Garmin Watch Apps: 13 Top Garmin Connect IQ Apps

Do you own a Garmin watch and are looking for some best Garmin watch apps? You can access thousands of Garmin apps through Garmin Connect IQ Store, and this platform allows third-party developers to create amazing apps for Garmin users. 

Whether you’re a runner, hiker, or involved in strength training, you can choose the best app for your routine from Garmin Connect IQ. 

Well, many apps are available on the Garmin Connect IQ app, so choosing the best apps is difficult. 

To help you choose the best Garmin app, we have compiled a list of some of the top-rated apps you can go for. 

Best Garmin Watch Apps For Runners & Cycling

1- RunningDF4 1

garmin watch apps

The first and my favorite running app for Garmin watch users is Running DF4 1. This app shows four data fields at a time, and you can view your heart rate, distance, pace, and Elaps. 

The good thing is this app is completely free. In the free version, you can check your heart rate in a colored way, and it also supports the ANT+ power profile. 

If you’re a pro runner, you can go for its premium version, which gives a more detailed overview of running metrics. This is the best app for trail runners, Speedsters, base runs, and progression runs. 

Compatible devices: Enduro, Epix, Forerunner 55 and all the above models, Fenix series, Marq series, Venu series, Vivoactive 3, and later versions. 

2- Race Screen

Race Screen

Race screen is one of the most premium apps for pro runners. It shows a wide range of information regarding running. The app gathers data from various sensors, including GPS, accelerometer, and more, giving you precise data. 

On the app interface, you can view your heart rate, power, time predictions, timer, pace, and calories. 

Runners can also set the distance of their tracks, and the app automatically predicts their finish time. This app is recommended for Garmin’s users for long runs, base runs, group runs, and tempo runs. 

Compatible devices: Forerunner 245, 235, 645, 935, 945, Vivoactive 3/4/5, Fenix 5/6/7. Venu 2/2 plus/sq, MARQ series, and D2 series. 

3- Running App Professional 2

Running App Professional 2

Running App Professional 2 is made to deeply analyze your running performance. With its wide range of data sets, you can better understand your runs. 

The app is available in both free and paid versions. The free version shows the basic information, like current time, pace information, cadence, distance, HR, calories, altitude, and battery status. 

Whereas the premium version supports race predictions, alters, heart rate zones, Supports of ANT+ power sensors, and more. 

For long marathons or high-intensity running, this app is very recommended. Because of its exclusive data, you can analyze which part is lacking and work on it to improve the performance. 

Compatible Devices: Garmin D2 series, Forerunner series, Vivoactive 1/3/4/4S/5, Fenix series, Forerunner 55/245/235/255/645/745/935/945/955. Epix, Enduro, Descent series. 

4- Cycling App Professional

Cycling App Professional

This app helps you to improve your cycling performance. It has a very user-friendly interface, so you can view all the data in a glimpse. 

Cycling App Professional helps you to view heart rate zones with colored, pace, speed, distance, and Support of ANT+ for various sensors. 

People who love mountain biking can also use this app because it overviews your altitudes, paces, and cadence. All these metrics help you to improve your cycling performance. 

The elapsed session time is another convenient metric for group challenges and training. Cycling App professional is available in both free and paid versions. 

Compatible devices: Garmin instinct/2, Forerunner 245/255/645/735/935/955/745, Fenix series, Venu 2/sq/2 plus, and Vivoactive series. 

Best Garmin Watch Apps For Strength Training

1- 7 Minutes Workout

7 Minutes Workout

If you love to do cardio workouts, strength training, or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), this app is best for you. You can use this app for pre-workout warm-ups and cardio. The “7 Minutes Workout” app takes you through 13 exercises to warm your body. 

You can view your heart rate, laps count, rest time, and calories burned data. The app has a very easy-to-read interface that you can read on the go. 

Compatible devices: Epix, Descent, Forerunner series, Fenix series, Vivoactive Series, Venu 2/2 sq/2 plus, and more. 

2- InstaHiiT


If you love to track your cardio and high-intensity interval training, InstaHiiT is a great Garmin watch app for you. It measures your various heart rate zones, showing a beautiful graph and various colors for your heart rate zones. 

Thanks to its intensity minutes feature that helps users to view their total time spent in the orange and red HR zones. You can also customize the interface of this app according to your preferences. 

It’s recommended to use an External Ant+ HR monitor that measures your every movement during weight-lifting and strength training. 

Compatible Devices: Forerunner 935, Fenix 5X/6/7, Vivoactive 3/4/5, and Approach S60. 

3- F3b Strength Training+

best strength training apps for garmin

F3b Strength Training+ is the best Garmin watch app that helps you to take your strength training and CrossFit journey to the next level.

It has three data screens; the first is heart rate and time. The second screen includes four data fields, and the third one includes all the fields that help you to comprehensively analyze your training. 

You have to only pay $3 for lifetime access. Whereas in the free version, it only works for 10 minutes. 

