6 Best Watches Compatible With Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is one of the favorite apps of all runners, giving you a detailed overview of your running performance. Whether preparing for a half marathon or casual running, Nike Run Club can benefit you in many ways. 

You need a watch compatible with Nike Run Club for maximum benefit. Many watches are available from different brands, but we will discuss some top brands in this guide. 

After spending a few hours researching and testing, I found that Garmin Watches and Apple Watches are the best options for Nike Run Club. 

Let’s dive into the review and explore which watch is most suited so you can start your running journey with it. 

Top Watches compatible with Nike run club app

1- Garmin Watches

garmin watches

Garmin is a well known brand with a strong reputation for making sports watches. Luckily all the Garmin watches are compatible with Nike Run Club and easily sync data to the Nike running app. 

We recommend Garmin watches because they are made for outdoor runners and athletes. These watches are durable and water resistant, so you can use them outdoors. 

Plus, the point is Garmin watches last longer than Apple Watch or other smartwatches on the market. That’s why you need a Garmin watch if you plan for a long marathon. 

Many Garmin watch series exist, but the Forerunner series is best for runners. You can opt for Forerunner 265, launched in 2023, or Forerunner 245. 

Both these Garmin watches include Running dynamics, built-in GPS, navigational features, safety features, and a bunch of health tracking features, so you can take your running to the next level. 

Here are steps to connect Garmin watches with Nike Run Club;

  • First, grab your phone and open Nike Run Club
  • Tap on your profile and select “Settings.”
  • Find “Partners” and tap on it. 
  • Tap on the Garmin Connect app. 
  • It will bring you to the login page; put your credentials, and you’re ready. 
  • Now the Garmin Connect app syncs the data to Nike Run Club.

2- Coros Watches 

Coros watches

Coros Watches are durable like Garmin watches and are made for outdoor purposes. All the Coros watches are compatible with Nike Run Club. 

If you want a premium training watch for workouts, CrossFit, running, and other strength training activities, then Coros is the best option. 

All the Coros watches come with accurate heart rate sensors, running features, workouts, and recovery features. 

The feature I like the most in the Coros watches is premium navigation. These watches offer global offline maps and assist you while running on trails, hiking, and marathons. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, Coros watches bring a built-in altimeter, barometer, and compass that tell directions and update you about altitudes. Few Coros Watches Apex 2 and Apex 2 pro sends storm alarms so you can plan your run according to the weather. 

Here are steps to connect Coros Watches with Nike Run Club;

  • Simply turn on your phone and open Nike Run Club
  • Next, hover over your profile 
  • Find “Partners”
  • And tap on Coros.
  • Then it will ask you to put in login credentials for synchronization.

3- Apple Watches 

apple watches

Apple Watches run on WatchOS, and they work only with iPhones. Apple Watches are compatible with Nike Run Club; in fact, they have large third-party app compatibility. 

A built-in GPS on Apple Watch tracks your pace, distance, speed, and other running metrics very efficiently. For runners, there is a dedicated running mode too. 

Even though Apple Watch can’t compete with Garmin and Coros watches regarding running features, they are still the best entry-level watches for beginners. 

We recommend you go for the latest Apple Watch series 7 and 8 because they have a lot of new features that can help you to achieve fitness goals.

Here are steps to connect Apple Health (native Apple Watch app) with Nike Run Club. 

  • Open your iPhone Settings.
  • Scroll down to the “Health” app. 
  • Tap on Data Access & Devices.
  • Now tap on Nike Run Club, and give it access to capture data from the Apple Health app.

4- Polar Watches

polar grit x

Polar is well known in the fitness industry, and they are making incredible watches for runners. All the polar watches are compatible with Nike Run Club. 

With Polar’s native app,Polar Flow, you can sync data to Nike Run Club in just a few seconds. Polar watches track your daily goals precisely and sync data with the Polar Flow app in real time. You can sync data from the app to third-party apps like Strava, Google Fit, and others. 

Polar watches have some premium tools that allow users to comprehensively look into their sleep data, running insights, strength training, and cardio performance. 

The watch suggests daily workouts and exercises based on cardio and strength level. So, this watch can take your running journey to the next level. 

How to connect the Polar Flow app with Nike Run Club; 

  • Open the polar flow app on your phone. 
  • Navigate to Settings. 
  • Locate the Nike+ link to connect your Polar Flow account with Nike+.

5- Galaxy Watches

galaxy watch 5

Galaxy Watches are the perfect option for Android users; they connect easily with your phone and have huge third-party app compatibility. 

Especially the latest Galaxy watches, including Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, run on WearOs by Google and can easily be connected with Nike Run Club. Galaxy Watches and all Wear os watches are compatible with the nike run club app.

Plus, you can focus on your daily fitness goals with Galaxy Watch. Their heart rate tracking is very accurate because of the 3-in-1 BioActive sensor. You can also improve your sleep habits with its advanced sleeping tools. 

The new Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 include 90+ sports modes, so whether you’re running, hiking, trekking, or going to start any activity, these watches are ready to track your performance. 

Unlike the Garmin and Coros watches, Galaxy smartwatches don’t have decent battery life; they only last 2 to 3 days. But it’s enough to track your daily casual activities and performance. 

How to connect Samsung Health App With Nike Run Club;

  • So first, ensure that your Galaxy Watch is connected to the Samsung Health app and that Nike Run Club is installed on your phone. 
  • Now open the Samsung Health app and open settings from the top right corner. 
  • From Settings, tap on “Connected Services.”
  • Tap on Nike Run Club. 
  • Put the credentials in, and the Samsung Health app will automatically connect with the Nike Run Club.

6- Amazfit Watches

amazfit gts 4

If you want budget-friendly watches that work with Nike Run Club, then Amazfit watches are worth considering. With a huge variety of fitness tracking features, they are best for runners. 

For outdoor purposes, Amazfit has recently launched an Amazfit T-Rex ultra which is very durable. This watch has built-in GPS and advanced navigational features. 

Amazfit watches track your SpO2 level, heart rate, sleep, calories, etc. Plus few of the top-end Amazfit watches also have premium training recovery features. They track your aerobic and heart health during workouts. 

Here is how you Connect the Amazfit Zepp app with Nike Run Club. 

  • Open the Zepp app on your phone. 
  • Tap on your profile. 
  • Scroll down to “Add Account
  • Then choose the “Nike Run Club” from the list. 
  • Allow the permissions to sync data from the Zepp app to Nike Run Club, and you’re done.

Final Words: 

You can improve your running performance using fitness trackers compatible with Nike Run Club because NRC is more than just a running app. Using this app, you can analyze your running data comprehensively.

In the above guide, we have mentioned watches from the top brands that are trusted and offer reliable watches. Also, we did much research and testing before making a list of these watches. 

I hope you have got the best watch for your running journey. 


Is Nike Run Club compatible with Android watches?

Yes, if you have an Android watch that runs on Wear Os, you can connect it with a Nike Run Club account. 

Is the Wahoo fitness tracker compatible with Nike Run Club?

Yes, the Wahoo tracker works with Nike Run Club. You can easily sync data from the Wahoo fitness app to NRC.

But this Wahoo fitness tracker only gathers basic health metrics like heart rate, calories, workout duration, etc. And none of the Wahoo trackers has built-in GPS, so we don’t recommend this to professional runners. 

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