13 Best Smartwatches With Long Battery Life 2022

In today’s article we are going to review some of the best smartwatches with long battery life that makes you stress free.

It’s not an easy job to choose a smartwatch that gives you long battery life along with premium features. Greater the number of features less will be the battery life, like Apple watches, Galaxy watches, Wear OS watches have. 

But at the same time there are a lot of smartwatches available in the market that come with powerful batteries that can last for a long time. We have done deep research for you and find out such interesting wearables.

Battery life is one of the most important factors that everyone should consider before picking a smartwatch. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch that lasts for a longer time then stay with us.

Note: We have compiled a list of 13 market leading smartwatches that gives long battery life. We have deeply reviewed and checked each smartwatch on the basis of battery life and some other features.

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Why do Smartwatches Have Weak Batteries?

Smartwatch batteries are just like your phones, and if you use more features, they will drain quickly. A smartwatch with a bright (1000 nits) display, GPS, many sensors, connectivity, and notifications can’t give you battery life over a week. 

Even some of the watch faces that use more resources drain battery faster. Or, if you have installed many apps on your smartwatch, this will also cause low battery. 

You can extend your smartwatch battery by trying a low brightness display, turning off AOD, using GPS when needed, using a decent watch face, uninstalling an extra app, etc. 

Always On Display has a more significant impact on smartwatch battery performance. We have also conducted a test on the Apple Watch 5 that proves that AOD drains a lot of battery. You can check it here.

But you don’t need to worry about smartwatch batteries’ anymore;

Some hybrid smartwatches or solar smartwatches work on reusable power and less power consumption technology. Plus, these smartwatches offer a variety of smartwatch modes to save battery life. 

In our list of best smartwatches with long battery life, we have included both hybrid and solar smartwatches so you can solve your problem by choosing these watches. Let’s explore more about all smartwatches.

11 Best Smartwatches With Long Battery Life

It’s the tear downtime. Here, you’ll read unbiased reviews of all the best smartwatches with long battery life. Some of them are costlier for our premium watches lover, and some of them are low-cost smartwatches for budget kings.

Get the one that suits your budget and needs too. Let’s get this ball rolling without further ado.

1- Garmin Fenix 7 (Winner)

garmin fenix 7
Credit: Techradar

Garmin Fenix 7 is the latest addition in the Fenix series, this watch launched in January 2022, a new device. Fenix 7 comes with a lot of improvements and extra-long battery life. 

Firstly let’s talk about its design; the new Fenix 7 gives a more durable look. The case is made with fibre-reinforced polymer, and the lens is made of durable corning Gorilla Glass DX. 

The 10 ATM water-resistant body makes it a perfect smartwatch for swimming and other water activities. You can even track your heart rate underwater, which is a plus point.

Talking about its battery life, Fenix 7 has a firm grip over battery modes and battery customization. Using advanced battery modes, you can extend the battery as you want. Usually, in smartwatch mode, Garmin Fenix 7 gives 18 days of battery life which is more than enough for outdoor use.

The rest of the battery modes include;

Modes Battery Life
Smartwatch Mode 18 Days
GPS Mode 57 hours
All Satellite Systems: 40 hours
All Satellite System + Music 10 hours
Max Battery GPS 136 hours
Expedition GPS 40 Days
Battery Saver Mode 57 Days

If you want to invest in a premium smartwatch with long battery life, then Garmin Fenix 7 should be your top priority. 


Outdoor and Fitness Features:

In the outdoor features and health department, Fenix 7 is unbeatable. It offers many new updated features that make it the best smartwatch for running, swimming, cycling and for every outdoor feature.

Especially for runners, Fenix 7 offers Visual Rae Predictor, a new addition; this feature uses AI and tells you about your running pace for the distance you want to cover. Similarly, it includes PacePro technology, a Real-time stamina tracker, recovery time, and more for runners. 

To get better navigations, Fenix 7 have preloaded SKYVIEW Maps, Multicontinent TOPO maps, Multi-GNSS support, Golf course maps, and more to get better navigations. 

