11 Best Smartwatches With Long Battery Life For Extended Use

Do smartwatches come with long battery life? Yes, you can get the best smartwatch with a long battery life of up to 14 days. There are more exceptional watches on this list with life expectancy to 48 days in minimal use.

Battery life is one of the most important factors that everyone should consider before picking a smartwatch. Because not every Smart wear is good in the battery life department. To avoid battery timing stress, you can also choose solar smartwatches.

So, to view all the smartwatches with a long battery and excellent durability, stay with us, and let’s get started.

11 Best Smartwatches With Long Battery Life

It’s the tear downtime. Here, you’ll read unbiased reviews of all the best smartwatches with long battery life. Some of them are costlier for our premium watches lover, and some of them are low-cost smartwatches for budget kings.

Get the one that suits your budget and needs too. Let’s get this ball rolling without further ado.

  • Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
  • Ticwatch Pro 3
  • Garmin Instinct Solar
  • Fitbit Versa 3
  • Moto 360 3rd Gen 2020
  • Honor Magic Watch 2
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro
  • Fossil Men’s Gen 5E
  • Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid Smartwatch
  • Amazfit GTS 2
  • TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Cellular Smartwatch

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Smartwatches With Long Battery Life

Fenix 6 Pro has unique features and multiple trackers, making it a monster watch. You’ll notice that it’s a smartwatch when you wear it, though it looks like a traditional analog watch.

It comes with standard items such as GPS tracking and a thermometer, which is very important because of the Corona outbreak.

Further, it features many trackers such as fitness, navigational, heart rate, and pulse ox. The pulse OX tracker responds anonymously when you’re sleeping and keeps a track record of your sleep time to improve or decrease your sleep for better health.

It consists of a solar-readable, always-on1.3″ screen and a thin stainless steel bezel. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) or titanium coatings enhance the durability of Garmin Fenix 6 Pro.

The watch can be an excellent choice if you’re a fitness trainee who enjoys listening to music—at the same time, burning body fat can store up to 2000 songs and has preloaded locations of over 2000 ski resorts nationwide.

Garmin’s Fenix 6 pro boasts an exceptional battery life. A full smartwatch mode lasts up to 14 days, while GPS and non-stop music mode last up to 10 hours, and a GPS-only model lasts up to 28 days.

Among the many features, you’ll have access to Google Connect communication as well. And, you’ll get a power bundle with a play better portable charger, screen protectors, and rugged protective case inside the package.

  • Multiple global navigation satellite system
  • Features lots of cool accessories
  • Preloaded maps of over 2,000 worldwide ski resorts
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • A bit overpriced
  • Misses notifications
  • GPS glitches occasionally

Ticwatch Pro 3

long battery life smartwatches

First, we selected the Ticwatch Pro 3 as our best WatchWatch with a long battery list because it contains innovative technology for enhanced battery life. It means you’ll have two options to maintain your timepiece due to its (dual-layer display 2.0).

  • One is (smart mode) that extends the battery life to 3 days.
  • The second is (enhanced primary mode); it ensures 45 days of battery life without even a 5-minute charge.

The Ticwatch Pro 3 is somehow the only smartwatch with Google O.S. with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform. It also contains superfast 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM to keep you updated and connected with the world.

You can track multiple sports and daily life activities with its 24-hour heart rate monitor, stress tracker, noise detection, and sleep tracker as well. Plus, it consists of a GPS and barometer to keep you on track while you roam in chilled and stormy mountains.

Similarly, it’s more of a robust watch with a 45 mm stainless steel bezel. And a 1.4″ premium AMOLED screen with 454×454 resolutions and backlit T.N. makes it light and moonlight readable.

  • Adjustable brightness
  • AMOLED premium high-resolution display
  • It fits almost all size wrist
  • Supports Google Pay
  • No wireless charging
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Fitness apps crash occasionally

Garmin Instinct Solar

best smartwatch with long battery life

The Garmin Instinct Solar comes with a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter that tracks all your activities, indoor and outdoor.

It contains rugged material that ensures you dive 100 m underwater to play water sports but be aware; it’s not suitable for scuba diving. The Watch further passes U.S. military standard 810, the same as the Fenix Pro 6, making it thermal and shock absorbent.

