Can You Watch Netflix On Apple Watch? A Quick Way!

Apple Watch is not only a fitness tracking device, but you can also use it for entertainment and fun.

Apple Watch supports various entertainment apps like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube etc., but can you watch Netflix on Apple Watch?

Even though Apple Watch doesn’t have any official Netflix app, you can still watch Netflix on your Apple Watch. You can use various watches to get Netflix on your Apple Watch.

You can directly access Netflix on your Apple Watch via browser, as the latest Apple Watches supports the browser. Secondly, you can mirror your iPhone’s camera, so it appears on your Watch.

Keep reading to know how you can watch Netflix on your Apple Watch.

Can You Watch Netflix On Apple Watch?


There is no official Netflix app available on the Apple store that you can use on your Apple Watch to watch Netflix. But there are some alternative ways that you can follow to watch Netflix.

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming apps, most people are addicted to it and want to use it on their Apple Watch.

I have used two methods to watch Netflix on my Apple Watch. You should also give a try to both these methods.

  • You can use a browser on your Apple Watch to access Netflix.
  • You can use an iPhone’s camera to get live stream and mirror it on Apple Watch.

1- Watch Netflix On Apple Watch Via Browser

watch netflix on apple watch

Undoubtedly the Apple Watch offers a lot of exciting features. Siri has notched up huge fame in Apple Watches; using Siri, you can also open the Safari browser on your Apple Watch. Via the Safari browser, you can easily access Netflix on your Apple Watch.

By default, there is no browser app on Apple Watch; the only way you to access browser is Siri.

Only the latest Apple watches support Siri browser features, so if you’re using Apple Watch Series 7 or a later version, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you have to look for the next option.

Here, you can open a browser using Siri and stream Netflix on your Apple Watch.

  • Press and hold the Digital Crown.
  • Give a command to Siri, “Hey Siri, Open Browser” or “Hey Siri, Open Safari”.
  • Once the browser opens, search Netflix on it.
  • Alternatively, you can also give a direct command to Siri to open “”.
  • After Netflix opens, type your username and password. Hurry! You can now stream Netflix on Apple Watch.

2- Use an iPhone to Mirror Your Apple Watch

Use an iPhone to Mirror Your Apple Watch

Apple provides an impressive ecosystem to connect their devices. You can mirror the iPhone camera on your Apple Watch, and this method can also be used to watch Netflix on your Apple Watch.

If you cannot open a browser on your Apple Watch, this method will be the next loophole to stream Netflix.

The method is very easy but ineffective, and you can’t get the feel of Netflix.

Long story short, you have to point your iPhone camera to any TV, laptop or screen streaming Netflix; you have to record the screen with your iPhone and mirror your iPhone’s camera on Apple Watch.

How To Connect Your Phone Camera To Your Apple Watch For Live Streaming Netflix?

  • First, stream Netflix on your TV, MacBook, or any screen.
  • Next, position your iPhone’s camera towards the screen and record it.
  • Open the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch, and enjoy Netflix on your Watch.

For stable streaming, you should use any tripod or supporting object. This method seems wired, but it works on every Apple Watch model.

How Can You Watch Videos on Apple Watch?

watch videos on apple watch

Even though Apple Watch comes with 32 GB of storage, you can’t play videos directly on your Apple Watch. There is a video player on Apple Watch.

However, there is a way that allows you to play videos on Apple Watch.

You can use the iMessage app on your Apple Watch to watch videos. If someone sends you a video on iMessage, you can directly view it on your Watch. You can adjust the volume of the video via the crown.

Further, there is no way to play videos on your Apple Watch. Even the Apple Watch doesn’t play videos on Instagram or Facebook.

Does YouTube Play on Your Apple Watch?

Luckily, you can play YouTube videos on your Apple watch. It’s very easy and straightforward. You have to download the WatchTube app from the Apple store of your Watch, and you’re good to go.

On the “WatchTube app, you can view videos like Youtube, see history, activities, and more. You can also search for specific videos on YouTube. This app allows you to easily play any Video without any subscription or fee.

Like YouTube, you can pause, resume, zoom in/out video, and more. From Digital Crown, you can control the volume of the video.

Use Your Apple Watch To Control Netflix On TV

Even though a Netflix app is not available for Apple Watch users, you can use your Apple Watch as a remote to control Netflix on your Apple TV or any smart TV.

A built-in “Remote” app on Apple Watch allows you to control your smart home TV. You can navigate through menus, select items, and pause, and resume videos by swiping up, down, left right on your Apple Watch screen.

Wrap-Up: Can You Watch Netflix On Apple Watch

You can stream Netflix on your Apple Watch by asking Siri to open on the browser. There is no official Apple Watch app available for Netflix; that’s why it’s tiresome to set up Netflix on Apple Watch.

But we hope that Apple will bring the Netflix app with their next flagship Watches like the Youtube app. So the users will be able to simply log in and enjoy their favorite series, movies, and other entertainment stuff.


Can you watch movies on an Apple Watch?

No, there is no such option or media player available on Apple Watch to watch movies. But you can watch YouTube on your Apple Watch via the “WatchTube” app. This app gives the same experience as YouTube, and you can also watch moves using this app.

Can I stream music from Spotify on my Apple Watch?

You can stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks from Apple Watch. You can also download the Spotify app on your Apple Watch from the Apple store. Similarly, users can also listen to offline music via Spotify.

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