5 Best Smartwatch For Notifications in 2022

I know some people don’t like to repeatedly take the mobile out of their pocket to see the notification. Especially when you are in a meeting, it’s awkward to check your smartphone for every single message.

But also, you can’t ignore some of the necessary notifications. Smartwatches can help you in such scenarios, and they will notify you about every alert and notification. And the good thing is you can block useless notification sources or apps. 

Few smartwatches also allow you to reply to these notifications. Either you have received the call or SMS notification, you can answer each.

Let’s look at some of the best smartwatches for notifications that help you check notifications and reply to them. 

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5 Best Smartwatch For Notifications

1- Fitbit Versa 2

smartwatch for notifications only


OS Fitbit OS 4.1
Compatibility iOS, Android
Display 1.34″ 
Music Storage Up to 300 songs
IP rating:  5 ATM
Battery Life 3 Days

Fitbit Versa 2 is the best budget smartwatch for those who don’t like to keep checking their phones all the time. You have to sync Versa 2 with your smartphone, and it will notify you about all the incoming calls, SMS, alters, and reminders.

You will receive quick notifications without any delay and also you can answer to calls directly from your wrist. 

Because of the built-in Alexa, you can rely on SMS by “Voice to text” feature, which is super cool. You can also send voicemail from your wrist.

Built-in Alexa also allows you to check the news, control your smart home devices, set reminders and alarms, check the weather updates, and more. 

Fitbit Versa 2 comes with AOD (Always on display), so you can keep an eye on your notifications and other fitness stats. In direct sunlight, you are able to easily read the screen due to its vibrant colors. 

Fitness Tracking Features

Fitbit Versa 2 is full of premium fitness tracking features that allow you to achieve your daily fitness goals.  

Versa has advanced SpO2 sensors that will track your blood oxygen level and heart rate fluctuations. I love its latest sleep tools that will deeply track your sleep patterns. Similarly, you will have 15+ goal-based exercises that will track your different indoor and outdoor activities. 

You can connect your smartwatch with your phone’s GPS to track your running and cycling distance, pace, and speed. 

There are a lot of things to explore in Fitbit Versa 2. Lastly, it offers 7 days of long-lasting battery, which is enough to track your fitness activities for a long time. 

  • Asthetic design
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Durability
  • Fitbit Pay
  • No GPS
  • Lack of display customization

2- Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

smartwatch for notification


Compatibility iOS, Android
Display 1.55″ AMOLED 
Music Storage 3 GB
IP rating:  5 ATM
Battery Life 14 Days
GPS yes

Here comes the most affordable Amazfit smartwatch, which is packed with all the valuable features. After syncing it with your smartphone, you can check the notification from every single app. 

In this smartwatch, you can only reject the calls but can’t answer them. Similarly, you can see other notifications from other apps but can’t reply to them. 

I love this Amazfit smartwatch that offers a very sleek and slim design that feels very comfortable. The dial is covered with 2.5D glass to enhance your most fashionable outfits. The Watch is super light and has 19.5 grams of weight. 

With built-in Alexa, you can set reminders, ask questions, get translations, check weather, timer, create shopping lists and much more.

Full Of Fitness Tracking Features

Under the hook, Amazfit GTS 2 mini loaded with tons of fitness tracking features. There are over 70 sports modes that track your different indoor and outdoor activities. 

The Watch has SpO2 tracking, real-time heart rate tracking, blood pressure tracker, advanced sleep-tracking, female health-tracking, stress tracking, and much more.

The most premium thing in this smartwatch is the PAI Health Assessment System. This feature allows you to see the overall performance of your physical activities. Your Amazfit device collects all the data of your all-day heart rate, sports, fitness activities and combines all the data under one unique score. 

This PAI score is very useful to increase your day to day performance. 

In Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, a 220 mAh battery gives you 14 days of long-lasting battery. Such a long battery life is a big plus point in this affordable smartwatch. 

  • Affordable smartwatch
  • Light weight
  • Vibrant display
  • Lot of fitness tracking features
  • Low refresh rate
  • No GPS

3- Apple Watch Series 6


OS watchOS 7.0, upgradable to 8.1
Compatibility iOS
Display 1.78 inches Retina LTPO OLED
Internal Storage 32GB
IP rating:  50 meters
Battery Life 18 hours

If you are an iPhone user, then this Apple watch is ideal for you. Because of its cellular features, you don’t need to connect it with your phone to receive notifications. 

Because of cellular, you will receive calls and SMS on your wrist, and you can also answer/reply to these notifications. Plus, it also allows you to use the internet on your Watch, which is pretty cool. This means if you have an Apple Watch Series 6, you have a tiny smartphone on your wrist. 

Apart from this, you can install a lot of apps on your smartwatch using cellular or wifi. Similarly, if you are a music lover, you can install apps like Spotify and pile up your playlist.

I love its vibrant Retina display, the 1.78″ display looks pretty big, and you can easily read the dial. The Watch has an Always-on Display that helps you check all the insights with just a glimpse.

