9 Best Smartwatches With Always on Display | Updated!!!

Based on our experience and deep research, we have compiled the 7 best smartwatches with an Always-on display

Smartwatches with AMOLED displays are pretty convenient. You don’t need to tab on the watch to view time, fitness progress, or notification. 

With the AOD display, you can check all the updates with just one glance on the screen.

But does the AOD display drain the battery or not? In most cases, these displays use fewer pixels or only show necessary pixels on the screen. So it doesn’t affect the battery too much.

Our Recommendations

9 Best Smartwatches With Always On Display

  • Fitbit Sense
  • Amazfit GTS 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Garmin Instinct Solar
  • Fossil Gen 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Garmin Venu
  • Fitbit Verse 2
  • Samsung Gear Sport

Fitbit Sense (Winner)

The Fitbit Sense is the best alternative to the Apple watch, which is affordable and offers many premium features. Because of its insane capabilities, it is on the top of the best multi-sports watches list.

I used Fitbit Sense, and the thing that has touched my heart the most is its super bright and clear 336 x 336 resolution display. 

Similarly, I have seen many exciting and high-end health tracking features like the ECG app, SpO2, skin temperature tracking, stress management, and more.

If we compare Fitbit Sense with Apple, watch then you see many common features in both Watches. But Fitbit app offers highly detailed insights that are very useful for a real fitness lovers.

Apart from premium features like ECG, you will get an intelligent sleep tracking system that comes in very few smartwatches. The watch will track sleep in light, deep, and REM mode and give you a better sleep score. 

During your runs, rides, hikes, cycling, you can track Pace and distance with built-in GPS that doesn’t need a phone.

How to Turn On Always-On Display in Fitbit Sense:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Display
  • Now scroll down to “Always-on display.”
  • Turn this feature on


  • Weight: 1.06 Ounces
  • Display: 1.58-inch display
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Google Assistant
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 6 Days
  • NFC: Yes
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Sports Modes: 20+
  • Attractive design
  • Bright display
  • ECG app
  • Long battery life
  • Supports Fitbit pay, Alexa, Spotify
  • Small third-party app selection
  • Little Expensive

Amazfit GTS 2amazfit gts 2

Here come the second most affordable multi-sports watch with all the features you want, including an AMOLED display. If you are on budget then it’s best affordable smartwatch with always on display that you should buy.

The remarkable thing is the 1.65″ HD AMOLED screen with 3D curve design that looks pretty sexy. The bezel is made with aluminum alloy that makes the watch more durable. 

You will get dozens of beautiful watch faces, and most of the dial faces have a custom Always-on Display.

Amazfit GTS 2 is an impressive device for athlete because it offers 90+ Sports modes. So whether you are on a run, hike, or indulge in any outdoor sports, that watch will track your every move.

Apart from all these features, GTS 2 has a unique feature, “PAI Health Assessment” that gives a PAI value by observing your all-day heart rate, exercises, and other activities. 

Another plus point in a watch is you can also see some of the basics stats of your activities right on your smartwatch. So you don’t always need to open your smartphone again and again.

The Amazfit GTS 2 comes with 3GB of internal storage so that you can transfer your favorite track. You can directly listen to songs from your wrist through a watch speaker or using wireless headphones.


  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Display: 1.65-inch display
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Offline voice assistant
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 5 Days
  • NFC: No
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Sports Modes: 80+
  • Elegant design
  • Fast and Mature software
  • High durability
  • Accurate GPS
  • 80 Sports modes
  • Battery life could be improve
  • Sleep tracking could be improve

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active

If you want to wear a more comfortable smartwatch with all the fitness tracking capabilities, then Galaxy Watch Active is made just for you. I strongly recommend this smartwatch to ladies.

Galaxy Watch Active comes with a bright and accurate color always-on display. The display looks sexy because of its 360 x 360 resolution. 

Just like Fitbit Sense, you have to go to Settings to activate its always-on display.

The rest of the features in Galaxy Watch Active are pretty the same as Amazfit GTS 2, and there is not much price difference. You will get different exercise modes that track your various indoor/outdoor activities.

You can see the in-depth analytics of your activities in the galaxy app. The app is perfect, but you can’t get much better insights than the Fitbit app offers.

The built-in GPS at such an affordable price is a big plus point. You can track your Pace, distance cover and see various routes using built-in GPS. Similarly, this watch can also track your spinning or treadmill. 

During your sports, the watch tracks the number of calories you have burned in your specific activity, which is very useful to stay updated about your fitness routine.

You may think this affordable watch offers low battery life. But again, Samsung will put a lot of hard work into enhancing the battery life, and you will get three days of battery with fast charging support.


  • Weight: 0.9 ounces
  • Display: 1.1-inch display
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: NO
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 3 Days
  • NFC: Yes
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Sport Modes: Automatically detects up to 6 exercises while tracking up to 39 more on your wrist.

  • Extremely comfortable and light smartwatch
  • Excellent fitness tracking features
  • Fast software
  • Accurate sleep tracking

  • Bland design
  • Hard to navigate

Garmin Instinct Solar

garmin instinct solar

Garmin Instinct is the most premium member in the family of rugged watches that comes with an Always-on Display. 

