5 Best Smartwatches For Diabetes Patients in 2021

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires regular monitoring and proper treatment. And now, with the help of smartwatches, you can check your blood glucose level with just a touch on your wrist.  

Smartwatches provide a vast amount of data about your blood glucose level that helps you do the on-time treatment.

You can also set your dieting plan, and your smartwatch will help you maintain a proper diet.

For a diabetic patient, a smartwatch is an ornament and the best fitness companion. We have done a lot of research and gathered some best smartwatches for diabetics patients. 

Our Recommendations

Best Smartwatch For Diabetes Patients

  1. Apple Watch Series 6
  2. Fitbit Sense
  3. Galaxy Watch Active 2
  4. Garmin Forerunner 235
  5. Garmin Venu Sq

Apple Watch Series 6

smartwatch for diabetes

This Apple flagship smartwatch has insane capabilities and high accuracy. You can check your blood glucose level anytime, anywhere from your wrist.

Apple uses the latest infrared LED sensors and advanced algorithms that offer precise health and fitness tracking. 

Everyone knows that stress is the primary cause of diabetes, and with the Apple watch series 6, you can track your stress level. The watch also has some mindfulness and breathing exercises that will lower your stress and turn your mood towards positivity. 

Secondly, sleep is also an essential factor for diabetes patients. And this watch comes with advanced sleep-tracking tools that intensely track your zzz and overnight blood glucose level. 

Other Useful Features For You

Under the hood, there are many things to explore, and the watch offers a SpO2 feature that will track your blood oxygen level. Real-time elevation tracking and have different sports modes that will track your indoor and outdoor activities. 

Note: Apple Watch Series 6 will automatically track most sports like Running, Cycling, Hiking, and Swimming.

Upgraded algorithms ensure accurate calorie tracking, which is a very crucial feature for diabetic patients. You can keep an eye on your proper diet, which plays an essential role in controlling your blood sugar level. 

Apart from this, there are tons of things to explore in this smartwatch. 

  • Always on retina display
  • Accurate activity tracking
  • GPS is excellent
  • Easy to use software
  • ECG app
  • Battery life could be improve
  • Expensive

Fitbit Sense

smartwatch that track blood glucose level

Fitbit smartwatches are well known for tracking blood glucose levels. The brand partnered up with One Drop and “United Health Care” to bring diabetes management to Fitbit watches.

The Fitbit Sense is one of the most excellent smartwatches with an ultra-sleek design. It offers all the valuable features that you have expected. After Apple Watch Series 6, this mid-range smartwatch is best for diabetic patients. 

In diabetes, Fitbit’s largest investment was $6 million in Sano. They’re working on a coin-sized patch for tracking glucose levels that’s painless and easy to apply. 

On Fitbit Sense, it’s pretty easy to track blood glucose levels via its app. 

And the best part is you can see the deep analysis and stats of your blood glucose level, which is very useful for choosing the proper treatment.

As a diabetic patient, you can also set a proper dieting plan on your Fitbit Sense. And you can track your dieting plan and calories burned. We have found that Sense shows accurate results, which is crucial for you. 

The most significant part is the ECG app which usually comes in high-end smartwatches

Other Features

Apart from this, Fitbit Sense offers an effective stress management system that will lower your stress level by providing different exercises and guided meditations. 

Because of its latest sensors, it can also track your high-intensity exercise. There are hundreds of workouts from Fitbit plus popular brands that will keep you motivated. Plus, some new sleep tracking tools automatically track your overnight sleep. 

Note: With Fitbit Sense, you can print a PDF report of your Fitbit Stats to start a more informed conversation with your doctor.

  • Vibrant display
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Advance sleep and stress tracking
  • ECG app
  • Very few third party app compatibility

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Galaxy Watch Active 2

smartwatch for blood sugar level

Samsung is the big competitor of Apple, and the brand borrows most of the features from Apple. Samsung adds some valuable features in Watch Active 2 for diabetics patients to regularly measure their blood glucose levels. 

