9 Best Smartwatches Under $50 (Budget-Friendly Wears)

Smartwatches are more than just a watch. It measures your fitness, health, sports, notifies you about calls and SMS, GPS, safety features, and intelligent payment systems. You can’t ignore the importance of the smartwatch.

There is a sea of smart watches on the market, but here you can check out the top smart watches under $50.

With thorough research, we have compiled a list of 15 top budget smartwatches you can get to track your fitness activities. They are equipped with all the useful fitness and health monitoring features that people demand.

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9 Best Smartwatches Under $50

best fitness tracker under $50

All the smartwatches mention below are less than $50 and belongs to different brands.

You can choose any of them according to your need and choice, all watches have quite different features and functions. This list is not made on the basis of any prioritization.

Best Smartwatches Under $50

1- YAMAY SmartWatch (Latest Version)

smartwatch under 50

YAMAY is one of the most popular and trusted smartwatch brands on the market. There are a lot of features and functions on this smartwatch. You can use it to achieve your daily fitness goals.

It gives you accurate data for all of your measurements. There are five different colors available, and all have the same design and functions.

YAMAY’s latest smartwatch measures your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, health tracker, etc. It also includes some basic sports modes that are usually found in all smartwatches.

The best thing about this watch is its battery life. The YAMAY smartwatch provides a long battery life of seven days. I think no other smartwatch under $50 can give you such a long battery life at the exact cost.

  • Fewer sport modes
  • No NFC

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2- TOZO S1 Smart Watch (More Features)

affordable smartwatches

I like the look and design of this smartwatch, and the band is comfortable for everyday use. A TOZO smartwatch offers many features and functions that are hard to find in such cheap watches.

It will measure your heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, steps, calories burned, and more. Additionally, you will be able to track a variety of sports activities.

Unlike other smartwatches, this watch provides you with a complete analysis of your daily activities via its app. During your exercise, it will automatically measure your calories burned, and miles traveled, active minutes, and other things.

The TOZO S1 smartwatch is waterproof and scratch-resistant. There is a 300mAh battery with a long standby time of up to 15 days. You can also connect it with your smartphones no matter android or iPhone. It has universal compatibility.

  • More features and functions
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Daily activities analysis results
  • Long battery
  • Not so much water-resistant to bear scuba diving and swimming
  • Only one color option available.

3- CanMixs Smart Watch (Best for Sportsman)

best smartwatch under 30

If you are looking for a smartwatch that looks like Apple Watch, then you should buy CanMixs Smartwatch. This watch has a unique and elegant look, and its band is beautiful.

You can use this smartwatch with any Android phone or iPhone. There are many more features available on this watch.

You can track your daily workout, measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and achieve your fitness goals with this CanMixs watch.

There are many support modes available like walking, running, cycle mode, swimming, badminton, basketball, football, rope skipping, etc. This watch gives you more precise results and insights into your daily fitness activities.

The watch also supports a GPS, so you can connect it to your smartphone’s GPS to measure distance. This smartwatch is the best smartwatch under $50 because it is a fully waterproof smartwatch and has long battery life.

  • A lot of sports modes
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Universal Compatible
  • Little less battery life
  • You can’t change its band

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Best Cheap SmartWatch

4- Hommie Smartwatch (Best For Women)

smartwatch under 40

Hommie smartwatch is the best watch for women because it is specially designed for women. It comes with a pink color option, and there are two bands so you can change the watch’s band anytime you want.

There are multiple functions, features, and sports modes. The watch gives you exact and accurate results.

This smartwatch can help you to achieve all your fitness goals if you set them. Because it has 17 different sports modes, the watch is specially designed for sports enthusiasts.

In addition, it will also measure your heart rate, blood pressure, preparation for pregnancy and provides you the informative results for care at particular times.

The watch is waterproof and can bear swimming and rain etc. It comes with a Cambered acrylic mirror + alloy that makes it strong. Hommie smartwatch has 180mAh of battery that has up to 7 days of regular use standby time.

  • 18 different Sports Modes
  • Budget-friendly Smartwatch
  • Best for Women
  • Large dial frames
  • Less battery capacity.

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5- Virmee VT3 Fitness Tracker (High Quality and Accuracy)

cheapest smartwatches

Virmee is one of the most famous and trusted smartwatch brands that gives you a high-quality watch that helps you to achieve your daily fitness goals.

If you want to buy a trusted and branded product, then the Virmee Vt3 is the best smartwatch under $50 with many features on a very low budget.

There are three different colors available you can choose either black, pink, or purple. You can track your fitness on this smartwatch and sell the insights on its app.