Along with GPS, you’ll get GLONASS and Galileo integrated tracker system that helps boost the satellite and tracking system. Similarly, as its name suggests, this smartwatch contains solar-powered batteries, which means you can go days off without charging your timepiece.

Its health monitor and Pulse OX make it the best smartwatch with long battery life. You can also keep a report of your heart rate, stress level, and body energy with its all-in-one tracker system.

The Garmin Instinct Solar boasts a 1.3″ sunlight screen and a black all-size-fit wristband.

  • Solar Battery;
  • Military Standard 810;
  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate
  • Pulse Ox
  • No touch screen
  • Complicated to operate
  • Bulky

Fitbit Versa 3smartwatch with long lasting battery

Fitbit has come a long way in developing suitable fitness trackers and smartwatches with long battery life and long-lasting durability.

As with the Versa 3, you’ll get GPS to track your activities like running, biking, hiking, and much more with a workout intensity map in the Fitbit app.

It has an active zone minute that measures resting heart rate and exercising heart rate to gauge the final effort you put in to keep you in shape.

Talking more about its sensors and trackers, the brand includes SpO2 that keeps track of your nightly blood oxygen levels. You can view every activity in the health dashboard to maintain proper growth and visit the doctor if needed.

Are you looking for battery life? Since it lacks dual options like other smartwatches on the list, you can still expect a six-day-long battery life with 12 minutes of superfast charging.

You’ll also experience Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that help in maintaining your smart home from anywhere.

The Fitbit Versa 3 can store up to 1000 songs to keep you motivated. And, it also has the accessibility to Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora to broadcast music and podcasts online.

It also features Small and Large bands to fit every wrist size. Lastly, its total weight is 0.71 ounces (ca. 27 g), which makes it the most lightweight smartwatch on the market.

  • 6+ days long-lasting battery
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa connectivity
  • Multiple bands included
  • 12 minutes fast charging
  • You’ve to pay for storing music
  • Inaccurate footsteps tracker
  • Finicky buttons

Moto 360 3rd Gen 2020

 smartwatch with long battery life

You may have heard of Motorola Mobiles dominating the World telecommunication market in the late 2000s. Since Apple and Samsung take over, no brand has emerged as a major. But, this doesn’t apply to smartwatches because Motorola still manufactures gadgets that you may like to wear on your hand.

The Moto 360 comes with a sunlight-light visible and water-resistant display with 20 mm leather and silicone interchangeable bands.

Similarly, the screen is scratch-resistant. It features a stainless steel bezel with titanium screws and PVD coating, making the Moto 360 a long-lasting wearing gadget. 

When it comes to battery, you’ll get a 335mAh battery that lasts more than 24 hours even with its always-on feature.

You can optimize the battery life by limiting its features and usability in non-active hours. It also features a fast charging mode that ensures 0 to 100% in less than 60 minutes.

This glitch-free watch contains 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM to store your favorite podcasts and music. Also, you can connect it to any IOS and Android phone, as well as Google Assistant and Siri.

It also offers optimum connectivity to apps like Google Pay, Viber, and more. Plus, it includes a built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, and footsteps counter to help you keep track of your fitness activities.

  • IOS and Android connectivity
  • Ultra-fast Wear 3100 processor
  • Quick Charge In 60 Minutes
  • Premium scratch-resistant glass
  • Marginal battery life
  • Poor screen coverage
  • Heats up

Honor Magic Watch 2

As its name suggests, the Magic Watch 2 contains refined 316L stainless steel as the primary material that adds strength and makes the watch robust. Don’t worry about the weight; it’s only 12 ounces (0.45 kg) since we’ve mentioned aerospace.

You can select a range of watch faces from the menu and if you don’t like one, import your own to make a custom watch face. And, each time you raise your wrist, a different photo will show up.

The Huawei A1 chipset ensures that the watch runs faster while you’re on the way to crushing your goals. Similarly, you’ll get 14 days of long-lasting battery; even you’ve turned the always on-screen mode for 24 hours straight.

It also offers a microphone and speaker to attend class and stay connected with your loved ones while you can’t reach your phone. The Honor Magic 2 features 15 goal-based fitness modes with four different voice coaches to track your activities and provide motivation.