The new addition to this department is the UP head feature that allows you to see checkpoints ahead, view performance metrics, split times, and distances, plus give a summary of trail points.

Moreover, Fenix 7 is also packed with a more advanced health tracking feature that helps you keep track of your fitness journey. It has a Pulse OX sensor, advanced sleep-tracking, wrist-based heart rate, body battery energy, respiration tracking, hydration tracking and more. 

All these health features are very useful for athletes and fitness lovers. Overall, Fenix 7 is a highly recommended smartwatch, especially if you are involved in outdoor activities. 

  • New advanced training tools
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Excellent navigations app
  • More durable
  • More outdoor features
  • Low contrast display
  • No mic

2- Garmin Fenix 6 Pro (Runner Up)

Smartwatches With Long Battery Life

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Android 5.0+ and iOS 11.0+
Display 1.3 inches, Transflective (MIP) LCD
Internal Storage 32 GB
IP rating:  100 meters
Battery Life 14 days

Garmin watches are the market leading smartwatches offering long lasting batteries. Especially the Fenix series equipped with powerful batteries. 

The advanced Fenix 6 Pro offers 14 days of average battery life on its smartwatch mode. But actually the fact is battery life depends on features you enable on your Garmin watch like GPS, Always on Display (AOD), smartphone notifications, internal sensors etc.

Battery Life Of Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Modes Battery Life Of Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
Smartwatch Mode 14 Days
GPS 36 hours
GPS + Music 10 hours
Battery Saving Mode 48 Days
Max Battery GPS Mode 72 hours
Expedition GPS Activity 28 Days

Fenix 6 Pro has unique features and multiple trackers, making it a monster watch. You’ll notice that it’s a smartwatch when you wear it, though it looks like a traditional analog watch.

It comes with standard items such as GPS tracking and a thermometer, which is very important because of the Corona outbreak.

Further, it features many trackers such as fitness, navigational, heart rate, and pulse ox. The pulse OX tracker responds anonymously when you’re sleeping and keeps a track record of your sleep time to improve or decrease your sleep for better health.

It consists of a solar-readable, always-on 1.3″ screen and a thin stainless steel bezel. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) or titanium coatings enhance the durability of Garmin Fenix 6 Pro.

The watch can be an excellent choice if you’re a fitness trainee who enjoys listening to music—at the same time, burning body fat can store up to 2000 songs and has preloaded locations of over 2000 ski resorts nationwide.

Among the many features, you’ll have access to Google Connect communication as well. And, you’ll get a power bundle with a play better portable charger, screen protectors, and rugged protective case inside the package.


  • Multiple global navigation satellite system
  • Features lots of cool accessories
  • Preloaded maps of over 2,000 worldwide ski resorts
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • A bit overpriced
  • Misses notifications
  • GPS glitches occasionally

3- Ticwatch Pro 3 (High Performance)

long battery life smartwatches

OS Wear OS
Compatibility Android 6.0+ and iOS 10.0+
Display 1.4 inches | AMOLED/FSTN | Touchscreen
Internal Storage 8GB
IP rating:  IP68
Battery Life 3 – 45 days

Ticwatch Pro 3 comes contains innovative technology for enhanced battery life. Here you’ll have two options to maintain the battery of your timepiece due to its (dual-layer display 2.0).

  • One is (smart mode) that extends the battery life to 3 days.
  • The second is (enhanced primary mode); it ensures 45 days of battery life without even a 5-minute charge.

Although Wear OS watches are considered poor because of their wired battery life, Ticwatch Pro 3 offers long battery life compared to other Wear OS watches. You can further increase the battery life by turning off unnecessary features.

The Ticwatch Pro 3 is powered by fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform that increase the performance of smartwatch. It also contains superfast 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM to keep you updated and connected with the world.

You can track multiple sports and daily life activities with its 24-hour heart rate monitor, stress tracker, noise detection, and sleep tracker as well. Plus, it consists of a GPS and barometer to keep you on track while you roam in chilled and stormy mountains.

