Is It Possible To Watch Netflix On Apple Watch?

An Apple watch is a great device that can do much more than a watch. They can serve you in many ways, from tracking movements to responding to calls. But how about watching Netflix on an apple watch?

Well, the Apple watch doesn’t support any streaming app, just like Netflix or Disney. However, it’s still not impossible. There are certain ways to do this. For example, you can watch Netflix on an Apple watch using the Apple browser or through live streaming. 

Want to know how?

So, read on till the end and find out more about this.

Can I Watch Netflix on Apple Watch?

stream netflix on apple watch

An Apple watch offers countless services around text messages, video calls, health and fitness tracking, and several others. However, video streaming is something that has yet to be introduced by the Apple watches.

So, if you want to know if you can stream Netflix on an apple watch or not, you must know officially it’s impossible. Meanwhile, some methods are still available to approach video streaming that is not official.

Before we dig into how to watch Netflix on an Apple watch, let us share some of the key things you must know.

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  • Netflix doesn’t have any official app for streaming on Apple Watch. So, if you consider that you would download the app and will be capable of watching your favorite show, it won’t work.
  • Yes, some latest models of Apple Watch have powerful browsers that will let you open only the Netflix website. Here we will show you how.
  • With that, you can use your Apple watch as a remote with your Apple TV to watch Netflix series, but using a official Netflix app is still not possible.


So, It’s true that the Apple Watch has some limitations, and you can’t stream Netflix on it. However, the discussion doesn’t last here.

Just buckle up your sleeves to explore the ultimate opportunities to watch your favorite shows.

How to Get Netflix on Apple Watch?

Undoubtedly, the small size of an Apple watch screen will limit your streaming experience compared to large devices such as Smartphones or tablets. With that, Netflix or any Apple watch model doesn’t support the Netflix app for streaming.

Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

We are here to share the ultimate ways you can watch Netflix on the Apple watch. 

So, let’s find them out together.

1- Using the Apple Browser

Using the Apple Browser

Using the Apple browser is one of the best ways to watch Netflix on an Apple watch. However, only the latest models of an Apple watch have this capability.

For example, Apple watches’ latest series 7 and 8 are more flexible with improved hardware and software components. If you wish to watch Netflix on the Apple watch, their built-in browsers are just life savers.

So, let’s dig in and find out how to stream Netflix on the Apple watch using their built-in browser.

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  • First of all, make sure to connect your Apple watch to your iPhone.
  • Press and hold the digital crown on your Apple watch and open Siri.
  • Give a command to Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, go to”
  • Further, you only need to scroll down and select a page to tap and open it.
  • A screen will appear where you will enter your Netflix login details.


That’s it; you are all done. Now you can easily start watching your favorite TV shows or series on your wrist.

[su_box title=”Disclaimer:” box_color=”#abb8c3″]So far, the only problem with this method is that you can’t open the browser directly as it’s hidden. To access this, you must have to take help from Siri.[/su_box]

2- Through Live Streaming

Through Live Streaming

Another way to watch Netflix on an Apple watch is through live streaming. Although it is an effective method, it also has some limitations.

For example, it requires more equipment. With that, having an iPhone with an Apple watch to process this method is a must.

All you need to do is;

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  • Open the Netflix app on your iPhone, laptop, smart TV, or computer that you will use to mirror your Apple watch.
  • Log in to your Netflix account and open your favorite show.
  • Next, open the iPhone’s camera app.
  • Once the iPhone’s camera opens, you need to place your iPhone in such a position that it faces your television or laptop where you had played your Netflix show before.
  • Further, pick up your Apple watch and launch your watch OS camera app function.


You are all done! Now the screen is mirrored, and you can easily see the content playing on the screen using your iPhone and your Apple watch.

Remember, in this way, you can also use your Apple watch as a remote to operate Netflix on your TV or mobile. Furthermore, we recommend using a stabilizer or tripod for a better viewing experience.

3- Using The Apple Watch App On Your Phone

It is a bit easier method where you don’t need more equipment. All you need is an iPhone to process this method. So, the additional TV screen, laptop, or computer is no longer needed.

All you have to do is;

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  • Please pick up your iPhone and get the watch app on it.
  • Once installed, access the “my watch” feature using the Apple watch on your phone.
  • Next, choose Netflix by scrolling down the features.
  • Log in to your Netflix account using your credentials (email I’d and password).


This is it!

[su_box title=”Good to Know: ” box_color=”#abb8c3″]The only limitation to implementing this method is that you must have at least iPhone 5 and a Netflix subscription.[/su_box]


How does apple watch consider other videos?

Apple Watch doesn’t allow its users to stream or watch movies or videos directly through YouTube or any other platform.

However, there are certain workaround methods that you can use, for example, just by sharing an embedded link of video on Messenger. It means your sent video must be in the form of a file, not in a link.

Can you watch Netflix on my Apple watch without my iPhone?

No, just like an Apple watch, streaming Netflix on a Fitbit is still awaited by its users. However, Fitbit has introduced some latest features, such as auto-pausing the Netflix video while sleeping. You can still hope to watch Netflix shortly on a Fitbit.

Does Netflix have any built-in browser to watch Netflix?

Netflix doesn’t have any built-in browser or app to watch Netflix on an Apple watch.

Can you watch any movie with an Apple watch?

No, Apple Watch users can’t stream movies or other long-format videos on their Apple watch. But, if you embed your video in a text message, it’s possible. However, the length of each should not exceed 4:15.

Will Netflix release its app for apple watch shortly?

Don’t worry; the technology keeps on evolving, so you can take the hope that in the near future, we will have this opportunity.


Wrapping up with a note that if you are trying to get Netflix on Apple watches, you must be assured that it’s not the most practical thing to do. However, all the methods mentioned above are still worth trying, and if you feel like watching Netflix using your Apple Watch, you can go for it.

It has no harm, and you will enjoy the process.

Let us know in the comment section if you know of any other method. We would love to know more exquisite methods.

Till Next!

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