Troubleshooting Slow Apple Watch Charging: 7 Quick Fixes

Apple Watches comes all the essential health and fitness features to compete with other brands. But when it comes to battery, It has exiguous battery life, so you have to charge it every single day. 

But it’s far more annoying when your workout routine is hanging fire because of slow Apple Watch charging. 

You might think my Apple Watch supports fast charging, but still, it’s taking too long to fill the juice. Some factors let the Apple Watch charge very slowly. 

In today’s guide, we will discuss some fixes that will make the Apple Watch charge faster. 

Identifying the Reasons Behind Slow Apple Watch Charging?

There are a lot of factors that can hinder the charging process of the Apple Watch and make it slow. 

Here are the following reasons that make the Apple Watch charging slowly. 

  • You’re using low Watts adapter
  • You’re portable Charger or Power Bank
  • Apple Watch’s software is outdated
  • Wireless charging is not supported in your region
  • You have enabled GPS, AOD and other battery-draining features

1- Use High Watt Power Adapter

why apple watch charge slowly

The latest Apple Watch supports fast charging so you have to treat them with a high Watt adapter. Otherwise, you will remain deprived of fast charging facilities. 

Apple recommends using 18W, 20W, and 30W to up to 96W USC power adapters. Most folks use the adapter of their iPhones to charge the Apple Watch, which is all right. 

Always use Apple’s genuine power adapter to charge Apple Watch. The third party chargers will not only slow down the charging process but also impact the battery life of your Apple Watch. 

2- Don’t Use Power Banks

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If you don’t have any source to charge your Apple Watch, you can use a Power bank to fill its battery. It’s okay to charge Apple Watch with a power bank once or twice a month, but constantly charging it will reduce battery health. 

Power banks provide less power to Apple Watch, which increases the charging time. Even if you have a wireless magnetic charger, it will take longer to charge the Apple Watch than a power outlet. 

If you’re still firm on charging the Apple Watch with a power bank, you must use Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charger, which has substantial power. 


3- Update Your Apple Watch Software 

The outdated software of the Apple Watch can also make it charge slowly. Apple frequently releases the update on Apple Watch to make it work seamlessly and fixes bugs. 

The outdated software versions might contain bugs that hinder the battery charging process. 

By default, Apple Watch installs the update automatically if connected to the internet. But if you have turned off the auto-updates, you can do it manually. 

update apple watch
  • First and foremost, put the Apple Watch on Charge.
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to General
  • Tap on “Software Update”
  • If any new update is available, your Apple Watch will show all information regarding it. 
  • Now tap on install. 

Note: Before updating the software, ensure the Apple Watch is connected to the internet.

Hopefully, the slow charging snag will go away after the software update.

4- Apple Watch Fast Charging Is Not Supported In Your Region

Undoubtedly, Fast charging on the latest version of the Apple Watch makes life easier, and it only takes 45 minutes to charge Apple Watch Series 8 from 0 – 80%. But unfortunately, the fast charging feature is only available in a few regions. 

India, a few of the Middle East regions, Vietnam, Argentina, and some African regions are deprived of Apple Watch’s fast charging features. 

So if you’re living in such countries, you can use a high watts power adapter to speed up the charging time of the Apple Watch.  

5- Turned Off Gps, Aod And Other Battery-draining Features

Even though GPS and Always on Display give advantages to Apple Watch users, but these features also drain battery life. Before putting your Apple Watch on a charge, turn them off. 

According to research, the GPS in Apple Watch drains battery life 13% more quickly. Similarly, the AOD drains the battery 4% faster than the regular display. 

Similarly, a few other factors like Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, Cellular, notifications, and continuous heart rate drains more battery, that’s why charging makes the Apple watch take longer to charge. 


6- Apple Watch Battery Health 

Battery Health is a crucial factor in the Apple Watch that lets you know the battery’s lifespan. If the battery health of your Apple Watch is less than 80%, it will drain more quickly and take a long time to charge. 

If the battery health of your Apple Watch is low, you must replace it with a new one. The replacement costs around $79, but you will get a new battery that lasts longer and charges quickly. 

7- Force Restart Apple Watch

Force restart will solve all lagging issues and clear the cache from memory making the device performance smoother.

You might think how to force restart can make the charging process fast.

Well, Force restarting the Apple Watch stops the background app activities, and no app or feature drains the battery; this will save the charging time on Apple Watch.

Press and hold both the digital crown and power button until the device shuts down, then show the Apple logo. Once your Apple logo appears, release the buttons. Give some time to reboot the Apple Watch, and again put it back on the charge.

Wrapped Up

Everyone has a desire to get unlimited battery life for their Apple Watch, but it’s not possible. Apple Watches only last for a day; however, because of fast charging support, they take less time to fill the battery. 

But what if your Apple Watch takes too long to charge, it is very frustrating. We have mentioned some quick fixes to make your Apple Watch charge quickly. 

If you still face slow charging on your Apple Watch, contact Apple support to solve your issue. 

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