, so it’s safe to use the function buttons.

Should Buy The G Shock Wr20bar?

Well, if you’re on the go, and you’re in need of an impressive ruggedness, you can consider buying the G Shock Wr20bar Review.

It’s also a great choice if you want a watch that will be able to keep up with all of your activities without having to worry about any damage or malfunctions occurring due to excessive wear and tear

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