7 Best Smartwatch For Badminton in (2022)

Smartwatches are crucial for every badminton player because these gadgets allow them to monitor and improve their performance.

Tracking fitness is another brighter side of these watches that allows athletes to monitor their calories burned, heart health, stress, sleep monitoring, VO2 max, cardio load, set dieting plan, and much more.

To keep track of all these things, you need a high-quality smartwatch. Based on our experience and keeping few things in mind, we have done deep research and collected some best smartwatches for Badminton players.

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Best Smartwatches For Badminton Players

1- Garmin Venu 2S

smartwatch for badminton player

Garmin watches are considered a beast of outdoor sports. Venu 2S is the most advanced and powerful multi-sports watch that offers all the valuable features you require to monitor Badminton. 

This smartwatch offers high-accuracy stats that will improve your performance. Plus, its advanced sensors can monitor your high-intensity moves making this watch perfect for badminton players.

Garmin Venu 2S is pretty much the same in design as compared to its predecessor. It has a durable body with a bright AMOLED display and up to 10 days of battery life. This time Garmin adds tons of extra features to this device that make it more worthy.

Fitness Features

Under the hood, this premium watch is full of fitness tracking treasures. It comes with a Pulse OX sensor that will check your blood oxygen level 24 hours a day. Body Battery Energy monitors your energy level while sports.

Similarly, it has Stress tracking, Hydration tracking, Respiration tracking, Sleep monitoring, Fitness age, Mindful breathing modes, Animated on-demand workouts, Advance strength training, and much more. 

It offers 25 preloaded GPS sports modes to track your outdoor sports, including BadmintonBadminton, running, walking, cycling, swimming, and more. 

This watch has dozens of premium features, but one of the best is “Intensity Minutes.” This feature is linked with VO2 max and tracks your whole day workout and, in the end, shows which time and which activity is best in the entire day.

Other Features

Apart from fitness tracking features, this watch also offers different valuable features like Garmin pay, NFC, watch faces, widgets, and more. 

Using Spotify or Deezer, you can download songs and make your playlist. You don’t need a phone to listen to songs from your wrist; connect your watch with wireless headphones and enjoy tracks from your wrist.

Using Spotify or Deezer, you can download songs and make your playlist. You don’t need a phone to listen to songs from your wrist. Connect your watch with wireless headphones and enjoy tracks from your wrist.


  • Attractive design
  • GPS
  • Preloaded workouts with animations
  • Onboard music storage
  • Lot of fitness features


  • Limited third-party app selection
  • No voice assistant support

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2- Garmin Forerunner 245

smartwatch for badmintion

Here comes another Garmin sports watch that is loaded with tons of features. Forerunner 245 is a mid-range watch for athletes and badminton players. 

Forerunner 245 has a premium design and durable body than the rest of Garmin smart devices. A rugged case allows you to track your underwater activities effectively. 

Here you can create your custom profile for different sports activities, including Badminton. The watch asks you for fields like heart rate, max HR, calories burned, distance cover, pace, performance metrics, and more during the profile creation process.

Fitness Features

No doubt, Forerunner 245 is a palace of all the valuable fitness features. These features include VO2 MAX, Intensity minutes, Running dynamics, Training Load, Recovery Time, Pulse OX sensors, Stress tracking, and more.

But the most useful feature I have seen here is “Recovery Time,” which tells you how long to rest before a considerable effort. This feature is linked with all-day stress tracking, sleep tracking, and daily activity tracking. 

As a Badminton player, you can use “Interval Training” to improve footwork and pace. This feature also focuses on your aerobic and anaerobic health during each sport.

Similarly, Running dynamics helps you track Ground contact time, Cadence, EPOC, Vertical ratio, Oscillation, etc. All these features are pretty helpful for serious badminton players.


  • Rugged smartwatch
  • 3rd party app sync
  • Lightweight
  • You can create custom profiles for any sport
  • Customization is endless
  • Stellar battery life


  • Less watch faces
  • Screen could be more bright

[sc name=”forerunner245″][/sc]

3- Polar Vantage M

Polar produces high-quality multi-sports watches that are best for every athlete. This Polar Vantage M edition is perfect for badminton players because it has a built-in Badminton mode.

Before starting your game, select the badminton profile. And then, the watch would automatically track your significant fitness aspects like heart rate, calories burned, VO2 max, the time elapsed, and more.

This smartwatch is available in different sizes and colors. Vantage M has a vibrant and bright AMOLED display that looks more HD and gives a luxurious feel.

The good thing is you can deeply analyze your insights on the smartwatch. However, its built-in phone app is also stunning and has an easy-to-use interface. You can see insights via different graphs, percentages, and visualizations.

Fitness Tracking

Polar Vantage comes with all the necessary fitness tracking features. One of the best features here is “FitSpark,” this training guide gives you ready-made and on-demand daily workouts that keep you fit. 

You can conduct a 5-minute fitness test that aims to motivate you to start and increase the level of physical exercise. With this fitness test, you can quickly check your aerobic fitness and VO2 rate.

Another premium feature here is “Training Load Pro.” This feature measures how your training sessions straighten your body. The feature is linked with Recovery Pro that helps you to find the right time to rest.

