Can I Wear a Fitness Tracker with a Watch?

Most people with a fitness tracker want to wear a regular watch. Although with a fitness tracker you don’t need to wear a watch, but can you wear it?

You can wear a Fitness tracker with a watch, and there is no issue in adopting this fashion. I know most folks are sentimental about wearing watches. 

In this article, I will discuss how you can wear a Fitness Tracker with your watch and some benefits of wearing a fitness tracker.

How Can I Wear a Fitness Tracker With a Watch?

Wear a Fitness Tracker With a Watch

Fitness trackers are becoming trendy and now it’s one of the must-have gadgets. But simultaneously, you can’t deny the classical look of mechanical watches. Most people want to wear their fitness trackers and watch together.

There is no issue in wearing a Watch and a fitness tracker together if you wear them properly. But it might look awkward if you just tile both things on one wrist. 

Before moving forward, you should know which type of fitness tracker you have and which looks perfect with your traditional mechanical watch. 

Types Of Fitness Trackers That Look Perfect With Watch

There are different types of fitness trackers available in the market. 

  • Oura Rings
  • Chest Strap
  • Wrist Trackers
  • Smartwatches

You can wear an Oura ring, Chest strap, or wrist tracker with your mechanical watch because these three fitness watches have unique designs and are very different from mechanical watches. 

Whereas smartwatches look awkward when wearing mechanical watches. It’s recommended to wear an Oura ring with your Watch. This ring has all the fitness features you want, like heart rate tracking, ECG, sleep tracking, calories counter, etc. 

Similarly, you can also wear chest straps while running; with chest straps, you can measure your heart rate and other health metrics. And it’s very normal to wear a chest strap with your watch. 

If you want to wear wristbands like Fitbit, I recommend you go for a slim and small-size fitness tracker like the Fitbit Luxe. Such a small fitness tracker looks attractive with your traditional watch. 

There are a lot of slim and small fitness trackers available like Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Charge 5, Garmin Vivosmart, Huawei Band 3, Fitbit Inspire Hr, Honor bands, Xiaomi Mi band 5/6, and Samsung Galaxy Fit, etc.

Wearing Fitness And Watch On Alternative Wrists

wearing a watch with fitness tracker

If you want to keep fashion simple, then it’s recommended to wear a watch and fitness tracker on alternative hands. But remember that you must wear a fitness tracker on your dominant hand, whereas you can wear a watch on a non-dominant hand. 

Fitness trackers on the dominant hand will give you more accurate data because the movement of our dominant hand is natural.

I know old habits die hard, so you can also wear traditional watches. But it’s recommended to wear a slim fitness tracker that is different from your Watch. If you have a circular dial mechanical watch, you should go for a different shape fitness tracker like the Fitbit Luxe. Such a combination looks perfect and fulfills your need to wear a fitness tracker with a watch. 

Best Fitness Trackers That You Can Wear With Watch:

1- Fitbit Luxe


Fitbit is one of the most stylish and comfortable Fitbit. It is packed with the essential fitness feature that you demand. The lightweight design gives you a more comfortable experience. 

Luxe comes with a 0.75-inch AMOLED display which looks more crisp and bright. With this fitness tracker, you can measure heart rate monitor, step counter, sleep tracking, calories, daily readiness score, and real-time activity tracking. 

Moreover, Fitbit luxe offers dozens of new watch faces so you can choose the best one that matches your outfit. 

2- Fitbit Inspire 2


Inspire 2 is another affordable Fitbit tracker that looks perfect with tractional watches. This Fitbit tracker has a Silicon band and 0.72” display. But in Inspire 2, you will get a back-and-white display.

The Inspire 2 comes with 10 days of battery life which is very impressive. Similarly, it offers advanced sleep tracking, activity tracking, steps tracking, and more. 

You can also set goals on Fitbit Inspire 2, and this tracker will efficiently track your every single goal. On Fitbit App, you can see your goals settings, history of your health metrics, Active Zone Minutes data, and other useful features. 

3- Garmin Vivosmart 4


Garmin is a well-known brand in making an efficient Fitbit tracker. The new Vivosmart 4 is a perfect option for people who want to wear traditional watches and fitness trackers combined. 

This fitness tracker includes top-of-the-line features like VO2 max, Pulse OX sensor, sleep tracking, and much more. Similarly, Vivosmart 4 is a perfect option for outdoor training like walks, running, yoga, pool swims, and other GPS-based activities. 

In this fitness tracker, you will also get Body battery energy that measures the energy level of your body and lets you know whether you’re ready for the next workout or need rest. 

On Vivosmart 4, you will also get your smartphone notifications. But you can’t reply to these notifications. This fitness tracker gives you 7 days of battery life which is much more for outdoor enthusiasts. 


Can I wear Fitbit and an Apple Watch at the same time?

If you wear Fitbit and Apple Watch together, they will look awkward because both are fitness trackers. You should use one fitness tracker at a time. But for testing and comparison purposes, you can wear Fitbit and an Apple on one wrist. 

How can I wear a smartwatch with a regular watch?

It looks weird when you wear a smartwatch with a regular watch. So you should choose a slim and lightweight fitness tracker like the Fitbit luxe to wear with a regular watch. Similarly, you must wear a fitness tracker on your dominant hand and a regular watch on a non-dominant hand. It’s not recommended to wear both devices on one wrist.  

Can I wear a watch and fitness tracker on the same wrist?

You can wear a watch with a fitness tracker on the same wrist. But it looks weird, and your wrist also seems overloaded. Fashion experts recommend wearing a Fitness tracker and regular watch on an alternative wrist. You should wear a fitness tracker on your dominant hand and a regular watch on a non-dominant hand. 

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