This strength training Garmin app also tells you your energy expenditure, temperature, calories, and other primary features, helping you to better understand your performance. 

Compatible Devices: Approach series, D2 series, Descent series, Enduro, Forerunner series, Fenix series, Instinct series, Vivoactive series.

Best Garmin Watch Apps For Meditation & Yoga

1- F3b Yoga+

 F3b Yoga+

The F3b Yoga+ app is the best Garmin watch app for yoga, meditation, hot yoga pilates, and other activities. The app displays useful metrics during yoga; on the main page, you can view HR, timer, and calories. 

The app displays other useful metrics on the second page, showing energy expenditure, training effect, and more. For easy understanding, it displays your heart rate zones in red, orange, and green colors. 

FB3 Yoga+ app sync data in real-time with the Garmin Connect app. After every yoga and meditation, you can immediately view your performance. 

Compatible Devices: Epix, D2 series, Forerunner 255/630/735/920/955, Fenix series, MARQ series, Venu series, and Vivoactive series.  

2- Meditate


Mediate is one of the free Garmin apps for meditation and yoga lovers. This app uses a heart rate sensor and measures your stress. On high-stress scores, it notifies you so you can do yoga or meditation sessions to calm yourself. 

It records your HRV, calories, and respiration rate during yoga sessions. The good thing is you can view the data via charts and graphs, which helps you better understand. 

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can easily start, pause, or stop the section with just one button. 

Compatibility: D2 series, Descent series, Forerunner 245/255/45/945/745, Fenix series, MARQ series, Venu series. 

Best Garmin Watch Apps For Entertainment & Others

1- Spotify


Yes, you can also access Spotify on your Garmin watch. For Garmin users, a dedicated Spotify app helps you stream music directly on your watch. 

A few Garmin watches also store music for offline listening, so if you’re in a gym or running and can’t access your phone, you can use your watch for offline listening. 

But remember that Spotify on Garmin watch requires a premium account, so first, you need a Spotify subscription, and then you can use it on your Garmin watch. 

Compatibility: Forerunner 245/255/645/745/945, Fenix series, MARQ series, Venu/2/2 Plus/2S Vivoactive3/4/4S/5

2- IoTClient Widget

IoTClient Widget

This is one of my favorite Garmin watch apps that helps control smart home devices.

First you have to sync your Garmin watch with smart home or light controllers. Afterwards, with just one button press, you can open, close, stop, and turn off/on the devices. 

IoTClient Widget needs blueTooth connectivity to work. Before controlling smart home appliances, you must add them to this app from your Garmin Connect IQ store. 

Compatibility: D2 bravo, D2 Delta, Forerunner 230/235/630/735/935, Fenix series, Vivoactive series. 

3- Tic-Tac-Toe


Next up! There is a very funny app for Garmin users. Everyone knows the Tic-Tac-Toe game, Which reminds you of your childhood. This app is free and the best way to pass your boring time.  

You can play this game with a Garmin Ai and select modes; easy, hard, or normal). The app is easy to use, and you can easily swipe the elements in the game. 

Compatibility: Vivoactive 3/4/5, Forerunner 230/245//630/735/920/935, Fenix 5/6/7, MARQ series. 

Best Garmin Watch Apps For Navigations 

1- Navigation Through Google Maps

Navigation Through Google Maps

If you’re flying to another city, install this app on your Garmin watch. The app provides turn-by-turn navigation showing bus stops, taxi stands, grocery stores, and more. 

Using this app, you can easily navigate to your favorite place. To use the “Navigation through Google Maps”‘ app, you have to connect your Garmin watch to your smartphone. This app takes data from Google maps and shows it on your watch dial. 

You can view the distance, time prediction to reach the destination, place name, etc. 

Compatibility: Approach S60/S62, D2 series, Enduro/2, Forerunner 235/245/255/630/735/935.945, Fenix series, Vivoactive series. 

2- Mappily Maps

Mappily Maps

Mappily Maps are best for outdoor enthusiasts, running and cycling. Beautiful colorful maps with a small triangles help you reach your destination easily. It gives detailed visuals of roads, footpaths, and streets. Even if you’re on a hike, it shows the track’s detail. 

Mappily Maps app is free for a month, and then you have to pay £4.99 for full access to the app. Another good thing is you can view your heart rate, and steps taken, distance, pace, ascent, descent, and more. 

Compatibility: Enduro 2, First Avenger, Forerunner 245//255/645//745/935, Fenix 5/5 Plus/6/7, Venu series, and others  

Final Words: 

The above mentioned Garmin watch apps are some of the most trending and favorite apps you should try. Whether you’re a runner, hiker, or involved in strength training workouts, you can get the best app from Garmin’s Connect IQ store. 

You can easily sign up for Garmin Connect Account and access thousands of apps. But I recommend you choose high-rating apps, and before paying for an app, first, try the free version. 

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