Fallout Smartwatch Review 2024 | Should You Buy it?

Technology brings excellent revolution and wonders everyone. Modern gadgets based on user requirements are handy that make our lives easier.

Similarly, I saw a great revolution in smartwatches; different varieties and varients came. Fallout smartwatch is a more unique and fantastic category that offers advanced functionality and features.

A fallout smartwatch is just like galaxy gear and has a pip-boy dial face on it that looks so gorgeous, and I love it. This smartwatch is similar to an ordinary smartwatch has the same features, but the only difference is the pip-boy face and some other functionality, which we discuss later.

As compared to an ordinary smartwatch, the Fallout smartwatch offers a fewer battery life. But overall, this smartwatch is impressive and have essential health tracking features.

Fallout Smartwatch Specification


Fallout smartwatch looks similar to normal smartwatches and has a friendly and elegant circular dial face with a knob. On the dial screen, you will see a pip-boy which is the main thing in this smartwatch. The pip-boy theme offers unique functionality, as you can see in the above video.

But you can change the pip-boy screen as well if you don’t like it. Besides, this watch is made with strong zinc alloy and polycarbonate that increase its durability.

You will get a more comfortable and flexible strap that makes your wrist more comfortable. The strap is 22m wide, made with Sillion which is a soft material. I like this fallout watch because it is so light, has a 53g weight that gives a more comfortable experience.

This watch comes with 1.28″ IPS dial have 240 * 240 resolution.

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Smart Notifications

With its smart notification system you can remain updated about important notifications; social media notifications, calls, messages, weather updates and other apps alerts.

In order to remain updated from latest notification, first of you must connect your smartwatch with your mobile phone. Here a question may trick your brain, can I connect fallout smartwatch with mobile phone? Yes, Why not just like other smartwatches it also have an smart app that helps you to connect your watch with phone.

You can’t reply to SMS via this smartwtch.


Well, I discussed this later in the above section, but connectivity is the connection between your smartwatch and smartphone. Either way, you can connect your smartwatch with Bluetooth, wifi, or an app. 

This smartwatch offers you an app that you can easily download from your Android store and iOS. But Fallout smartwatch is not compatible with Motorola mobile phones, as mention on the product page. 

A good thing about this watch is it takes no time to make a stable connection with your smartphone and sync all data. You can use its smart app to see deep insights into your daily fitness and other health-related activities.

I strongly recommend you to buy a smartwatch with universal compatibility to connect with both Android and iOS.

Battery Life

I saw that as compared to other smartwatches, the fallout watch offers less battery life, although a majority of the features are identical. Long battery life means you can track your activities for a long without any stress of charging. But unfortunately, I think this is its downside.

It’s the most critical factor that we usually ignore. You are thinking now how much battery life this smartwatch offers? Here I tell you, the battery life of a smartwatch depends on the usage of features.

But still, fallout smartwatch offers you 14-15 hours of average lasting time which is not much good. Even you can use the watch for your whole day activities, and at night you can put it on a charge.

It takes 2 hours to charge its battery fully.

Fitness and Health Features

fallout smartwatch review

It comes to health and fitness tracking features, which I think are the backbone of a real smartwatch. If you are a fitness lover and have some fitness goals, this is a suitable device for you.

Although this smartwatch doesn’t offer more premium and high-end features but has a few essential fitness and health features, it is crucial.

Fallout smartwatch offers you a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, steps counter, and other movement detections. I love its intelligent steps counter. Whenever you walk around 1000 steps a day, it will enter level 2 and also notify you. And when you take 2000 its goes to level 3, so on and so forth.

Other Features

As most smartwatches come with a dozen extra features, the same Fallout watch offers you essential elements that make your life more manageable.

You can use your smartwatch to control the music and camera of your smartphone. This one is a convenient feature. But before using these intelligent features, you must connect your watch with your mobile phone.

You can set alarms just on your wrist and make your routine more manageable. Fallout smartwatch offers you a speaker, which can remind you about your next activity and have a smartwatch to track how much you take to complete specific tasks.

A more useful feature that I found in this smartwatch is weather updates. You will get the latest weather forecast direct on your wrist. A calendar in the watch helps you to schedule your subsequent most crucial work.

The most premium feature that I found is “Phone Finder”, which helps you to discover our smartphone if it lost. But Phone Finder feature only works if your smartwatch would connect with your phone.

I saw most of the people having a smartwatch get frustrated because of continuous notifications. Don’t worry. This smartwatch also allows you to block unnecessary notifications, just on “Don’t disturb” mode, and that’s it.

Fallout smartwatch is durable and water resistant. You can wear it while bathing but take it off when you are swimming or perform scuba diving.

Other features include; G-Sensor, Microphone, and Optical sensor.


Its price is too high as compared to other smartwatches having the same features. You can buy this watch for $499 from eBay, which is too high.

I recommend you to buy Fitbit sense which is hundreds of times better than the Fallout smartwatch and only cost $298. Or Fitbit Versa 3, which cost $228.

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Final Words

From the above Fallout Smartwatch Review, I hope you are now able to make a self-decision either this watch is best for you or not.

I’m sure most people don’t like to buy this smartwatch. Because as compared to another smartwatch, it offers you very few feature and functionality. The health tracking and fitness feature is very rare and not a suitable smartwatch for fitness lovers.

Secondly, the main downside of this fallout smartwatch is its short battery life. Long battery time is very crucial that allows you to measure your activities for a long time without the stress of charging. But here, you get only 15 hours of battery life.

If you are looking for a true smartwatch that fulfils all your needs and fitness tracking requirements, then sorry to say this smartwatch wouldn’t satisfy you.

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