iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Main Differences!

iTouch smartwatches are the most affordable wearable in the market that gives all the useful fitness features that you expect. 

The brand launched two major smartwatches, iTouch air 3 and iTouch sport 3, and both have similar price tags. People often get confused while choosing between these two smartwatches. 

Both iTouch air 3 and iTouch sport 3 come with different designs, iTouch Sports 3 gives a more sporty feel, whereas Air 3 looks like a normal smartwatch which is best for regular use. Similarly, iTouch Air 3 gives excellent battery life so you can track your activities for a long time.

Apart from this, both smartwatches have some differences in the health tracking department, so let’s compare both iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3. 

iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Comparison Table

Features iTouch Air 3 iTouch Sports 3
Display Size 1.57” 1.78″
Display Type Color touch screen Color touch screen
Battery Life 7 days 14 days
Calories Tracking Yes Yes
Sleep Tracking Yes Yes
Steps Counter Yes Yes
Sports Modes Yes Yes
Heart Rate Tracking Yes Yes
Temperature Sensor No Yes
Hygiene Assistant Yes No
Relaxing App Yes Yes

iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Design & Display

iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3

When it comes to design iTouch Air 3 follow the Apple watch design and iTouch Sports 3 got similar design to Galaxy Watch Active 2. Both smartwatches have a big design difference.

In the case of iTouch Sports 3 you will get a 1.78” circular dial that gives a sporty look. The bezels are slim and look more attractive than before.

On the other hand iTouch Air 3 comes with a 1.57” squarish dial that looks like a normal smartwatch. The bezels are made of plastic, but iTouch Air 3 comes in different color bezels so you can choose the best one. 

In both smartwatches you will get IPS LCD that normally found in other similar price tag smartwatches. The display is not very vibrant in case of iTouch Air 3 but still you can easily read the dial under direct sunlight. Whereas iTouch Sport 3 has a pretty crispy display that gives a more premium feel.

Both wearables are IP68 water resistant so you can swim and take a shower with your smartwatch.

To customize your smartwatches you will get interchangeable silicone straps in both wears. iTouch sports 3 also offers mesh straps that are perfect for females. 

In case of comfort both smartwatches give a lightweight experience, so you can wear these watches throughout the whole day without any stress.

iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Battery Life

iTouch Sports 3 vs itouch air 3

In the battery life department the iTouch smartwatch performs much better, even though their battery timings are much longer than Apple and Galaxy watches. iTouch Air 3 and iTouch Sports 3 both offer extended batteries but which one has more power battery life?

iTouch Air 3 smartwatch gives 30 days of standby which is a big plus, and it takes only 2 hours to fully charge the battery. It has a strong grip on our battery that’s why you will get revolutionary power saving mode.

In smartwatch mode it will give 7 days of battery life making you stress free of charging the watch again and again.

Similarly, iTouch Sports 3 lasts for 2 weeks with regular use, plus it charges more quickly. 

iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Price


iTouch wearables offers all the essential features in a very budget friendly price tag. Buying an iTouch gadget will not waste your investment because these wearables are value for money devices. 

Luckily iTouch Air 3 and iTouch Sports 3 come under a similar price tag. You have to pay $59 for both smartwatches. The basic version of iTouch Air is available for $49, whereas a few colors of iTouch Sports 3 also costs 49 bucks. If you got all the useful fitness and health features in $59 then it is the best deal for you.

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iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Health Features 


In terms of fitness and health tracking there are not many advanced features but you will get some basic fitness features. 

In both smartwatches you will get a Heart rate sensor that measures your heart rate 24/7. Sleep monitoring is also pretty advanced in that it measures your REM, deep sleep, and light sleep.

iTouch Air 3 and iTouch Sport 3 both allow you to set daily fitness goals, you can customize the goals from settings. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, iTouch Air 3 offers 4 sports modes and 5 workout modes. Similarly, in iTouch Sports 3 you will also get 8 sports modes.

The iTouch Sports 3 comes with an extra blood oxygen monitor that measures the amount of oxygenated blood in your body, whereas iTouch Air 3 lacks this feature.

To measure your body temperature iTouch Sports 3 also include temperature sensor, and iTouch Air 3 lacks this features.

Moreover, both smartwatches can monitor steps count, distance covered, and amount of calories burned. 

Overall, iTouch Sports 3 looks more versatile fitness tracker that also include blood oxygen level monitor, and breather exercises etc. Also, you will get more sports modes on iTouch Sports 3 that helps you to deeply analyze your outdoor activities.

iTouch Air 3 VS iTouch Sports 3: Other Features


Apart from health features there are a lot of things to explore in both iTouch Air 3 and iTouch Sports 3. Firstly you will get smart notifications so you can receive incoming phone calls and messages. 

To track your runnings you can connect iTouch wearables with phone GPS that measure your distance cover and routes. You can also control the camera of your smartphone via iTouch smartwatches. 

Further there are stopwatch, alarms, notifications settings, weather updates, watches faces and themes, music control and different other features that come in both smartwatches. And  Both smartwatches share all these features.

Which One You Should Choose: iTouch Air 3 Or iTouch Sports 3

Now it’s time to make a decision between iTouch Air 3 and iTouch Sports 3. 

From fitness features to battery life both smartwatches perform well. iTouch Sports 3 gives a better design and display, whereas iTouch Air 3 comes in different variants giving you a wide range of options to choose the best color.

In the health department iTouch Sports 3 performs well giving more advanced features like blood oxygen measuring and temperature monitoring.

Similarly, iTouch Sports 3 gives extended battery life that makes your life much easier and you don’t need to put your watch on charge again and again. 

In our opinion iTouch Sports 3 comes first in the race giving more features and quality display. We hope you can now make a better decision that which smartwatch you should go for. 

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