Does a Smartwatch Need a Screen Protector?

After purchasing a smartwatch, a question that goes through one’s mind is, does a smartwatch need a screen protector? If you are also wondering so, then the answer is yes!

Typical smartwatches do need a screen protector. Their screens are as sensitive as those of smartphones. Therefore, having a viable screen protector for your smartwatch is mandatory, especially if you want the watch to last long.

But many people still get confused thinking, why does a smartwatch need a screen protector? They think that the small screens are robust enough to endure without the protector.

Thus, the following context can help you understand why your smartwatch needs a robust screen protector.

Why Does a Smartwatch Need a Screen Protector?

Why Does a Smartwatch Need a Screen Protector

The following are some notable reasons that describe the importance of a screen protector for a smartwatch.

1- Protects the Screen From Getting Scratches

One of the primary reasons a smartwatch needs a screen protector is that it protects it from scratches. Most smartwatches have a touch screen. Thus, by tapping on the bare screen, the glass can catch scratches over the period.

Having a screen protector for your smartwatch is a must to avoid this. With a screen protector, you will be able to keep the display of the watch scratch-free.

2- Protects the Touch Feature of the Smartwatch

Once the screen starts getting scratchy, it might affect the touch feature of the screen. The touchscreen will become less sensitive and will create slow responses. This can ultimately reduce the performance of the smartwatch. However, you can avoid such a situation with a suitable screen protector.

The screen protector can also protect the smartwatch with harsh touches. Sometimes, people can touch the smartwatches with dirty and wet hands or press the screen harshly. If the screen remains unprotected in this condition, then its touch feature can also get damaged.

But the screen protector will let no such thing happen. It doesn’t deliver harsh responses to the display and thus, expands its longevity.

3- Avoid Accidental Screen Breakage

The screens of the smartwatches are not that robust. If they hit a hard object or fall accident, the screen’s chances of damage exist. It will not affect the appearance of the screen breaks, just like ordinary watches.

Instead, it will affect the entire system as well. It will behave just like the screen of a smartwatch. Thus, it is crucial to understand that smartwatches have a touch display instead of a typical glass screen. Any damage to the display will influence its functions.

And if you have an expensive branded watch like Apple, the display can cost you a pretty hefty amount. Therefore, the viable option is to protect the smartwatch’s display beforehand. One can easily do so by covering the screen with a good screen protector.

4- Aids in Maintaining the Looks

When it comes to smartwatches, looks do matter. With a good screen protector, you can efficiently uplift the watch’s overall look. Besides maintaining the looks, it will protect the screen from abrasion and damage.

5- Cost-Effective Method

The screen protectors for smartwatches are not expensive at all. Some branded screen protectors might cost a little bit more. But most of them are affordable.

Thus, screen protectors are a cost-effective method of protecting the smartwatch from damage. It is undoubtedly much more inexpensive than changing the damaged screen of the smartwatch or repairing the touch screen.

Does a Screen Protector Decrease the Sensitivity of the Touch Screen?

Does a Screen Protector Decrease the Sensitivity of the Touch Screen?

It is an utter misconception that screen protectors decrease the display’s sensitivity to the smartwatch. Even if the protector breaks, it will not lessen the sensitivity of the smartwatch’s display.

However, if you buy poor-quality screen protectors, it may put a little strain on the touch screen’s efficiency.

Therefore, while buying a screen protector, keep the quality of the protector as a priority. The quality of the protector depends upon the material it is composed of and the number of layers it has.

Does Every Kind of Smartwatch Need a Protector?

Many smartwatches in the market claim to have ‘Gorilla’ glass that can withstand any abrasion. But not always do these claims seem to be true.

However, there are other smartwatches whose screens are a lot more sensitive. Apple Watches also come into that category. Just like their smartphones, the display of the watches is utterly sensitive.

Similarly, many other inexpensive watches do not have a full screen. Thus, they also require sustainable protection.

Therefore, it is better to employ a screen protector for every smartwatch. Since it is an inexpensive method, it won’t put an additional strain on the wallet. And as a result, you can get insured protection for your smartwatch.

Which Type of Protector is Suitable For a Smartwatch?

Once you made up your mind to invest in a screen protector for a smartwatch. It is now time to understand which type of protector will suit smartwatches.

Usually, screen protectors come in two types, i.e., plastic and glass. Just like for smartphones, glass protectors are considered the best for smartwatches. They can withstand extreme conditions and protect the display to an ultimate extent.

These days different types of glass screen protectors are even available. The one with more protective layers is considered the best one.

With a rise in demand for screen protectors for smartwatches, many brands have launched their screen protectors. At the same time, local screen protectors are also enough for the job. But if you want extreme protection, investing in branded screen protectors is a viable choice.

Out of a wide variety of brands for screen protectors, the following are some of the best choices.

  • 8Pack LK Screen Protectors.
  • Suomen 4Pack Screen Protectors.
  • 8Pack Uyiton Screen Protectors.

These brands have manufactured a wide range of glass protectors for different brands of smartwatches. They are known for their robust quality and increasing the display’s sensitivity.

With some smartwatches, you might receive a thin plastic screen protector. These are temporary solutions. They only protect the screen from getting scratched by nails. They aren’t impact-resistant. Thus, replacing them with sturdy glass protectors is suitable as soon as possible.

Choosing the Right Screen Protector For Your Smartwatch

Like smartphones, smartwatches also have a display size and shape. Thus, one has to buy the screen protector keeping these statistics in mind.

Some smartwatches are circle-shaped. In comparison, many smartwatches come in square shapes. Therefore, it is evident that you cannot buy any screen protector for your smartwatch without determining its statistics.

Moreover, the screen protector would be useless if it does not correctly fit the smartwatch’s display.

Usually, with a screen protector, the brand and model of smartwatch it is fit for will be mentioned. Thus, always buy a screen protector that perfectly fits your smartwatch’s display.


Having a screen protector for your smartwatch seems pretty obligatory. Even an affordable screen protector will be enough to protect your smartwatch. By protecting the display, one can efficiently increase the watch’s lifespan.

Moreover, it is not a huge investment you will need to make. With minimal expenditure, you can protect your smartwatch from severe damage.

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