The good news is Samsung consistently updates its software, and recently they have added blood glucose monitoring in their flagship watch. In the future, we expect a lot of valuable features for diabetic patients.  

Still, now we haven’t seen any complaint regarding its accuracy and fitness tracking. This is a big sign that Samsung puts in a lot of hard work to enhance the user experience. 

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is full of fitness and health tracking features. You will get advanced sleep-tracking tools, mindfulness exercises, stress tracking, respiration tracking, calories tracking, and much more. 

The most premium feature is the ECG app that allows you to keep an eye on your heart health. It also informs you about your heart rate fluctuations. 

Best Multi-Sports Watch

No doubt, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of the best multi-sports watches that has various sports modes.

The watch will automatically track most of your indoor and outdoor sports. I know diabetes patients love running, and the treadmill and Watch Active 2 are ideal for monitoring these activities. 

With a built-in GPS, you don’t need to connect your watch with your smartphone. You can track the speed, distance cover, and pace of your daily running, cycling, or treadmill. 

  • Light weight
  • LTE variant
  • Excellent fitness tracking abilities
  • Long lasting battery
  • Digital Rotating Bezel
  • Poor Bixby performance
  • Limited App Support

Garmin Forerunner 235

smartwatch for diabetes patient

Forerunner series is the best Garmin series that offer on-demand health tracking and sports features. 

Previously there was no blood sugar tracking system in Garmin mid-range watches. But now, Garmin allows its users to measure blood glucose levels via the Supersapiens app. And you can deeply analyze real-time glucose levels, which is pretty cool. 

The app will also show you overnight glucose levels and compare your past 24 hours with today. This means you will get the most useful data that helps you to maintain diabetes. 

Garmin Forerunner 235 comes with a virtual assistant, “Garmin Coach,” that assists you on every step of your fitness journey. 

Other Exciting Features

Forerunner 235 is one of the best Garmin’s Multi-sports watch that offers;

  • Wrist heart rate
  • Running dynamics
  • Vo2 Max
  • Pulse Ox sensor
  • Training status
  • Training effect
  • Body battery energy monitoring
  • Women’s health tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Stress tracking and more

All these features are helpful for a diabetes patient. 

Apart from that, I love its accurate and detailed GPS tracking if it offers some advanced safety features. The watch will automatically detect the incident during workouts and notify your emergency contacts about it. 

  • The pace feature can be tricky to adjust
  • The add-ons can be tedious to properly install

Garmin Venu Sq

smartwatch for blood sugar level

This is another mid-range Garmin watch that is loaded with tons of fitness tracking features. Venu Sq has a bold design, and the bezel is made with Aluminum that looks so stylish.

Just like Forerunner 235, it also supports the Supersapiens app. To measure your blood glucose level. The accuracy is appreciable because Garmin has put a lot of hard work into upgrading its sensors and algorithms.

The Pulse Ox sensor will detect the oxygen saturation level in your blood all the time, showing you how much oxygen is absorbed by the body. 

It also offers a Hydration feature which is crucial for diabetes patients as they need water to remain hydrated. The feature will notify you when your body is dehydrated, and you can also set a goal based on your sweat lost during any activity.

The stress management in Garmin Venu Sq is very advanced, and it will notify you when you feel stress. The watch suggests some peaceful and mindfulness exercises that will lower it. 

Other Useful Features

If you are a real fitness fan, Garmin Venu Sq is your best companion. It offers preloaded workouts to stay fit, and there are 20 preloaded GPS sports apps. 

You can also manually create your workout by using the Garmin Connect app. 

Garmin Venu Sq has insane GPS tracking that accurately works even in more challenging environments. Security feature allows you to share your location with your emergency contacts in case of an accident.

  • Full of advance fitness tracking features
  • Light weight
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • A deluge of data on health and wellness
  • Long battery life
  • Not AMOLED display
  • Limited 3rd party app support

Fossil Gen 5

Gen 5 is powered by Wear OS and allows you to track your glucose level. In this watch, you will get all the Google apps, including; Maps, Gmail, Google Play, Google Assistant, and more. 