Along with these features, Polar Vantage M offers Running Index, Running Program, Sleep monitor, Breathing exercises, Swimming exercises, VO2 max, etc.

Other features

With Polar Vantage M, you can stay connected with your notification. It will notify you about your email, messages, calendar events, and more. 

Its GPS tracking is pretty accurate – giving accurate and quick results.


  • Bright display
  • Many data viewing options on the display
  • Light weight
  • Lot of sports tracking features
  • GPS is also excellent


  • No smartwatch features other than phone notifications

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4- Suunto 5

badminton player watches

After Garmin, Sunnto is considered a top-rated smartwatch brand for outdoor purposes. Suunto develops highly rugged and durable smartwatches that can live in every harsh environment.

Suunto 5 is one of the best mid-range smartwatches with durable fire-reinforced polycarbonate and a carbon bezel.

This multisports watch can efficiently track your outdoor sports, including Badminton. The performances are highly accurate, that’s why we have put this watch on our list. The most exciting thing here is GPS; colorful GPS tracking gives accurate and fast navigation.

Best Sports Watch

I strongly recommend this smartwatch to a crazy outdoor sports lover because this watch comes with 80+ built-in sports modes. Suunto 5 guides you on each step of your destination, and you can effectively perform your activities.

The new interval training feature allows you to perform your training drills efficiently. 

You can also check the stamina for the game by using the VO2 max feature. The Suunto app shows every insight in a very organized way which is easy to understand. You can also use third-party apps to monitor your outdoor sports. 

Suunto 5 monitors your sports and your daily activity, stress levels, and sleep quality. You can use this watch to ensure you don’t overtrain on days when you need a break.


You will get a long-lasting battery life because of its intelligent battery modes. There is no need to worry about its battery life. Your watch will even remind you to charge it so that you are always prepared.


  • Rugged like hell
  • Case design is amazing
  • Accurate GPS
  • Accurate elevation
  • 5 button design[


  • No touch screen
  • Lack of screen brightness setting

[sc name=”suunto5″][/sc]

5- Amazfit GTS 2 

Here comes the most affordable smartwatch that comes with over 90 sports modes, including Badminton. Amazfit offers high-quality smartwatches that fully match the user’s requirements. 

GTS 2 is the flagship smartwatch of the brand that offers a vibrant AMOLED display. This watch has a 1.65″ curved display with covered 3d glass, and bezels are made of aluminum alloy, which is pretty durable for outdoor sports.

The built-in GPS is a big plus point at such a price. With built-in GPS, you don’t need to use your phone’s GPS during running, cycling, hiking, or any outdoor activity. The watch will automatically track your speed, distance covered, pace, and calories burned, etc. 

Fitness Features

You will feel a taste of an authentic sports watch from GTS 2 as it offers plenty of advanced and premium fitness features.

The SpO2 feature measures your stamina and mental health. This time Amazfit adds advanced sleep-tracking tools that allow you to count different sleep stages. The watch also has a stress monitor, real-time heart rate monitor, calorie and steps counter, and more.

The unique thing is PAI Health Assessment, and this feature is not found in other watches. With this unique feature, you can check the overall score of your daily physical performance and VO2 max.

 The efficient algorithms combine all-day data from different activities and convert it into a single score. PAI health assessment aims to boost your confidence so that you can improve your daily performance score.

Other Features

GTS 2 is full of features, but most importantly, this watch comes with 3GB of built-in storage for songs. You can transfer 300-600 songs from your mobile phone and instantly listen to music from your wrist. 

Now you can answer the calls directly from your wrist because of the built-in microphone. You can also perform voice searches without internet access. 

Lastly, Amazfit GTS 2 offers 7+ days of battery life enough to monitor your sports for an extended period.


  • Elegant design
  • Long lasting battery
  • More sport modes
  • Mature and refined software
  • Bluetooth calling is an added advantage


  • ]Accuracy of HRM could be improve

[sc name=”amazfitgts2″][/sc]

6- Coros Pace 2

watch for badminton players

In the list of top-rated sports watches, Coros Pace 2 also takes the highest spot. This smartwatch is super lightweight, having just 29g of weight. Because of its 1.5X powerful processor, you can easily navigate its sports modes. 

In the department of outdoor sports, this beast offers a variety of modes that helps you to track your every game effectively. 

With custom training modes, you can build your outdoor mode. By default, this smartwatch offers 200 preloaded workouts, which is amazing. The efficiency and preciseness of this watch are also appreciable, and you will always get accurate results. 

Cros Pace 2 offers a built-in GPS that allows you to reach your destination quickly. You can track your cycling, hiking, running, and other outdoor sports.

Fitness Features In This Watch

This Coros watch comes with a variety of advanced fitness tracking features. Under the hood, the best thing in this watch is an AI trainer that measures how much stamina you left based on aerobic/anaerobic efforts.

Nutrition will notify you about your calories intake after each sport; this will help you to refuel your body. Nutrition alerts will inform you about your calories intake after each sport, which will help you refuel your body.

Advanced sensors in Cros Pace 2 will automatically detect your body movement and monitor your calories and heart rate.