Similarly, it’s more of a robust watch with a 45 mm stainless steel bezel. And a 1.4″ premium AMOLED screen with 454×454 resolutions and backlit T.N. makes it light and moonlight readable.

  • Adjustable brightness
  • AMOLED premium high-resolution display
  • It fits almost all size wrist
  • Supports Google Pay
  • No wireless charging
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Fitness apps crash occasionally

4- Garmin Instinct Solar (Long Battery Life)

best smartwatch with long battery life

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.3 inches screen
Internal Storage 16 MB
IP rating:  1oo meters
Battery Life Up to 24 days in smartwatch mode

As compared to the rest of the Garmin watch series, Instinct is something designed for more challenging environmental conditions. This Garmin series contains smartwatches that offer powerful batteries. Garmin instinct adds more control over battery life by adding more advanced power saving modes. 

On smartwatch mode Garmin Instinct solar offers 24 days of battery backup time. And I have ever seen such an incredible battery even in high-end Garmin wearables. Its solar power technology further makes it the best smartwatch with long battery life in the market.

Here is the battery performance of Garmin Instinct Solar;

Modes Garmin Instinct Solar Battery Life
Smartwatch Mode 24 days and 54 days with solar power
Battery Saving Mode 56 days/Unlimited with solar power
GPS 30 days/38 days with solar
Expedition GPS Activity 28 days/68 days with solar
Max Battery GPS Mode 70 hours/145 hours with solar power

Note: According to Garmin you need 3 hours per day to get 50,000 lux of outdoor light or sunlight to fully charge your watch. It means Garmin Instinct also makes you stress free of charging again and again. 

Other Features


The Garmin Instinct Solar comes with a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter that tracks all your activities, indoor and outdoor.

It contains rugged material that ensures you dive 100 m underwater to play water sports but be aware; it’s not suitable for scuba diving. The Watch further passes U.S. military standard 810, the same as the Fenix Pro 6, making it thermal and shock absorbent.

Along with GPS, you’ll get GLONASS and Galileo integrated tracker system that helps boost the satellite and tracking system. 

Its health monitor and Pulse OX make it the best smartwatch for fitness lovers. You can also keep a report of your heart rate, stress level, and body energy with its all-in-one tracker system.

The Garmin Instinct Solar boasts a 1.3″ sunlight screen and a black all-size-fit wristband.

  • Solar Battery;
  • Military Standard 810;
  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate
  • Pulse Ox
  • No touch screen
  • Complicated to operate
  • Bulky

5- Fitbit Versa 3 (Best For Women)smartwatch with long lasting battery

OS Fitbit OS 5.0
Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.58 inches, AMOLED, touchscreen.
Internal Storage 4 GB
IP rating:  50 meters
Battery Life 6 days+

Overall if you see, the Fitbit Versa 3 has decent battery life. You can also save battery life by turning off unnecessary features. Very rare premium fitness tracker offers such battery life because the more significant the number of features less will be the battery life.

Along with great battery life, it offers 12 minutes of fast charging, making your life easier.

So if you are looking for a smartwatch that gives more accurate health sensors plus good battery life, then Fitbit Versa 3 is the best option for you.

As with the Versa 3, you’ll get GPS to track your activities like running, biking, hiking, and much more with a workout intensity map in the Fitbit app.

It has an active zone minute that measures resting heart rate and exercising heart rate to gauge the final effort you put in to keep you in shape.

Talking more about its sensors and trackers, the brand includes SpO2 that keeps track of your nightly blood oxygen levels. You can view every activity in the health dashboard to maintain proper growth and visit the doctor if needed.

You’ll also experience Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that help in maintaining your smart home from anywhere.

The Fitbit Versa 3 can store up to 1000 songs to keep you motivated. And, it also has the accessibility to Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora to broadcast music and podcasts online.

It also features Small and Large bands to fit every wrist size. Lastly, its total weight is 0.71 ounces (ca. 27 g), which makes it the most lightweight smartwatch on the market.