Plus, it’s a water-resistant app. It allows you to swim and bathe at certain levels. And, the Magic 2 can also track heart rate with its 95% accurate heart rate monitor. The expert takeaway for this item is, you can connect this item to any model with Android 4.4 or above and IOS 9.0 or above.

  • Long-lasting 14 days battery
  • Custom watch faces
  • 15 fitness modes
  • Lightweight
  • Connecting to mobile takes longer than usual
  • Limited Watch faces on IOS devices
  • Heart rate monitor drains the battery faster

Amazfit T-Rex Pro

long lasting battery life smatwatch

Remember the T-Rex being the wildest and most challenging animal from Jurassic Park? This implies the Amazfit T-rex Pro as it comes with 15 military-grade tests passed material with a stainless steel bezel that undergoes a metal spraying process.

Pure stainless steel bezel keeps the Watch shiny and durable for years. Due to this material, the total weight of this Watch is only 60g.

The Amazfit Pro consists of a 1.3″ HD AMOLED always-on color screen with many other features, including four global navigation satellite systems, a blood-oxygen tracker, a heart rate monitor, and a sleep monitor. Plus, you’ll get a barometric altimeter that keeps you updated with the weather conditions.

Further, you’ll experience 18 days of long-lasting activities with its ultra-long battery. You can expect a shorter battery timing, up to 9 days, under continuous usage.

It drains faster in only 40 hours if you use its GPS continuously. It consists of a sealed bezel that makes it 10 ATM waterproof, allowing you to dive up to 100 m in the water and enjoy taking your swimming lessons.

The Amazfit T-rex Pro features 100+ sports modes, and you can sync it with the heart monitor for optimum results. Lastly, it allows you to control music playback easily with a swipe.

  • 100+ sports modes
  • 18 days long-lasting battery
  • Numerous trackers, including altimeter and GPS
  • 1.3″ HD AMOLED
  • It doesn’t sync watch faces fast
  • GPS doesn’t work indoor
  • Lacks multitasking

Fossil Men’s Gen 5E

 smartwatch with long lasting battery

The Fossil Gen 5E is an affordable smartwatch that tracks the heart rate with a wrist tracker. Its stainless steel bezel and robust design make it quite desirable.

The model 5E is reasonably priced, comes with a low-profile case, and supports all the fitness tracking you’ll need to keep fit. It contains Samsung’s Tizen or Fitbit’s OS, or the software you’ll experience in a Garmin Smartwatch.

Furthermore, you’ll like the fact that it has everything of use a person might need in a watch, intelligent or not. A wide range of colors and various designs are available, making it attractive to all personalities.

As well as other cool features, you’ll find preloaded cute and professional watch faces. Dog Dials and seasonal faces like the Chinese New Year and others are my favorite ones.

In terms of technical specs, you’ll enjoy the superfast performance of Snapdragon Wear 3100 with 1 G.B. memory RAM, which makes it a lot easier to switch between music and fitness apps.

It also includes a 4 GB ROM to allow you to store up to 500 songs and pictures. Screen-wise, you’ll get a 1.2-inch display with a 416×416 resolution and, like others, a touchscreen with an IP68 rating.

  • Fast charging up to 80% in 50 minutes
  • 24 Hr + multi-day Extended Battery Mode
  • Numerous watch faces
  • Newer Wear processor
  • Available in a female version
  • Unreliable notification updates
  • Inaccurate sleep tracking

Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid Smartwatch

The Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid has a unique feature that makes it stand out from our other watches collection. It contains a hybrid mode that recharges batteries just like hybrid cars. This feature lets the watch perform over 25 days without a single-minute charge.

It also tracks up to 30+ sports activities and maps that help keep you motivated about your health activity.

As everyone knows, it can handle calls, text messages, and notifications right on the go. But, it also contains multiple trackers that count steps, calories, and distance.

You can track your sleep activity with its particular sleep tracker for optimum and deep sleep routine.

Digging deep into the tracker’s world, you’ll get to know that Withings Steel H.R. Hybrid also includes GPS and barometer.

Through this feature, you’ll be able to track your swimming activities because it’s also 50 m water-resistant. Surprisingly, you can connect it with Alexa to control your smart home. As with other watches, it comes with IOS and Android connectivity.

