Garmin Tactix Charlie VS Delta | Main Difference?

In the category of high-end smartwatches, Garmin Tactix Charlie and Tactix Delta both got high ranks. Their premium and unique features make them more expensive and worthy.

When choosing one from Garmin Tactix Charlie or Tactix Delta, you will get confused as both smartwatches look pretty similar and have most of the features are similar. Also, there is not a big difference between their price tags.

If you observe deeply, you will find that Garmin Tactix Delta is more rugged, has a wider display, long battery life, and is packed with extra features.

In today’s guide, we will compare Garmin Tactix Charlie and Tactics delta and find out the major differences and which one suits your requirements.

Features Garmin tactix Charlie Garmin Tactix Delta
Display size 1.2 inch 1.4 inch
Display resolution 240 x 240 pixels 280 x 280 pixels
Weight 90g 97g
Casing material Fiber-reinforced polymer with polymer rear cover Fiber-reinforced polymer with polymer rear cover
Screen protection Domed sapphire glass Domed sapphire glass
Internal storage 16GB 32GB
NFC No Yes
Water Rating 10 ATM  10 ATM
ABC Sensors Yes Yes
Pulse Oximeter No Yes
Incident Assistance No Yes
Stealth Mode No Yes
Kill Switch No Yes
Golfing Features Intermediate Advanced

Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Delta: Design & Display

First of let’s start with design. Both Garmin Tactix Charlie and Delta have robust designs that stand out in challenging environments. Buy Garmin Tactix Delta looks more durable, and it has a larger display, so you can easily read the dial.

Garmin Tactix Charlie

After Garmin Fenix series, Tactix Charlie is the most rugged smartwatch. This watch is specifically made for harsh environments and Military purposes, so its design uses premium materials. 

Firstly, it has a Fiber-reinforced polymer case, and then a Diamond-Like Carbon coated titanium bezel makes it more robust. 5 buttons are made up of stainless steel and allow you to control functionality.

Garmin Tactix Charlie is 101% scratch and dust resistant because the dial is covered with Domed sapphire glass which is very expensive. Because of all the rugged material, Tactix Charlie has 90 g of weight, and its silicone straps make it more comfortable. 

When it comes to displaying Garmin Tactix, Charlie offers a 1.2″ Transflective MIP LCD. 

But unluckily, this is not a touchscreen display; Garmin never introduces a touch display in its smartwatches for several reasons. But you have got 5 fully functional buttons. 

The display looks much brighter (240 x 240 pixels); you can easily read the dial under direct sunlight. On the bezels, some readings help you to find directions.

It is also equipped with night vision mode, which reduces backlight to a low level, so it doesn’t interfere with the operation of night vision goggles. Tactix Charlie is water-rated to 100 meters and also tracks some water activities. 

Garmin Tactix Delta

It is time to unveil the design specs of Garmin Tactix Delta, and let’s find out some differences. Although Tactix Delta looks similar to Tactix Charlie, the first difference is its size. 

Delta has a 51 x 51 x 17.5 mm dimension, which is slightly bigger. Just like Tactix Charlie, Delta also has a Fiber-reinforced polymer rear cover and DLC coated bezels. 

The second difference is weight, Tactx Delta is pretty bulky, having 97g, and it’s not suitable for small wrists.

If we talk about display, Tactix delta offers a 1.4″ Transflective MIP LCD with higher resolutions of 280 x 280 pixels. The display looks much better and vibrant than Tactix Charlie. To handle functionality, there are five stainless steel buttons. 

You can also switch the display to Always-on, which is pretty helpful, especially in military operations. 

The dial is covered with a domed sapphire lens which is fully scratch-resistant and 10ATM (100 meters) water-resistant. Further, Tactix Delta has insane night vision capabilities. It automatically switches between daytime view and nighttime view screens. 

Garmin Tactix Charlie VS Delta: Battery Life

Usually, every Garmin smartwatch comes with top-rated batteries that last for a longer time.  In high-end Garmin watches, battery life is insane. I think no other competitor brand can beat Garmin in the battery.

Coming towards our topic, Garmin Tactix Carlie gives you 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. GPS mode gives up to 20 hours and up to 35 hours in Ultra track battery saver mode.

Garmin Tactix Delta is like a beast that gives 21 days of battery time in smartwatch mode. In GPS mode, it lasts for 60 hours. It also has a battery saver watch mode that lasts for 80 days. So if you are camping in some challenging area with no electricity, then Tactix Delta will be your best companion.