  • 6+ days long-lasting battery
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa connectivity
  • Multiple bands included
  • 12 minutes fast charging
  • You’ve to pay for storing music
  • Inaccurate footsteps tracker
  • Finicky buttons


6- Honor Magic Watch 2

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.39 inches OLED display
Internal Storage 4GB
IP rating:  50 meters
Battery Life 14 hours

 As its name suggests, the Magic Watch 2 contains refined 316L stainless steel as the primary material that adds strength and makes the watch robust. Don’t worry about the weight; it’s only 12 ounces (0.45 kg) since we’ve mentioned aerospace.

You can select a range of watch faces from the menu and if you don’t like one, import your own to make a custom watch face. And, each time you raise your wrist, a different photo will show up.

The Huawei A1 chipset ensures that the watch runs faster while you’re on the way to crushing your goals. Similarly, you’ll get 14 days of long-lasting battery; even you’ve turned the always on-screen mode for 24 hours straight.

It also offers a microphone and speaker to attend class and stay connected with your loved ones while you can’t reach your phone. The Honor Magic 2 features 15 goal-based fitness modes with four different voice coaches to track your activities and provide motivation.

Plus, it’s a water-resistant app. It allows you to swim and bathe at certain levels. And, the Magic 2 can also track heart rate with its 95% accurate heart rate monitor. The expert takeaway for this item is, you can connect this item to any model with Android 4.4 or above and IOS 9.0 or above.

  • Long-lasting 14 days battery
  • Custom watch faces
  • 15 fitness modes
  • Lightweight
  • Connecting to mobile takes longer than usual
  • Limited Watch faces on IOS devices
  • Heart rate monitor drains the battery faster

7- Amazfit T-Rex Pro

long lasting battery life smatwatch

OS /
Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.3 inches AMOLED
Internal Storage 32MB
IP rating:  100 meters
Battery Life 18 hours

Remember the T-Rex being the wildest and most challenging animal from Jurassic Park? This implies the Amazfit T-rex Pro as it comes with 15 military-grade tests passed material with a stainless steel bezel that undergoes a metal spraying process.

Pure stainless steel bezel keeps the Watch shiny and durable for years. Due to this material, the total weight of this Watch is only 60g.

The Amazfit Pro consists of a 1.3″ HD AMOLED always-on color screen with many other features, including four global navigation satellite systems, a blood-oxygen tracker, a heart rate monitor, and a sleep monitor. Plus, you’ll get a barometric altimeter that keeps you updated with the weather conditions.

When it comes to battery life T-Rex Pro offers 390mAh of battery which is much more powerful than other Amazfit smartwatches.

You will get 18 days of battery life which is very impressive. Even with heavy usage this smartwatch gives 9 days of battery life. On GPS it offers 40 hours of battery. 

If you want some affordable smartwatch with long battery life then definitely Amazfit T-Rex is the best option for you.

It drains faster in only 40 hours if you use its GPS continuously. It consists of a sealed bezel that makes it 10 ATM waterproof, allowing you to dive up to 100 m in the water and enjoy taking your swimming lessons.

The Amazfit T-rex Pro features 100+ sports modes, and you can sync it with the heart monitor for optimum results. Lastly, it allows you to control music playback easily with a swipe.

  • 100+ sports modes
  • 18 days long-lasting battery
  • Numerous trackers, including altimeter and GPS
  • 1.3″ HD AMOLED
  • It doesn’t sync watch faces fast
  • GPS doesn’t work indoor
  • Lacks multitasking

8- Garmin Vivoactive 4 


Vivoactive 4 is the latest flagship watch in the Garmin Vivoactive series. The watch is equipped with some advanced updates and extra-long battery life that makes it more valuable.

Vivoactive 4 is designed for harsh environmental conditions. The strong fibre-reinforced polymer case makes it much more durable. Similarly, the bezel is made of stainless steel.

If we talk about battery life, Vivoactive 4 will never disappoint you. It offers a powerful battery that lasts for 8 days in smartwatch mode. Although there is no power-saving mode or solar technology, we are still satisfied with its high-performance battery life.

