Will Apple Watch Band Fit Your Galaxy Watch?

When individuals consider personalizing or changing the wristband of their Galaxy Watch, they sometimes wonder if an Apple Watch wristband will work with their Galaxy Watch or not?

This is due to Apple’s wristbands being amongst one of the most robust and well-designed bands. People who own Galaxy watches desire to give their watches a hybrid look by combining the dial of a Galaxy watch with the wristbands of an Apple watch.

Even though Samsung watches come in various designs and sizes, the majority of them have the same bandwidth.  

You can change the straps however you want as long as you know the appropriate width of the band, but remember that’s only between Samsung wristbands.

But, what if you want to use the wristbands of the Apple watch on your galaxy watch? 

Is the apple watch band compatible with the galaxy watch?

If we talk about the ongoing time, Apple Watch bands are not compatible with any other smartwatch brands. Apple Watches are the only ones that can have their bands attached.

Samsung is one of the few brands that use quick-release lugs on their industry-standard wristbands. The Apple Watch bands have a different lug than the Galaxy Watch bands so that they won’t fit your watch.

When it comes to customizing your galaxy watch, most of the time, people think of customizing the software or their watch faces to give their watch a unique look. Still, Smartwatches have the capacity that they can be customized on the hardware side too, which is one of its most vital features for giving it a fantastic look.

Furthermore, when it comes to customizing the hardware of a smartwatch, the most prominent change you can make to it is by changing its wristband. 

The type of material, length and breadth, and lug style of the band you wear on your smartwatch can all affect how it looks. For example, Apple and Samsung will only support specific straps for their various smartwatch models.

That is why before purchasing a wristband, make sure to look into the following:

  • How the band fits into your wrist is the most important thing, you should correctly measure your wrist size before buying one for you. 
  • Select a band material that complements the smartwatch’s intended use. If you’re primarily interested in fitness tracking, a silicone band is a better option than a leather band.
  • Each smartwatch has a specified bandwidth that it supports, so your wristbands width must be compatible with the smartwatch.
  • The mechanism that attaches your smartwatch to your watch bands is the lug type; make sure to choose the lug type that can connect your watch.
  • Smartwatch bands are available in various sizes, including small, medium, and large. This refers to the length of the band in relation to the circumference of your wrist.

Which Bands Are Compatible With a Galaxy Watch?

The first step is to do some research to see if the strap can be replaced or not. 

While Apple Watch bands are developed exclusively for Apple Watches, the industry-standard quick-release lug is used by most other Smartwatch brands, including Samsung. 

This makes selecting the right strap for your needs much easier, and your bands will continue to work even if you change your smartwatch.

The size of your watch band is determined by the size of your watch body, which can vary between models. The most frequent band size among different smartwatch models is 22mm, but it can range from 18mm to 24mm.

If you’ve set your mind on a particular third-party strap, check to see if it is compatible with your watch first. The majority of smartwatches require a 22mm broad strap.

Note: The distance between the holes on the watch where the spring bar fits is what this measurement refers to.

We’ve discovered that replacing watch straps with the quick-release lug is slightly easier than replacing watch straps with the Apple Watch band lug. 

Both of these types don’t require any equipment to change the straps, and they make changing out watch bands a breeze.

Best suitable wristbands for galaxy watch 

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is available in 42mm and 46mm casing sizes. The bands on these Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic variants are 20mm in diameter and work efficiently with these new models. 

To detach and attach the bands to the watch case, they all employ the exact pin mechanism on the rear of either side of the band.

Whereas Depending on the case size, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 uses standard 20mm and 22mm watch bands. 

You’ll need 20mm watch bands if you want to replace the bands on your 41mm Galaxy Watch 3. You’ll need 22mm watch bands if you want to replace the bands on your 45mm Galaxy Watch 3.

Even though Samsung watches come in various designs and sizes, most of them have the same bandwidth, which makes it easier for you to swap the bands whichever you want, but for doing that, you must know the correct bandwidth.

If you’ve had your mindset on an Apple Watch strap but can’t get it because it won’t work with your Galaxy Watch, there are a few great alternatives.

Here’s a selection of Galaxy Watch Bands that are excellent low-cost alternatives to popular Apple Watch bands.

Best apple watch band alternatives for galaxy watch

First of all, you’ll need to determine what type of band is best for your needs. Many people will buy this watch to take advantage of the premium health/fitness tracking features. In this case, a silicone sports band is a good choice. 

The Epoosuo Silicone Replacement Strap is the best Samsung Galaxy Watchband for breathability. The innovative air-hole design allows your skin to breathe freely while you exercise and go about your day, so you’re always comfortable.

Consider the Fullmosa stainless steel watch band when you want something more sophisticated. 