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Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Delta: Price

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As these rugged watches are packed with high-end and premium features, they are more expensive than other Garmin watches. 

Firstly let’s talk about Garmin’s flagship watch Tactix Delta which is available in three different variants.

  • Garmin Tactix Delta Non solar variant: $799
  • Solar Variant: $999
  • Solar variant + Applied Ballistics Calculator: $1299

On the other hand, Garmin Tactix Charlie is available for $749. There is not much big difference between Delta standard version and Charlie. 

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Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Delta: Fitness & Health Features

Under the hood, both Garmin Tactix Charlie and Delta have tons of fitness tracking features. And the majority of features are most exclusive and not found in other smartwatches. 

The Garmin Tactix Delta has some additional features that make it more worthy of buying.

Garmin Tactix Charlie:

Tactix Charlie is one of the best smartwatches for outdoor enthusiasts and the Military. It offers a wide variety of premium fitness features that enables you to track your every activity in every detail.

Garmin has added a Training status tool that allows you to evaluate your recent exercise history and know-how effective your training is. 

The watch also tracks the anaerobic health that helps you know how much effort you have put into training. You can also view the sum of EPOC measurements for the last seven days via Training load features. 

Apart from training features, Garmin Tactix Charlie offers wrist-based heart rate, pulse oximeter, sleep tracking, calories monitoring, and more.

Further, it has many unique outdoor features that track your ability to survive in harsh environments. Tactix Charlie is equipped with ClimbPro, Elevation tracking, Running dynamics, Running power, Golf courses, Sports apps, Surf ready features, Workouts tracking, Performance Metrics PacePro, and much more. 

The built-in Garmin coach assists you on each step of your fitness journey. Compared to the rest of Garmin watches, on Tactix Charlie, you can view in-depth detail of your daily activities.

Garmin Tactix Delta

Tactix Delta is the most exclusive smartwatch on the planet that offers every fitness and training feature that a Military commander needs. The good thing about this watch is that it shows highly accurate readings that help you move forward with confidence.

It offers a precise Pulse OX sensor that shows how well your body is absorbing oxygen. Then comes respiration tracking, and this watch tracks your aerobic/anaerobic health 24/7. 

Further, it has a Body battery energy monitor, wrist-based heart rate, advanced sleep monitoring, stress tracking, VO2 max, and more. 

In outdoor features, tactix Delta can beat any expensive smartwatch. It offers 

  • Sports apps
  • Surf-ready features
  • MTB dynamics
  • Running dynamics
  • Animated workouts
  • Backcountry SKI
  • Performance metrics
  • Pace pro Technology
  • Acclimation
  • Jumpmaster mode
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hydration tracking and more.

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Garmin Tactix Charlie vs Delta: Other Features

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Both Garmin Tactix Delta and Charlie come with additional features and are helpful for Military purposes. 

First, there is insane GPS tracking with dual-format GPS coordinates. The built-in TOPO and SKI maps allow you to view over 2,000 worldwide ski resorts.

Unlike other Garmin watches, Tactix Delta and Charlie have turn-by-turn navigation that helps guide you on each step and never lets you go out of track.  

Similarly, both smartwatches are equipped with ABC sensors that track weather, storm alters and show you the right directions. The built-in thermometer helps you to check the temperature of your surroundings. 

Further, a Live track and group track feature allows you to join someone in a race or any outdoor activity. 

Garmin Tactix delta has an extra storage feature that allows you to store up to 2,000+ songs, and you can also control smartphone music via your watch. Other features include a calendar, smart notifications, safety features, assistants, alarms, and more.

Garmin Tactix Delta VS Tactix Charlie: Major Differences


Now let’s talk about the major differences between Garmin Tactix Charlie and Tactix Delta. Firstly, Tactix Delta has a 1.4″ of large display and has 280 x 280px high resolution. Tactix Charlie has a 1.2″ of display with 240 x 240px resolution.

 In the fitness department, Garmin Tactix Charlie can’t measure blood oxygen levels. In Garmin Tactix delta, you will get 32GB of storage to store songs and other stuff. Similarly, there is no NFC feature in Tactix Charlie.

Tactix Charlie also lacks Stealth mode and Kill switch modes. So overall, Garmin Tactix Delta is the winner that has more advanced features and long battery life. 

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