How to Remove Links From Fossil Smartwatch? (4 Steps!)

A decade or two ago, fossil watches were considered utterly stylish and trendy. Now when the era of smartwatches has stepped in, fossil watches have transformed into fossil smartwatches. The fossil strap looks better than the basic straps and thus, looks much better.

However, unlike the watch with straps, a fossil smartwatch does not have multiple holes in its link and thus, has a single attaching point.

Sometimes, these fossil smartwatches cannot fit a person’s hand. It can be too loose for some people and look a bit odd. One of the most notable reasons people avoid these trendy fossil watches is that they might be too large for their wrists.

But not many people know that one can shorten the length of these fossil smartwatches. One can do so by removing the links from the smartwatch bracelet.

So in today’s article, we will discuss how you can remove links from a fossil smartwatch and adjust it according to your wrist size.

Can You Adjust or Shorten the Length of a Fossil Smartwatch?

But contrary to what some people think, fossil smartwatches can be shortened and adjusted according to one’s wrist size. Therefore, the only viable option is to remove the links from the fossil smartwatch in such situations.

Though you can take your watch to the jeweler to remove the smartwatch links, doing it yourself is not so difficult. By doing so, one can efficiently shorten the smartwatch.

And Thus, it can reduce the length of the smartwatch according to the size of your wrist. If done accurately, removing links from fossil smartwatches can be pretty straightforward.

The following processes are created to understand removing links from the smartwatch efficiently. These points will help you understand the process of removing links from fossil smartwatches.

Besides that, a brief guide for putting the fossil smartwatch together is also mentioned at the end of the context.

Steps on “How to Remove Links From Fossil Smartwatch?”

Remove Links From Fossil Smartwatch?

1- Understand the Infrastructure of Your Fossil Smartwatch

To remove links from your fossil smartwatch, it is crucial to understand its infrastructure. Typically, the links on a smartwatch are connected by split pins. While in some watches, screws are also used for connecting these links.

Therefore, first, you would be required to determine how these links are attached and how many links you want to remove.

2- Choose Adequate Tools

After acknowledging the infrastructure of the smartwatch, the next step is to determine the tools. Choosing the right tools for removing the smartwatch links is utterly essential. Some people neglect the importance of using the right tools. This negligence can even result in damaging the watch.

Usually, specific “link removal tools” are also present in the market. They have all the necessary tools required for removing the links of a fossil smartwatch. This kit will find a link remover, a watch hammer, and a pin punch tool.

Besides that, a bracelet holder also comes in this tool. The fossil smartwatches are hard to adjust while removing the links. Therefore, these bracelet holders prove utterly beneficial in holding the smartwatch securely.

But, if you don’t have such a kit, you can also use standard tools for doing this task. However, using local tools might be more complicated than using the specified ones. Still, if you use them carefully, the task can be done using these tools.

You may use a hammer with a rubber head instead of the watch hammer. Similarly, you can substitute the thumbtack for the pin tool.

However, still, it would be best if you have the right tool kit for removing the links of the watch. All jewelers use such kits for shortening the watches. These kits are easily available all over the Internet. Moreover, price-wise they are also affordable.

3- Setting

You cannot remove the links from the fossil smartwatch by simply lying on the bed. Instead, you will be required to work in an appropriate environment. There should be appropriate lighting in the room since removing links from the smartwatch is a delicate task.

I prefer doing this task on a flat desk, having sufficient space. Moreover, if you are removing links for the first time, then it can take plenty of time. Therefore, make sure you do this task when you are utterly free.

4- Removing Links 

The next step is to remove links from the smartwatch. Since the links of the fossil watch might be attached using different methods. Therefore, another way for removing links will be used for every type of connection.

For Links Having Screws– Removing the screwed links is undoubtedly the easiest method. All you need to remove links is a sharp micro-screwdriver that can fit the screws of the smartwatch.

Start unscrewing the undesired link in an anticlockwise direction. Make sure to put sustainable pressure over the screw. Otherwise, the screw won’t come out.

After unscrewing from one side, move towards the next side. Once both are done, the link will come out. However, you will also be required to unscrew the end strap of the watch. This end strap will be added to your smartwatch for closing the watch.

For Links Having Split Pins– For removing the links attached via split pins, first, turn over the watch. At the back of the watch, you will see the split pins. Using a screwdriver, uplift these pins. Then using one finger, raise the pins and then continue unscrewing the pin.

After you have unscrewed the pin, it will fall from the other end, and the link will be removed. If you want to remove more links, then continue this process with additional links.

For links having a hairpin link– For removing hairpin links, you will be required to have the link removal kit. In this kit, you will find a bracelet holder. If you notice at the back of the watch, you will notice an arrow at the pins.

Place your smartwatch in the holder in a way that the arrows face downwards. Now use the punch tool from the kit to hammer into the pin. Hammer it till the pin comes out from the link. If you want to remove other links, then repeat the same method.

For Fossil Smartwatches With a TubeLink– First, you will need to remove the tube from the fossil smartwatch. The process will be different for removing the tube links of a smartwatch.

Drive the punch tool into the links of the smartwatch. Then take a metal hammer and, using its head remove the pin from the link. Repeat the process if you want to remove more links.

5- Reconstructing the Watch Band 

The final step would be putting the watch band together. All you would do is attach the remaining pieces after removing undesired links.

First, position the links together. If these links require screwing, then screw these links together. Otherwise, pin fossil smartwatches align and push the adjacent links into their places.

You have to repeat the process backward to reconstruct the watch. After removing links of your choice, this process would feel easier since you have gone through a similar process before.

These were some of the basic steps and procedures regarding removing links from the fossil smartwatch. Now it depends upon the type of fossil smartwatch you have which process for removing links you should opt for.

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