5 Best Garmin Watches For Swimming and Running

You are not a true athlete if you haven’t owned a Garmin Watch.

For Swimming and running, Garmin watches rule over the entire market. Their durability and robustness are extremely impressive, making them the best outdoor watches.

Garmin Watches comes with some remarkable capabilities that attract every athlete. Either you love Swimming, running, hiking, or any other outdoor activity, these smart wears are your best companion.

Similarly, to maintain a balance in your lifestyle, you can’t ignore the importance of these wears. It would be best to have a Garmin Watch to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve your fitness destination.

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Top Recommendations

Best Garmin Watch For Swimming and Running

Garmin Forerunner 45S

Garmin Watch For Swimming and Running

First of all there comes Garmin Forerunner 45S, a multisport watch. This smartwatch is the most affordable in the Forerunner family. You will get pretty decent features, including GPS, Garmin Coach, calories tracker, 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and more.

Forerunner 45S comes in two variants, a 39MM, and 42MM. You can choose anyone according to your wrist size.

Because of its 32grams of weight, this is extremely lightweight wear. In addition, a 208 x 208 pixels high-resolution display enables you to read dial even under direct sunlight.

Like all other Garmin watches, Forerunner 45S also has a robust design and has 5ATM water resistance. So you can wear this watch while swimming without any fear of damage.

Are there are any Premium Features in this Watch?

garmin forerunner 45s

Yes, you will see some of the premium features. Stress tracking and Body battery energy monitor are my favorite ones. Whenever you feel stress, the Watch recognizes it and suggests some mindfulness exercises.

Similarly, a Body energy monitor tracks your body’s energy levels, and hence you can improve it with your hard work. When your stamina level goes up, your body’s energy level increased.

Besides this, Forerunner 45 has a lot of built-in activity tracking modes. Most useful for us is swimming and running, you will get more accurate and precise data of your activities. With built-in GPS, the Watch also shows the distance cover, pace, speed, etc., during your running.

Garmin watches usually come with Treadmill mode, which is the perfect feature for indoor activities. Forerunner 45S also has this feature.

When it comes to battery life, you will get seven days of battery life which is not bad. I saw most of the Garmin watches offer an average of seven days of battery life. This is pretty excellent as compare to Wear OS watches.

  • Physical buttons
  • Excellent battery life
  • Accurate insights
  • Personalized training by Garmin
  • Lightweight
  • No music
  • Not compatible with Runkeeper

Garmin Swim 2 (Best Garmin Swimming Watch)

garmin swim 2

Here comes a unique Garmin watch for swimmers that has insane water-resistant capabilities. So if you are a swimmer, you should never miss this precious Garmin device.

With its beautiful five-button interface, you can quickly start tracking workouts, view different data, switch to swim mode, and log drills. 

Due to its 36g of weight, Garmin Swim 2 is a highly light watch. As a result, you will never experience a bulky feel on your wrist.

Pool Swim Mode

This multisport GPS swimming watch monitors your heart rate underwater. You can also switch to pool mode; in this mode, it records distance, pace, stroke type, store count, and SWOLF.

Because of Drill logging, you can track distance and time for drills such as one-arm swimming, kicking, or sculling. Another exciting feature is, Garmin Swim 2 also tracks your anaerobic and aerobic health during swimming.

Just like Forerunner 45S, you will also get Stress tracking and a Body Battery energy monitor in this watch. So there are a lot of features to explore in Garmin Swim. But due to its premium swimming features, it’s is best Garmin watch for simmers.

Like all other Garmin watches, there is also a Smart notifications system, Multi-GNSS support, Garmin connect that allows you to create your course, Pacing alerts, and different activities tracking modes.

Lastly, Garmin Swim 2 offers seven days of battery life in normal mode and 13 hours in GPS mode.

  • Wrist-Based heart rate monitor
  • Most advanced swimming features
  • Accurate and Efficient
  • Mid-range watch
  • Battery life is not much longer as compare to prdecessor

Best Running Watches Under $100

Garmin Vivoactive 4 (Best Garmin Watch For Running)

garmin watches for running and swimming

Due to 20+ preloaded sports apps, Garmin Vivoactive 4 is considered to best the Garmin watch for Running. Now you can track your pace, speed, and distance more accurately. 

While running, you can also enjoy your favorite tracks, as Vivoactive 4 comes with built-in storage. You can also download songs from Spotify and build a playlist. 

The watch has a super bright 1.13″ AMOLED display. You can easily read its dial under direct sunlight. As compared to its predecessor, Vivoactive 4 has only 36g of weight which is extremely light.

A lot of premium features 

In the family of Garmin Vivoactive, this member is pretty cool as it offers the most premium features. But the question is, what features does it provide for Runners? 

Well, this insane device comes with a Pulse OX sensor that tracks your blood oxygen saturation during running. In addition, respiration tracking tracks your aerobic/anaerobic activities, hydration tracking, body battery energy monitor, and stress tracking.

All these features are crucial for a professional runner. And must track all the aspects to achieve better pace and boost its performance.

You will see intelligent sleep tracking, stress tracking, and different mindfulness exercises to lower stress along with running features. 

Vivoactive 4 is also an ideal watch for women, as it tracks their menstrual cycle. Suggest different nutritional plans, educational plans, log symptoms, and much. This means you can easily take care of yourself during pregnancy.