A heavy-duty LDFAS Wood Band for galaxy watch is a wonderful choice if you want to make a lasting impact with your Samsung Galaxy Watchband.

So, let’s take a look at some of the finest brands for your Galaxy Watch:

1- Fullmosa stainless steel watch band (20mm)

Fullmosa stainless steel watch band 

Metal may have a relaxing effect while being more stable than other materials. If you want a brand that you can trust, stainless steel is the way to go. This adjustable mesh-style band is both comfy and stylish.

 The delicate look combined with its “wear with everything” practicality makes these styles pretty compelling to almost anyone. Perhaps not ideal for intense workouts, but a pretty good all-rounder nonetheless.

 This is a popular Apple Watch-style wristband that would look fantastic on a Galaxy Watch. This band comes in two colors, black, and silver. It’s comparable to Apple’s Milanese Loop Band, which costs over $100. This fullmosa Stainless Steel band is available on Amazon for $15.99.

2- DFAS Wood Band for galaxy watch (22mm)

Will apple watch band fit your galaxy watch 

With the red sandalwood between each link, this band will make you stand out from the crowd. This band is available in black or silver steel, and both look fantastic with the redwood.

On Galaxy Watches, the stainless steel/sandalwood look is unique but quite elegant. This watch strap is not waterproof because it contains wood, therefore avoid getting it wet.

It has a butterfly clasp made of metal, which is popular on stainless steel bands and quick-release pins that connect the band to the watch.

It is remarkably lightweight, despite its more prominent appearance. It is a 22mm band, and it is only suitable with the Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) variant. On Amazon, you can get this ring with silver steel or black steel for $23.99.

3- Epoosuo Silicone Replacement Strap (22mm)

Epoosuo Silicone Replacement Strap 

The Galaxy Watch comes with a silicone band for your workout sessions, but this band will be a little better because It has additional perforations, allowing your wrist to breathe a little easier. More holes also imply a more precise fit, which is critical if you’re tracking your heart rate.

This band is quite similar to Nike’s Apple Watch Sport Band. The Apple Watch version of this band costs $49, but the epoosuo silicone strap for the Samsung Galaxy costs only $7.99 

While both bands are breathable silicone, the Nike Sports Band for Apple Watch is of more excellent quality. However, because most of the cost is due to the ‘Nike’ logo on it, the Epoosuo Silicone Replacement Strap is a lot better value for the money.

4- Ditto leather band for galaxy watch 


Leather has been used for watchbands for a long time, and with good reason. As leather is worn, it adapts to the wearer, resulting in the optimum fit. It also improves the watch’s appearance and can be worn on almost any occasion.

If you have a smaller wrist, you may prefer a slimmer watch brand and more comfortable to wear. If that’s the case, this leather strap might be the one for you. 

Furthermore, this model is available in 5 distinct colors/designs, ensuring something for everyone. On Amazon, you can get this slender leather band in your favorite color for $15.99

5- Coombes leather cuff for galaxy watch

Coombes leather cuff for galaxy watch 

The clever design and skillfully wrought contemporary Cuff leather allow the heart rate sensor to maintain contact with the wrist, inspired by equestrian fittings.

This band has rapid-release spring pins that securely and tightly lock onto your watch. Without using any removal tools, it’s simple to put on and take off. Furthermore, The watch is secured by a thick metal buckle.

Inspired by equestrian fixtures, the ingenious design, and finely worked modern Cuff leather is adapted to allow the heart rate sensor to stay in contact with the wrist. You can buy this band on amazon for $19.

6- Majoxy Hybrid Sport Strap for galaxy watches


This band is the best all-around Galaxy Watchband. It may be worn in a variety of situations. Do you go to the gym? The interior is sweatproof due to the black silicone. 

Are you going out? It has a formal, aristocratic appearance due to the old leather surface. 

This is the only band you’ll ever need for your Galaxy Watch, as it comes with a high-quality anodized black stainless steel buckle. 

The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of the individual wrist. The 3mm thick strap is made up of vintage leather, sweatproof Black silicone inner, and anodized black stainless steel metal clasp constructed by premium craftsmanship; this watch band is the best match for Samsung galaxy. 

This is available on Amazon in brown or black leather or a pink hybrid band. The price of this band is now $17.68.


Suppose you wish to acquire an Apple Watch band for your Galaxy Watch. In that case, you’ll have to look for alternatives that feature the quick-release lug, the universal standard for most Smartwatch brands, including Samsung, because the lug style of apple is only compatible with Apple watches and cannot be attached to other brands.

Fortunately, many third-party bands on the market imitate the styles and aesthetics of popular Apple Watch bands. 

These alternatives are significantly more cost-effective, so you’ll have to forego some quality, but they’re still excellent choices for Galaxy Watch owners.

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