Advanced Fitness Tracking

Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the most recommended fitness tracking watches. Its accuracy and precise tracking are appreciable. 

The Watch effectively tracks your blood oxygen level, which is a crucial indicator of your overall wellness. It will tell you how your body is absorbing oxygen.

Similarly, it has real-time heart rate tracking, ECG app, sleep tracking, blood pressure tracking, women’s health monitoring, stress tracking, breath exercise, respiration tracking and other premium features. 

The advanced sensors are made up of four LED clusters and four photodiodes, meaning they can effectively track your high-intensity exercises like GYM and hiking.

  • Brighter retina display
  • SpO2 is very accurate
  • Incredible GPS tracking
  • Fast charging
  • WatchOS 7 brings a ton of great feature
  • Expensive
  • Not a huge upgrade year-over-year

4- Xiaomi Mi band 6


Compatibility iOS, Android
Display 1.56”
Music Storage No
IP rating:  5 ATM
Battery Life 14 Days

Mi band 6 is the flagship fitness tracker that offers all the valuable features that you have expected. If you love a comfortable and lightweight fitness tracker, then you can buy this fitness tracker. 

Mi band comes with an AMOLED display that looks pretty sexy, and the dial is similar to its predecessors. But this time, Xiaomi added a few new features in Mi Band 6 that make it worthy. 

To receive notifications, you need to connect your device with your smartphone. Mi band 6 will vibrate once you have received notifications, but you can’t reply to calls or SMS. To block the notifications, you can turn on the “Do not Disturb”.

You can also set event reminders, alarms, calendar reminders etc. Mi band 6 also allows you to control the music of your smartphone. 

Mi band 6 is pretty durable and has 5 ATM water resistance, so you can use it while swimming. It has 14 days of extended battery life that allows you to track your activities for an extended period.

Fitness Tracking Capabilities

This low budget fitness tracker is insane because it offers dozens of advanced fitness tracking features. This time Xiaomi also adds SpO2 tracking, which is an essential parameter of the respiratory cycle of the human body. 

Similarly, it also gives you a Personal Activity Intelligence score calculated using your sex, age, heart rate, and other data. 

There is also a stress monitor, breathe exercises, sleep tracking, real-time heart rate tracking, female health tracking and much more. Xiaomi added 30 fitness models that track the duration of your activity, calories burned in specific fitness mode, and heart health. 

The good thing is Mi band 6 automatically recognizes the 6 fitness models that include; treadmill, running, rowing machine, elliptical, walking, and cycling. 

  • Budget friendly fitness tracker
  • AMOLED display
  • 30 sports mode
  • Solid fitness tracking
  • Miss Heart rate accuracy at high intensity

5- Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2



OS Tizen OS 5.5
Compatibility Android, iOS
Display 1.4” Super AMOLED
Internal Storage 4GB
IP rating:  50 meters
Battery Life 2 Days

Galaxy has created a history in smartwatches, the brand of premium multi-sports watches that have high quality. Just like Apple Watch 6 this Galaxy watch comes with LTE. 

The LTE allows you to use your smartwatch just like a phone. You can receive calls, reply to a text, use the internet without connecting your smartwatch with your phone. It also has an option to block specific notifications. 

Watch Active 2 Galaxy Watch Active 2 listens to your commands with the Bixby voice assistant. It can read your SMS, make a call or crank you your Spotify playlist. You can also use your smartwatch to pay utility bills. 

There is a stainless steel or Aluminium bezel and back, which looks premium. Along with the premium design, Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks durable and has a 5 ATM water-resistant body.

Fitness Tracking

After Apple Watch Series 6, this Galaxy Watch Active 2 offers insane fitness tracking capabilities. The Samsung Watch comes with an upgraded heart rate sensor for tracking high-intensity exercises. 

This time Galaxy also added an ECG app which is a big plus point. Other fitness tracking features include; real-time heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, stress monitoring, guided meditation, breathing exercises, women’s health tracking and more.

With built-in GPS, you can track the speed, pace, and distance of your daily running, cycling, hiking and swimming. Like other watches, there are dozens of sports modes, but Watch Active 2 can automatically track most sports. 

  • Light weight
  • Sexy display
  • Advance fitness tracking
  • Accurate ECG app
  • GPS
  • Samsung pay
  • LTE
  • Poor virtual assistant
  • Limited app support


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Final Words

With smartwatches you will stay updated with your notifications and also respond to them. You don’t need to take the mobile out of your pocket to see the notification. Also, you can track your daily fitness activities and keep an eye on your health.


Does it’s necessary to connect your smartwatch with your phone to get notifications?

In few smartwatches, it’s necessary to connect your smartwatch with your phone to receive notifications. At the same time, some smartwatch comes with LTE or Cellular that don’t require a phone at all. 

How to set reminders in smartwatches?

Each watch comes with its instruction manual, but here are the general guidelines:

  1.  Set a new reminder on your phone 
  2.  Open your smartwatch app and select “Remind Me.” 
  3.  Set a time or place to be reminded of when you need to do it


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