  • 5 ATM water-resistant
  • Multiple fitness trackers
  • 25 days battery life
  • Touchscreen with stylus support
  • Inaccurate footsteps tracking
  • Lacks multiple alarms
  • It doesn’t contain a stopwatch

Amazfit GTS 2

 affordable watch with long battery life

The Amazfit GTS 2 has lots of similarities with the Amazfit fit T-rex Pro, such as the Alexa compatibility, multiple alarms, timers, and so on. You can make transactions with Google Play. And, it also allows you to track footsteps and calories burned daily with its GPS.

More so, it comes with a 220mAh battery with fast charging and battery-saving mode that extends its uptime to 14 days and even more if used precisely.

And, you can also swim by wearing it because its sealed stainless steel makes it water-resistant up to 5 ATM water resistance. It allows you to swim and bath, but it’s not suitable for scuba diving.

The Amazfit GTS 2 also features 70+ sports modes that allow you to be a fitness freak in all indoor and outdoor sports activities. Same as the T-rex, you’ll get a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen saturation measurement, female cycle tracking, and so on.

You’ll experience a smooth display of a 1.55″ AMOLED touchscreen. And a 2.5D curved glass display with a borderless design makes it the perfect match for your stylish wardrobe. It has a total weight of 19.5 grams, making it the lightest smartwatch on our list.

  • 70+ sports modes
  • Super light and thin
  • 14-day long-lasting battery
  • Amazon Alexa compatibility
  • Only two default watch face
  • Inaccurate cycling tracker
  • No ECG

TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Cellular Smartwatch

 watch having long lasting battery life

The TicWatch Pro boasts an AMOLED screen with two display modes for extended battery life.

  • One is (smart mode) that extends the battery life to 2 days.
  • The second is (enhanced basic model); it ensures five days of battery life without even a 5-minute charge.
  • Cellular usage drains the battery faster, making it alive for 18 hours only.

Other than that, it’s U.S. Military Standard 810G certified, ensuring maximum durability during fitness activities. And, you’ll get a Lightweight Silicone strap for easy and comfortable wear during long duties.

Talking about its technical aspects, you’ll get GPS, TicPulse technology for 24-hour heart rate tracking.

More so, the TicMotion technology keeps you updated about your motion and tracks running, fast walking, and swimming activities.

The Watch is IP68 waterproof and pool swimming suitable. And, it also features six innovative sports modes to keep you chilled during exercises. The TicWatch Pro only weighs 2.43 ounces (ca. 92 g).

  • Premium design
  • Stainless steel bezel
  • Dual-layered AMOLED
  • Emergency SOS auto-dial
  • Software lags
  • Misses email notifications

What To Consider Before Buying A Long Battery Life Watch

Following are the factors that you must consider if you want to get a perfect long battery life watch:

1. Battery Life

If you want to use the smartwatch for a longer time, then the essential factor you need to consider is the battery life of that watch.

Extended battery life in a watch is a plus point for it if your smartwatch usage is high. In today’s era, almost every smartwatch has a good battery life, but to get the perfect one, you should choose Garmin watches which come with extended battery life.

2. Design

One of the essential factors that you must consider before buying a battery watch is its design. Looks are significant and bring a positive change in your personality.

If you want to choose the best smartwatch, you should select that smartwatch that fits almost every outfit.

3. Comfort

Comfort is also included in the foremost factor when you’re going to wear your smartwatch for a more extended period.

Always go with the bands, which provides extreme comfort even for a longer time. Also, I prefer those watches which are lighter in weight and barely feel on your wrist, so that those watches can provide you extreme comfort.

4. Features

You should make a list of features you need in your smartwatch and buy that smartwatch containing your enlisted characteristics.

In this way, picking the best smartwatch will become easier if you have a clear idea of what features you need. Health features should be your top priority to stay healthy and active.

5. Budget

Picking the best smartwatch on an affordable budget is pretty tricky. But if you want to get the best one at an affordable price, then make a list of your necessary features and forget the other one.

This way will help you to pick the best smartwatch at a low price.


Finally, we’re here after surpassing all the reviews and the best smartwatch with long battery life. So you haven’t chosen your next smartwatch yet? If so, here is my top pick and a personal favorite.

We recommend getting with Amazfit T-Rex Pro, as it boasts a superfast processor and storage for songs. It’s also a lightweight model suitable for almost any gender and age group.

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