But Instinct doesn’t have an AMOLED display. It offers monochrome (Black and White)

There is a robust fiber-reinforced polymer case that adds durability and a fully scratch-resistant display. Because of high-quality material, Garmin Instinct has passed the 12-grade Military Standard test for thermal shocks and water resistance.

The most exciting feature in Garmin Instinct is the backlight, which allows you to read displays under direct sunlight. 

Why Garmin Instinct Is Best For Outdoor

I strongly recommend Garmin Instinct for outdoor activities because of its high-end outdoor capabilities. These include a Multi-GNSS navigation system that tracks routes even in more challenging and deserted areas. 

Then it has an ABC sensor that allows you to get different Geographical information like altimeter, heights, directions, weather, and more.

With the latest Trackback features, you can track the same route back to your initial point.

Similarly, you will get a wrist-based heart rate with enhanced optical sensors and stress tracking that calculates your stress level score, Pulse OX, body battery energy monitor, and more.

Along with outstanding outdoor capability, you also get solid fitness tracking features that help track your health during outdoor adventures.

Lastly, Garmin Instinct offers you insane battery life, which lasts for 24 days in smartwatch mode and 30 hours in GPS mode. You can get such a fantastic battery time in the rest of the watches.


  • Weight: 0.85 lbs
  • Display: 1.9-inch 
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: No
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 24 days
  • NFC: No
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Sports apps: 10+ Preloaded sports apps
  • Extremely rugged watch
  • Premium health tracking features
  • High accuracy
  • Long battery life

  • Expensive

Fossil Gen 5

fossil gen 5

Gen 5 is powered by Wear OS by Google, and overall, this is a pretty stylish watch with the most adorable brighter display. You can turn on AOD from the settings just like Fitbit Sense.

You will get a 1.28 inches AMOLED display with 416 x 416 high resolution so that you will experience the actual colors. Apart from the display, there is a flexible silicone band that makes your wrist more comfortable. 

There is a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor that delivers high performance. And 8 GB of internal storage to store your favorite tracks.

Fossil Gen 5 offers 4 Multi-Day battery modes, including Daily Mode, Extended Mode, Time Only Mode, and Custom Mode. So you can use a smartwatch according to your needs and save battery life.

Fitness and Health Tracking

This multi-sport watch offers various exciting health-tracking features that help you to keep track of your fitness journey. 

There is an advanced heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, calories tracker, and many other sports modes. You can also sync your watch with Google Fit to get more advanced stats. 

Apart from this, you will get a Barometric Altimeter that gives you the latest weather updates, Ambient light, Accelerometer, Microphone, and Speaker.


  • Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Display: 1.28-inch display
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Google Assistant
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 24 hours with AOD
  • NFC: Yes
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Sport Modes: Multiple sports modes
  • Sexy look
  • Buttons feel nice
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Has a microphone and speaker
  • Comfortable
  • Battery life could be improve
  • Not waterproof

Apple Watch Series 6

always-on display watch

If you have a extra budget, then I recommend you buy this insane device. You will get all the health tracking and fitness features just in one device. 

Along with an Always-on display, the Apple watch series 6 offer extremely accurate GPS helps you keep your Pace while running or jogging and NFC.

Unlike other smartwatches, this Apple watch offers a 2.5x brighter display that helps you to read the dial under direct sunlight. There are dozens of fantastic watch faces, and few of them are customizable. 

If you are too serious about your health, then this Apple watch is good as gold for you. The watch tracks your blood oxygen with revolutionary new sensors, an ECG app, and advanced sleep tracking. 

Whenever you feel, stress the watch will automatically detect it and suggest some mindfulness activities to reduce it.

Besides this, you will get a lot of sports modes that precisely track your every single move, even track your underwater activities. You can set different goals on the watch, and it will help you to achieve them effectively.

Because of its cellular capabilities, you can also make calls directly from your wrist without phone.

There are many exciting things to explore in Apple Watch Series 6, and you will only know the value of this device once you own it.


  • Weight 30.5 g
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 18 hours with AOD
  • NFC: Yes
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Sport Modes: Multiple sports modes
  • Excellent activity tracking
  • More advance health tracking features
  • Brighter display
  • Support music
  • Cellular version also available
  • Expensive

Garmin Venu

smartwatch with AOD

You have seen Garmin watches are too expensive, but this Garmin member is mid-range and offers all the premium features that comes in high-end Garmin wears. 

There is a 1.2 inch super AMOLED display with 390 x 390 high resolution making the screen visually appealing.

Along with an Always-on display, you will get great GPS, with GLONASS and Galileo integration. NFC features that allow you to pay directly from your wrist. You can also store music on your watch and listen to tracks without a smartphone.

Premium Health Tracking Features

Just like high-end Garmin watches it has;

  • Body Battery energy monitor
  • Pulse Ox sensor
  • Stress tracking 
  • Women health tracking
  • Hydration tracking
  • Respiration tracking
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Mindful breathing
  • Garmin Coch
  • Multiple built-in sports apps

Apart from this, the most exciting features in Garmin Venu are Animated workouts that help you to perform every activity effectively. You can also download more animated workouts from the Garmin Connect app.