Battery Life Of Vivoactive 4:

Modes Battery Life
Smartwatch Mode 8 Days
GPS Mode with music 6 Hours
GPS Mode without music 18 Hours

Other Fitness Features


Further, if you explore its fitness or health features, you will find some exciting and new additions here. Vivoactive 4 comes with a Pulse OX blood oxygen saturation sensor, which is the key feature for all athletes. This feature measures the saturation of oxygen in the bloodstream.

During outdoor activities or sports, the watch measures your respiration rate, heart rates, body battery energy, hydration needs, and more.

Vivoactive 4 is also an impressive device for yoga lovers as it offers relaxation features, timers, respiration tracking, breath exercises and a lot of other stuff.

Moreover, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then definitely Vivoactive 4 is the best option. It offers ABC sensors to track heights, weather conditions, directions etc. The built-in thermometer accurately tracks the temperature of your surroundings.

This smartwatch is insane GPS tracking which is much more accurate and precise. The built-in GLONASS and GPS also support live track, incident detection, and assistance so you can travel more safely.

Overall, Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a fantastic smartwatch that offers a long battery life even with many premium features. If you want a smartwatch packed with all useful outdoor features, then Vivoactive 4 is the best choice.

  • Respiration tracking
  • Pulse OX sensor
  • Animated On-screen workouts
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Long battery life
  • Reboots design
  • Excessive badges
  • Uses multiple phone apps

9- Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid Smartwatch

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.4 inches OLED
Internal Storage
IP rating:  50 meters
Battery Life 25 days

 The Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid has a unique feature that makes it stand out from our other watches collection. It contains a hybrid mode that recharges batteries just like hybrid cars. This feature lets the watch perform over 25 days without a single-minute charge.

It also tracks up to 30+ sports activities and maps that help keep you motivated about your health activity.

As everyone knows, it can handle calls, text messages, and notifications right on the go. But, it also contains multiple trackers that count steps, calories, and distance.

You can track your sleep activity with its particular sleep tracker for optimum and deep sleep routine.

Digging deep into the tracker’s world, you’ll get to know that Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid also includes GPS and barometer.

Through this feature, you’ll be able to track your swimming activities because it’s also 50 m water-resistant. Surprisingly, you can connect it with Alexa to control your smart home. As with other watches, it comes with IOS and Android connectivity.


  • 5 ATM water-resistant
  • Multiple fitness trackers
  • 25 days battery life
  • Touchscreen with stylus support
  • Inaccurate footsteps tracking
  • Lacks multiple alarms
  • It doesn’t contain a stopwatch

10- Amazfit GTS 2

 affordable watch with long battery life

Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.65 inches AMOLED
Internal Storage 3GB
IP rating:  50 meters
Battery Life 7 days

 The Amazfit GTS 2 has lots of similarities with the Amazfit fit T-rex Pro, such as the Alexa compatibility, multiple alarms, timers, and so on. You can make transactions with Google Play. And, it also allows you to track footsteps and calories burned daily with its GPS.

More so, it comes with a 220mAh battery with fast charging and battery-saving mode that extends its uptime to 14 days and even more if used precisely.

And, you can also swim by wearing it because its sealed stainless steel makes it water-resistant up to 5 ATM water resistance. It allows you to swim and bath, but it’s not suitable for scuba diving.

The Amazfit GTS 2 also features 70+ sports modes that allow you to be a fitness freak in all indoor and outdoor sports activities. Same as the T-rex, you’ll get a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen saturation measurement, female cycle tracking, and so on.

You’ll experience a smooth display of a 1.55″ AMOLED touchscreen. And a 2.5D curved glass display with a borderless design makes it the perfect match for your stylish wardrobe. It has a total weight of 19.5 grams, making it the lightest smartwatch on our list.

  • 70+ sports modes
  • Super light and thin
  • 14-day long-lasting battery
  • Amazon Alexa compatibility
  • Only two default watch face
  • Inaccurate cycling tracker
  • No ECG

11- TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Cellular Smartwatch

 watch having long lasting battery life

OS Wear OS
Compatibility iOS and Android
Display 1.39 inches AMOLED
Internal Storage 4GB
IP rating:  IP68 + pool swimming
Battery Life 30 days in essential mode and 2-5 days in smart mode

The TicWatch Pro boasts an AMOLED screen with two display modes for extended battery life.