After each sport, you can check the muscle heat map to see which muscle performs more work. The app is excellent too, and you can deeply analyze each workout and share it with your friends and groups. 

Other Features

Along with a fitness feature, this watch offers a barometer and altimeter to check weather updates. The watch also informs you about storm alters based on the barometric readings. Similarly, this watch comes with a special night mode that automatically enables the backlight after sunset. 


  • 15-20 day battery life
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Bursting with metrics and tracking features
  • High accuracy


  • Lacking in smartwatch features
  • Less third party app compatibility

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7-  Apple Watch Series 6

badminton smartwatch

This Apple flagship watch is outstanding for badminton players. I have seen a lot of fitness lovers and athletes wearing this watch because of its insane capabilities. 

One thing that amazed me is its HD retina display; it looks very vibrant and bright. You can easily read the dial under direct sunlight. This Apple watch is made of pretty durable polymer, and you can even track underwater activities because the body is waterproof.

The Apple watch series 6 comes with built-in sports modes including Badminton, but luckily you can also create custom sports/workouts. You can give names to your training and set different goals in them. 

You can see the real-time graphs on this watch that help you get motivated for the next sport. 

Fitness Tracking

Very few watches in the market give accuracy like Apple Watch Series 6; that’s why most athletes use this device for their fitness tracking. 

Apple adds the latest blood oxygen sensor, made up of four LED clusters and four photodiodes. These sensors determine your blood oxygen level or SpO2 during your sports.

Similarly, this watch offers an ECG app, sleep tracking, stress tracking, respiration tracking, aerobic/anaerobic activity tracking, women’s health tracking, breath exercises, calories tracker, highly accurate, and more.

Apart from this, you will get built-in sports modes like running, swimming, Badminton, yoga, cycling, dance, and more. And the watch will automatically track most of the spots.

Other Features

Your Apple watch is not only a smartwatch but also a tiny smartphone. It offers an LTE feature that allows you to answer calls, text, and use the internet directly on your watch without touching your phone. 

You can install different apps on your watch, check weather updates, set alarms, timers, do voice searches, and much more.


  • Retina display
  • Fall detection
  • LTE version
  • Excellent fitness tracking
  • Highly accurate stats
  • ECG app


  • Expensive
  • Battery life could be improve

[sc name=”applewatch6″][/sc]

Things To Be Considered Before Buying A Badminton watch

watch for badminton


The ability to be agile on a badminton court is extremely important for badminton players. As a result, deciding on the right watch is just as important as choosing the right racquet size and weight.

No matter what watch you select, it needs to be compact, lightweight, and have a firm grip. Playing sports would be much easier with a watch that is not bulky or heavy on your wrist. 

In addition, big dial watches tend to have more buttons that are accidentally pressed. You might lose focus while playing if the activity was accidentally started or stopped in the middle of the game.

You should therefore choose a watch with a medium or small face and one that is light in weight.

2. Display Type

Being a Badminton player, it is very important to check the display type of watch, whether it has a touch screen or non-touchscreen.

We advise you to only pick sports watches without a touch screen if you don’t want to go with a touch screen. 

In addition, touch screen watches from Suunto, Polar, and Garmin can be easily broken as opposed to those without touch screens. While playing the game, most touch screen watches have an LCD display, which can be distracting.

You can also use non-touchscreen watches like a second hand once you get used to them. The touch screen of a watch can also be distracting for you and your opponent, which is another reason not to purchase such a watch. 

The touchscreen watch screen on your wrist notified you that you had met your daily step goal, but you will miss a key shot.

3. Must Contain The Important Features

Your watch must contain the following features:

VO2 max

Oxygen levels in your blood increase after a training session, the longer you can play at your peak performance. Therefore, your sports watch should be able to measure your VO2 max level so you can monitor your blood oxygen level while training.

 Interval Training

Interval training is the next feature that your smartwatch should have. You can use it to time your own training sessions without having to rely on someone else.

Due to this, you will be able to train and take a break while using interval training mode without having to rely on anyone else to time it for you.

Badminton Mode

A badminton training mode is another feature that your watch should have. Using this feature, you could then track all the important sports metrics to increase your performance.

Final Words

Badminton is a real fitness game in which a lot of calories are burnt. To keep track of your calories burned, heart performance, VO2 max, SpO2, and other such things, you need to buy the best smartwatch.

You can pick any watch from our list as we have done deep research before compiling this list. And we appreciate it if you select any product from our list. If you have any quire, then you must ask in the comment. We feel proud to respond out readers.


Which One Is The Best Garmin Watch For Badminton Players?

Forerunner 245 from Garmin offers interval training for badminton players and can also be customized to your badminton requirements. The device also supports Bluetooth and ANT+ fitness accessories.

Which Is The Best Sports Watch For Badminton?

For badminton players, the G-Shock GBA800-1A offers two years of battery backup, step tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and a reasonable price.

Which Is The Best Smartwatch For A Badminton Player?

Polar Vantage M has a dedicated badminton mode, making it the best smartwatch for badminton players. As a multisport smartwatch, you can also track other sports and fitness activities.

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