  • Best for runners
  • On-screen animation workouts
  • Advanced GPS
  • VO2 Max indicator
  • Variety of premium features


Garmin Fenix Pro 6 (Premium Garmin Watch)

premium garmin watch

If you have a solid budget, then you can invest in this Garmin Fenix 6 Pro which is best for both swimming and running. It has a 10 ATM water-resistant design and passed a 12-grade military test that makes it the most durable watch ever.

There are two different variants available; a simple one and a Solar. However, the solar edition is pretty expensive, so I recommend buying a simple variant with all premium features.

I love its display and detailed metrics. You can see analytics via graphs, percentages, and different visualizations. Unfortunately, because of the stainless steel body, this watch is bulky and has 5.4 ounces of weight. But it’s flexible, and soft Silicon bands never let you feel discomfort.

The most remarkable feature in Fenix pro 6 is Animated workouts that help perform every activity perfectly.

Best Garmin watches for swimming
Credit: Garmin.com

Does Fenix 6 Pro Worth It?

This rugged watch is a highly premium beast, and you will get tons of sports apps for running, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, and beyond. Like other Garmin watches, you have a Body battery energy monitor and advanced sleep monitoring.

Along with GPS, you have ABC sensors that allow you to measures heights, altitudes, weather, sea distance, directions, and more. So, whenever you are hiking, running, or jogging, Fenix Pro 6 gives you in-depth route guidance and tracking.

So what are the major high-end features in this smartwatch that make it unique?

  • ClimbPro
  • Backcountry Ski
  • MTB Dynamics
  • Surf-Ready Features
  • Hydration tracking
  • PacePro Technology
  • Golf Courses
  • Power management
  • Respiration Tracking
  • Pulse OX sensor
  • Acclimation
  • Round-Trip routing
  • Expedition mode

So yes! Fenix 6 Pro is worth it. I can’t see all these premium features in just one device; that’s why you will pay for value.

  • More advanced and premium features
  • Most durable Garmin watch
  • Excellent battery life
  • Very accurate and precise insights
  • Animated workouts
  • Shows deep stats
  • Expensive
  • Garmin Connect IQ store still a bit clunky

Garmin Venu Sq(Affordable Watch)

best affordable garmin watch

Lastly, we put the most affordable Garmin watch on our list. Vene Sq is a multisport watch that comes in a square shape dial, which is unique. If you love to wear square dials, then probably this watch is the perfect option for you.

There is a 1.3″ AMOLED display that looks pretty beautiful, and you can easily read the dial under direct sunlight. Compared to Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Venu Sq is a highly comfortable watch with only 1.60 ounces of weight.

What Features Does It Offer

Although Venu Sq is the best budget watch, it doesn’t mean it offers few features. Don’t judge any book by its cover. When you use this watch, you will get a premium feel.

Well, Garmin Venu Sq is best for all outdoor sports, like running, swimming, hiking, cycling, and more. A GPS is a big plus point in such an affordable watch.

Similarly, you will get Body battery energy monitoring, stress tracking, Pulse OX sensor, Hydration tracking, respiration tracking, mindfulness breath, advanced sleep monitoring, and more.

Most of the features are similar to Vivoactive 3, but their durability and design are the only difference. I do not recommend Garmin Venu Sq to Swimmers as its water-resistance capabilities are pretty less. But fur runners, this Garmin watch is a perfect device.

  • Long battery life
  • Best budget Garmin watch
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate tracking
  • No altimeter and Gyroscope
  • No mic and speaker
  • Minimal 3rd party app support

Why Should You Buy A Garmin Watch For Swimming and Running?

garmin watches for swimming and running

Here comes the main question, Why are Garmin Watches best for Swimming and running?

The durability and robustness are the main themes behind Garmin watches. In addition, their solid and special stainless steel design makes them unique from the rest of the Watches.

Most of them built to military standards (MIL-STD-810). And hence easily sustain thermal shocks and harsh outdoor environments.

I used a Garmin Vivoactive 3 in the past, and believe me, it’s just like a beast, and I haven’t seen a single stain on it yet. Similarly, health and outdoor activity tracking capabilities are unforgettable.

Best For Swimming

Garmin rigorously tests its devices for water resistance by subjecting them to various water pressures. As a result, most of Garmin’s watches can withstand some water exposure. 

But only watches with a water resistance rating of 5 ATM (50 meters) or higher are designed to withstand usage while surface swimming without damaging them.

So if you are love swimming, Garmin watches are the best option for you. However, few Garmin watches with 100-meter water resistance can also be used for diving, etc. Garmin Instinct is one of them, which has stunning water-resistance capabilities.

Best For Running

If you run to set new personal records, find your Zen or enjoy the outdoors, Garmin has the watch for you. Those include everything from simple GPS running watches to advanced smartwatches with extended battery life and music storage.

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The best thing is Garmin Coach, which never leaves you alone during your running. It offers free step-by-step guidance and a free training plan. The workouts sync directly to your watch and adapt based on your performance during the plan.

Built-in heart rate and GPS module allow you to monitor your running and fitness progress. The device also tracks distance, calories, pace, distance traveled, and more.

Final Words

After going through the above article, I hope you can pick the best Garmin watch for your wrist. It varies from activity to activity. Garmin Swim 2 is the perfect option for swimmers, and for runners, Vivoactive 4 and Forerunner 45S is a great option.

We will appreciate it if you select any watch from our list, and it also helps us make some pocket money.









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