  • One is (smart mode) that extends the battery life to 2 days.
  • The second is (enhanced basic model); it ensures five days of battery life without even a 5-minute charge.
  • Cellular usage drains the battery faster, making it alive for 18 hours only.

Other than that, it’s U.S. Military Standard 810G certified, ensuring maximum durability during fitness activities. And, you’ll get a Lightweight Silicone strap for easy and comfortable wear during long duties.

Talking about its technical aspects, you’ll get GPS, TicPulse technology for 24-hour heart rate tracking.

More so, the TicMotion technology keeps you updated about your motion and tracks running, fast walking, and swimming activities.

The Watch is IP68 waterproof and pool swimming suitable. And, it also features six innovative sports modes to keep you chilled during exercises. The TicWatch Pro only weighs 2.43 ounces (ca. 92 g).


  • Premium design
  • Stainless steel bezel
  • Dual-layered AMOLED
  • Emergency SOS auto-dial
  • Software lags
  • Misses email notifications

12- Fossil Women’s Monroe Hybrid Smartwatch

smartwatch with long battery life 



OS Wear OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display Always-on display
Internal Storage 16 MB
IP Rating 3 ATM
Battery Life 14+days

Fossil announces the new and improved version of its Hybrid HR series with the big fashionable makeover and healthy battery life.

Talking about its design, Hybrid HR Monroe comes with a stainless steel case and a super slim strap. This innovative masterpiece is designed with integrated mechanical hands and has an always-on display.

A depth rating of 30m will withstand splashed in the water. But be careful, you should not wear your watch while swimming or bathing.

Fossil has maintained a strong presence in the battery life department for years. Likewise, Fossil promises 14+ days of battery life on a single charge in a hybrid Monroe watch.

Due to this, it provides you a long time of usage with fewer worries about charging.

Health And Fitness Features

Along with the longer battery life, Fossil Hybrid Monroe also has essential health and fitness features. These features help you to stay healthy and active.

Most importantly, we see the heart rate tracking feature to see how fast your heart is beating. So, when you measure your heart rate, you can determine which energy source you are using.

Secondly, it has the sleep tracking feature, which allows you to analyze your sleep cycles. Also, this feature can tell you when you fall asleep and when you wake up.

You get notifications, a calendar, weather updates, control your music, step counter, etc.

Furthermore, you can also track your activity, including the calories burned distance, etc.

If we talk about comfort, Fossil has taken the step to provide you with high comfort. Also, the bands are interchangeable.

From our point of view, Fossil Hybrid Monroe is perfect from the excellent battery life. However, it has limited health and fitness features. So, if you are a woman, and want only essential health and fitness features, then you can go with this watch.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Tracks exercise
  • Comfortable
  • Fast charges last up to two weeks
  • Uses phone GPS to tie into exercises
  • Accurate
  • Short connectivity range

13- Garmin Forerunner 935



OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.2 inches, Transflective (MIP) LCD
Internal Storage 64 MB
IP Rating 5 ATM
Battery Life 2 weeks in smartwatch mode and 24 hours in GPS mode
GPS yes

Garmin Forerunner 935 is a well-known fitness and running watch with its remarkable battery life. According to Garmin, you can outlast your most extended workout with the battery you can rely on.

Talking about its design, Garmin offers a lightweight and comfortable design which makes you happy even on long wear. It features a band which is suitable for every event.

Moreover, they are also interchangeable, from sporty silicone to classic leather.

Forerunner 935 has an IP rating of 5 ATM, making it perfect for water sports and packed with swimming features.

Most importantly, Forerunner 935 provides you with a healthy and super-strong battery life of up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode, up to 24 hours in GPS mode, up to 50 hours in UltraTac mode (with the active wrist-based heart rate).

How To Maximize The Battery Life Of Forerunner 935?