Lastly, you will see 5 days of long-lasting battery on GPS Garmin Venu battery for 6 hours.


  • Weight: 7.20 ounces
  • Display: 1.2-inch 
  • Always On Display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: No
  • GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 5+ days
  • NFC: Yes
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Sports apps: 20+ Preloaded sports apps
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable device
  • Supports Garmin pay
  • Music storage
  • Comprehensive activity tracking
  • Premium breathing and respiration tools
  • Limited app store
  • Touchscreen can be finicky

Fitbit Verse 2

smartwatch with always on display

Fitbit versa 2 elevates almost every moment. With its modern and versatile design, you can take your look from the gym to the office.

With a display resolution of 300 x 300, Fitbit Versa 2 features a bright AMOLED screen. Therefore, Fitbit provides a reliable, always-on feature. Despite being switched off by default, you can activate this feature anytime via settings.

Switching off this feature seems to be an effective way of saving your battery when you need to. You can do it here.

Premium Health Tracking Features

  • Just like other watches, Fitbit Versa 2 has:
  • Sleep tracking
  • Menstrual health tracking
  • 20+ goal-based exercise modes
  • Floors climbed
  • Guided Breathing Sessions
  • Reflections
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Cardio fitness score
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring
  • Breathing rate
  • Resting heart rate
  • Skin temperature variations

Besides that, Fitbit Versa 2 is an excellent smartwatch with a great interface and plenty of smart features. The processor in the Versa 2 is exceptionally fast and reliable. You will not experience any lag in performance here.

Fitbit Pay and Alexa are two notable smart features of the Versa 2. In certain situations, these features provide great assistance.


  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Display: 
  • Always-on-display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Yes
  • GPS: Not built-in, but can be connected to the mobile GPS
  • Battery Life: 3 days 
  • NFC: Yes
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Sports apps: 20+
  • Always-on AMOLED display
  • Customizable always-on watch faces
  • Fitbit Pay available
  • Good battery life
  • No built-in GPS
  • No offline Spotify playback

Samsung Gear Sport

The Gear Sport smartwatch from Samsung is one of those not-so-luxury watches that may suit your needs at the right price.

This smartwatch has a larger screen than previous models, with 44.6 x 42.9 x 11.6 mm.

Under bright sunlight, the AMOLED display on this smartwatch is visible. Due to this, an always-on display is extremely reliable. Depending on your preferences, you have the option to switch the feature on or off.

You can deprive yourself of so many display waking options if you have the always-on feature on your smartwatch. For Example: When looking at the time, you no longer have to turn the bezel or tap on the screen.

Regarding Samsung Gear Sport fitness features, it tracks your daily activity levels quite accurately, and it has a reliable sleep tracking feature.


  • Weight: 2.36 ounces
  • Display: 1.2 inches
  • Always-on-display: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Bixby voice assistant
  •  GPS: Yes
  • Battery Life: 3 days
  •  NFC: Yes
  •  Water Resistant: Upto 50m
  •  Compatibility: Both Android as well as iOS
  • Samsung Pay is convenient
  • Circular touchscreen and scroll wheel easy to use
  • Standard 20mm straps
  • GPS is a battery hog

Consideration Before Buying a Smartwatch With AOD

standalone smartwatch don't need phone

You should consider few things before picking a best smartwatch from the market.

Battery life

The battery department is very critical in smartwatches with AOD because they will remain on 24/7 and hence use more battery.

But on the other hand, few smartwatches use low nits technology in AOD, which means these watches will automatically take fewer pixels during idle time. And on pressing the power button, it will return to its normal state and use regular pixels.

Similarly, to save battery time, most of the smartwatches allow you to turn off AOD features from settings. So if you don’t need the features, you can easily disable them.


No one would like to buy a smartwatch without GPS. There are huge advantages of GPS watches, and you can only realize their importance once you own them.

With a GPS, you can track your Pace, distance, find routes, live tracking, opponents tracking, and more. Garmin watches have pretty efficient and impressive GPS tracking.


Only read this section if you are a true music lover. A smartwatch with music storage and a built-in speaker is insane things for some people. You can add more twists and fun to your activities with music.

Fitness Features

Lastly, make sure your smartwatch should have all the fitness features that you need. The most crucial ones are real-time heart rate tracking, SpO2, sleep tracking, calorie counter, etc.

Last Words

After going the article, I hope you can now pick the best Always-on display smartwatch. And along with advantages, these watches have few downsides too. But still, AOD wears can make almost the same as everyday smart wears.

There is just a battery-draining risk, but you can minimize this risk by picking low nits AOD watch. All above mention watches use only the necessary pixels in the ideal time to save battery life.


What are the benefits of Always-on display?

AOD has different unique clock widgets that help you to see time at a glance. It’s too simple to press the button to see the time. 

What are the disadvantages of AOD?

If you on AOD 24/7, then it will lower your battery time. Also, it exposes privacy and sensitive information with getting notifications.

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