Although there is Wear OS in the watch, it’s also compatible with iPhones. The Gen comes with a brighter display that is easy to read. The always-on display allows you to check your daily fitness stats with just one glance. 

You can also listen to music using Fossil Gen 5 if it offers 8GB of storage to store thousands of audio tracks. 

Other Features

Like other watches, Fossil Gen 5 comes with advanced fitness tracking features useful for a diabetic patient. Like it can track your sleep, calories, real-time heart rate sensor, and different sport modes.

You can see the in-depth insights using its built-in app. It also allows you to install some specific app to track a particular activity. 

But unlike other watches, Fossil Gen 5 don’t offer a SpO2 sensor which may be its limitation. Apart from this, Gen 5 is overall a good smartwatch with built-in GPS and advanced fitness features. 

The watch offers NFC features to make a contactless payment. Now you can pay your utility and glossary bills by using Fossil Gen 5. 

  • Stylish design
  • Best for both Men and Women
  • Built-in GPS
  • NFC feature
  • Battery life could be improve
  • No SpO2 sensor

Fitbit Versa 2

Here comes an affordable watch that you can buy to track glucose levels. Versa 2 is equipped with the most premium health tracking feature. That’s why it is the top-selling Fitbit watch. 

This smartwatch has a very sleek design that looks pretty comfortable. Its dial seems incredibly bright and gorgeous. You will get an Alexa voice assistant, and you can ask anything from it. 

Another plus point in this watch is that you can listen to music. On Versa 2, you can download over 300 songs and can pile up a playlist.

Other Features

In the fitness tracking department, Versa 2 offers many exciting features that are why we recommend this watch for low budgets. 

Here you will get a SpO2 sensor that allows you to blood oxygen saturation with one glance. Similarly, it is equipped with advanced sleep-tracking tools, stress management, calories tracker, heart rate monitor, and more.

Another great thing in this device is Active Zone Minutes, and this feature is similar to Fitbit Sense that tracks your active heart rate minutes. The watch also follows the women’s menstrual cycle so that you can keep an eye on your health during pregnancy.

There are almost 15+ sports modes that allow you to track your daily outdoor activity, from running to cycling. 

  • Best Watch For Women
  • Active Zone Minutes
  • Advanced Sleep Tracking Tools
  • No GPS

How Smartwatch Helps Diabetic Patients?

smartwatch for measuring diabetes

Testing your blood glucose level with a needle is pretty frustrating for someone. Smartwatches replaced these old and manual methods, and now you can check your blood sugar level with just one touch. 

These devices will track your glucose level continuously throughout the day and night. The sugar level trends, graphs, and history will help you to improve the sugar level.

And no doubt, this is one of the affordable ways to keep an eye on your sugar level and to maintain it.

Smartwatches not only track your glucose level but also track your sleep, calories burned, hydration and SpO2. All this data is pretty helpful for you, and you can share it with your doctors to make a better conversation.

Do Smartwatch Show Accurate Results?

Most people think that smartwatches never give accurate results, and It’s damn wrong. I know most of the cheap brands make useless smartwatches that will waste your money.

If you buy a branded watch like Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, or Garmin, you are on the right path. These brands are a little expensive, but their devices are pretty accurate. 

We have conducted several blood glucose tests with the Apple Watch Series 6 and Manual Sugar tracking device. We have found that there results are pretty much the same most of the time. 

Note: If you keep your wrist stable, the watch will accurately track your fitness features; otherwise, results will fluctuate. Similarly, don’t tie your Watch too much loose so that sensors won’t get the right information.

Final Words

You must keep tracking your diabetes for proper treatment. Smartwatches are the only way to regularly track the blood glucose level without any obstacles. 

Nothing is better than your health, and if you are a diabetes patient, you should invest in these smart devices because these smartwatches allow you to keep an eye on diabetes and your diet, and other physical aspects.

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