For maximizing the battery life of Forerunner 935, follow these steps:

  • Reduce the backlight timeout
  • Use UltraTac GPS mode
  • Turn off activity tracking
  • Decrease the smartphone notifications
  • Turn off wrist-based heart rate monitoring (when not necessary)

Health And Fitness Features

In the health and fitness department, whoever can beat the Garmin watches. Likewise, Forerunner 935 offers advanced multisport and running features.

Talking about its health features, most importantly, it has a wrist-based heart rate, daily resting heart rate, all-day stress tracking, relaxation, VO2 max, and women’s health.

If we look at the sensors, there are several sensors, including the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, thermometer, gyroscope, and compass.

Forerunner 935 has got the step counter, calories burned, floors climbed, distance traveled, intensity minutes, Garmin Connect, auto goal, etc.

Not only this, but it also comes with premium cycling, swimming, golfing, running, gym, training, planning, and analysis features.

From our point of view, Forerunner 935 is perfect if it is about longer battery life, fitness, health, and outdoor features. So, if you are a runner, this watch is a bonus for you. So, we highly recommend you to buy this watch.

  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Perfect for runners
  • Highly accurate
  • A bit expensive

What To Consider Before Buying A Long Battery Life Watch

Following are the factors that you must consider if you want to get a perfect long battery life watch:

1. Battery Life

If you want to use the smartwatch for a longer time, then the essential factor you need to consider is the battery life of that watch.

Extended battery life in a watch is a plus point for it if your smartwatch usage is high. In today’s era, almost every smartwatch has a good battery life, but to get the perfect one, you should choose Garmin watches which come with extended battery life.

2. Design

One of the essential factors that you must consider before buying a battery watch is its design. Looks are significant and bring a positive change in your personality.

If you want to choose the best smartwatch, you should select that smartwatch that fits almost every outfit.

3. Comfort

Comfort is also included in the foremost factor when you’re going to wear your smartwatch for a more extended period.

Always go with the bands, which provides extreme comfort even for a longer time. Also, I prefer those watches which are lighter in weight and barely feel on your wrist, so that those watches can provide you extreme comfort.

4. Features

You should make a list of features you need in your smartwatch and buy that smartwatch containing your enlisted characteristics.

In this way, picking the best smartwatch will become easier if you have a clear idea of what features you need. Health features should be your top priority to stay healthy and active.

5. Budget

Picking the best smartwatch on an affordable budget is pretty tricky. But if you want to get the best one at an affordable price, then make a list of your necessary features and forget the other one.

This way will help you to pick the best smartwatch at a low price.


Finally, we’re here after surpassing all the reviews and the best smartwatch with long battery life. So you haven’t chosen your next smartwatch yet? If so, here is my top pick and a personal favorite.

We recommend getting with Amazfit T-Rex Pro, as it boasts a superfast processor and storage for songs. It’s also a lightweight model suitable for almost any gender and age group.


Which one is the best smartwatch with long battery life?

The best-case scenario is to use a Solar smartwatch that gives you an extra-long battery. Garmin Instinct solar is one of the market-leading watches that offer 24 days of extra-long battery in smartwatch mode and 54 days of battery with solar power.

Which fitness tracker has the most extended battery life?

Garmin vivofit has a much longer battery life. It offers more than one year of a long-lasting battery and makes you stressed about charging. After a year, you can change the battery in Vivofit to make it functional again.

How can I extend the battery of my smartwatch?

You can extend the battery of your smartwatch by following these tips

  • Turn off the Always-on Display (AOD) from smartwatch settings.
  • Only use GPS when you need to.
  • Adjust brightness according to your need.
  • Turn off extra notifications if you don’t want or need
  • Uninstall all the unnecessary apps.
  • Use different battery saving modes (if available) to extend battery life
  • Try simple watch faces that use minimum resources.

Which thing can drain the battery life of my smartwatch?

Always on Display, unoptimize settings, GPS, watch face that uses more resources, heavy apps, software crashes, different notifications from apps etc., can drain your smartwatch battery faster.

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