Garmin Instinct vs Suunto Core : Which One Is Most Powerful?

Garmin Instinct and Sunnto Core are at the top of the list in the world of durable smartwatches. Their design, material, and most of the features are pretty identical.

But still, one of them wins because it comes with few unique and premium features. Is it Garmin Instinct or Suunto Core? 

I know you guys are also confused about these two different Garmin wearables. But don’t worry, in this guide I will clarify to you their main difference. However, you know that there is some difference in their price tag.

Along with the price tag, there is also a massive difference in other features. Before discussing the difference, first of let’s discuss some main points. These points help you to buy a cheap wearable from both Garmin’s smartwatches.

Garmin Instinct vs Suunto Core (Same Features)

garmin instinct vs suunto core
suunto core vs garmin instcint

1- Durable Design

Durability is one of the most important factors. And interestingly, both the Garmin’s watches have high durability. You can use both watches for your outdoor activities like adventures, hiking, or any other.

The straps of both the wearables are made of silicone, similarly, a fiber-reinforced polymer is used in their Case material.

I saw a lot of reviews, and personally, I used the Garmin Instinct smartwatch, and to be honest, both smartwatches have a highly rugged design that gives you extra durability.

2- Resistance

Garmin Instinct and Sunnto Core both are water-resistant but one watch is more resistant. Both watches have scratch proof and dustproof design. That’s why you can easily use these watches for your outdoor activities.

Normally you can see that all the Garmin Watches are water-resistant and dustproof.

3- Barometer and Altimeter

Along with other amazing feature these watches also gives you Barometer and Altimeter sensors. With Altimeter You can easily find your directions, routes, and current locations, etc.

If you are on an adventure then both watches are really helpful for you. Along with Altimeter, there is also a Barometer that helps you to remain updated about the weather.

suunto core vs instinct

You can easily measure sudden alterations in weather conditions and wind pressure and temperature etc. This all the data helps you to plan your adventure and you can safely complete your journey.

Here I want to mention one important thing, both the wearables give you highly accurate data so you can rely on both the smartwatches.

4- Compass

Both rugged watches give you a compass to measure directions, it helps you to decide which direction is correct for you. There is also Sunset/Sunrise feature that is internally connected with a compass and gives you accurate sunset/sunrise time. Both are a very useful feature for those who love adventures and traveling.

5- Fitness Features

garmin instinct fitness

Most of the fitness features are the same in both these wearables. You can easily achieve your fitness goals with both of these smartwatches.  Both smartwatches will monitor your steps, calories, and sleep, etc.

There are few other sports modes that help you to easily perform your fitness activities.

A lot of people ask about the Garmin instinct sleep tracking accuracy. Without any doubt, Garmin Instinct gives you highly price analytics of your sleep as well as other activities.

Although there are fewer fitness features in both smartwatches. But I think it’s enough for a normal person to achieve fitness goals. But if you are a real fitness lover and want more amazing and exciting fitness tracing features then you should buy this smartwatch.

6- Backlight Option

The backlight is one of the important and really useful features. The backlight feature allows you to see your device interface more clearly even in strong sunlight. So whenever you move your wrist towards your face this feature automatically increases the brightness of the dial.

The process to enable the backlight feature is the same for both watches. For enabling this feature go to Menu > Settings > System > Backlight. From here you will find a lot of other important features, you can adjust settings according to your needs. If you want to read more about backlight settings then visit here.

Garmin Instinct vs Suunto Core (Difference)

what is difference between instinct and suunto

Now it’s time to see the major difference between these two wearables. I will briefly explain all the major differences here.


Unfortunately, there is no GPS in Suunto that’s why it has a cheap price as compare to Garmin Instinct. Garmin Instinct GPS system is outclassed I personally use this feature and it will never disappoint me. The GPS gives you very fast and accurate positioning and also rapidly connect with satellite.

Why Should you need a GPS smartwatch?

Well, I think the GPS smartwatch is very important for those who love adventure and have some fitness goals. Along with measuring your location and finding routes GPS also helps you to find how fast you are going and how far you have gone while running or jogging.

During your morning walk or running you can easily maintain your pace and carry on your fitness journey.

In some fitness activities distance measuring is an important goal at that point you just need a true GPS watch. Garmin Instinct is the best and affordable GPS that gives you precise results.

I also see a lot of other GPS smartwatches that are very expensive, normally most rugged smartwatches have a GPS system. If you want to buy an affordable rugged watch then visit here.

Heart Rate Monitor

There is no Heart rate monitor in Suunto, again heart rate is an important feature for fitness fans. It helps you to analyze your heart rate in different situations and you can take some rest if your heart rate is high.

Most of the smartwatches give you a heart rate feature. Recently I saw a smartwatch that has a heart rate feature and its price is $30. And when I check its accuracy literally I want to smash that watch. But Garmin has decades of experience and Garmin’s smartwatches will never disappoint you.


An accelerometer is used in a lot of digital devices, it shows the current movement of your device or tracks the current state of the device. We can also say that this sensor helps us to show real-time data.

Garmin instinct comes with this sensor but there is no Accelerometer in Garmin Sunnto. I think that this sensor is not much important, so we can ignore it.

Route Tracker

route tracking

Now, this is a very useful feature that allows you to add different paths to the map. With this route tracker feature, you can also share your route with your community. During jogging, running, swimming, hiking, or any other adventure you can add plan your route and add it to Garmin’s Map.

After doing this your smartwatch helps you to track that path and also shows you different measurements like distance, speed, time to reach your destination, etc. The feature is only found in Garmin Instinct.

Trackback Feature

Unfortunately, Sunnto Core lack this feature, and Garmin instinct comes with the Trackback feature. This feature helps you to remember your starting point and you can easily reverse your route towards starting point.

When you go to some unknown area for adventure, then this feature allows you to remember your starting point. So you can easily and safely return to your initial path.

Design Difference

Although both the smartwatches build with the same polymer still there are some minor differences. Garmin Instinct is 11g lighter than Sunnto core. So much lighter smartwatches give you more comfort even if you wear them for a long time.

You can’t replace the band in Suunto core while Garmin Instinct allows you to change the band. Moreover, Instinct is 100m water-resistant and Suunto is 30m water-resistant.

Final Words

Now from the discussion (Garmin Instinct vs Suunto Core), I hope you are clear that which smartwatch is best. There is a lot of important features that are missing in Suunto Core like GPS.

If you love to travel and a fitness lover then must buy Garmin Instinct it’s the best ever Garmin mid-range smartwatch that gives you all the necessary features.

But if you have a tight budget then you can also go with Suunto core. But remember Suunto core is only best for normal use if you don’t perform enough fitness activities and the busy person then you can go with Suunto Core.

Although there is not enough feature in Sunnto it gives you a very elegant and attractive design.


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