Like the Hommie smartwatch, this watch also has 18+ sport modes that track your indoor and outdoor activities.

This is the best smartwatch for sleep tracking. It automatically monitors and analyzes your sleep quality in light, deep, and REM sleep.

In addition, like other smartwatches, it measures your blood pressure, heart rate, step count, and a lot more. I think you can’t find such a multiple feature watch at a budget-friendly price.

  • 18+ Sports Modes
  • Customizable dial
  • Premium Quality
  • Quick charging
  • Motion detection is not much good

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6- Coulax smartwatch (Round Dial)


Coulax is the perfect smartwatch if you want a round dial shape. Coulax is a famous wristwatch brand that always delivers high-quality watches.

Its design is simple, but it’s a lot more attractive and elegant. In addition, this one is the cheapest smartwatch that I have ever seen before, with a lot of handy features and fitness modes.

As with all fitness watches, it also measures your heart rate, tracks your fitness goals, and so on. Watch also measures weather status and has 10 different sports modes that help you achieve your daily fitness goals.

Like all other smartwatches, the Coulax smartwatch is also waterproof and scratch-resistant. It will give you 7 days of battery life on 2.5 hours of full charge. I think this fitness tracker is the perfect option for teenagers and kids.

  • Cheap Smartwatch
  • The unique Round dial design
  • Measures Weather
  • Limited features
  • Less Battery life

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7- Timemaker Fitness Tracker(Professional Look)

If you want a professional design smartwatch with multiple features and functions then you should buy a Timemaker Fitness tracker. I really love its dial and its comfortable and soft band.

In our best smartwatches under 50 list this one the cheapest smartwatch. In addition, this watch comes with 2 years of long warranty so you can easily trust this brand.

It has a high-resolution display and a stylish design. The Timemaker smartwatch measures your heart rate, calories burned, steps, distance covered, and other such activities. After every 24 hours, it will show you a precise data analysis via its mobile app.

Another interesting feature of this watch is you can use it as a remote control to capture your photos via your smartphone.

Like other fitness watches, this one has a very rare sports mode, this one is best for teenagers and for kids.

  • High-resolution display
  • Cheapest smartwatch
  • Better quality
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Short battery life
  • Limited sports mode

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8- SKYNEW Smart Watch

This watch looks like an Apple watch, and it comes more elegant and soft than everyone’s like. One thing I like about this watch is its accuracy and preciseness, SKYNEW smartwatch gives you up to 99% accurate measurement. SO if you set some fitness goals, then this smartwatch will help you to achieve your goals.

Like all other smartwatches this watch will measure your heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, and oxygen saturation.

There are about seven different sports modes to improve your daily fitness activities and exercises. I like its elegant 1.4-inch display. You can also customize its dial.

SKYNEW smartwatch has universal compatibility. You can connect it with your Android phone as well as with your iPhone. To see the complete insights of your daily activities, you need to install its app from the Play Store or the Apple store. The watch is waterproof and perfect for swimming. If you want to surprise your love with a special gift, this one is the perfect option.

  • Elegant and Professional Look
  • Perfect Accuracy
  • High Quality
  • Fewer Sports mode

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9- WillFull SmartWatch

I know you will be acquainted with this brand, WIllfull is one of the most famous brands with millions of customers. This WIllfull smartwatch is a top-rated watch on amazon with over 4K positive reviews. I love its soft and comfortable band that is made with a solid rubber material. You can also customize its dial according to your choice.

There are five different colors available you all have the same features and functions. The best smartwatch under $50 accurately measures your heart rate, all-day steps, calories, sleep, distance, and other such activities.

You can see your whole day’s activities insight’s via its app. There are 14 different modes to achieve fitness goals.

Its fitness modes include walking, cycling, yoga, running, hiking, climbing, badminton, workout, treadmill, football, tennis, dance, and Basketball. Connect your Willful smartwatch with smartphone GPS and get a more precise real-time pace and distance.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Better Quality
  • Soft and Comfortable Band
  • More accurate results
  • Low-resolution display

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Guide To Buy SmartWatches

Before buying any smartwatch, you should look for some critical features. Now, as you know, there are various smartwatch brands, but only a few of them will give you all the necessary features.

I see a lot of people who just want a watch that shows online time. But there are plenty of things that you should consider.

Fitness Tracking: You should give this feature much priority before buying smartwatches. Now there are a lot of fitness-related areas and features.

But most crucial are calorie tracking, step tracking, blood pressure, and heart rate tracking. If you want a healthier routine, then you should have a smartwatch with such fitness tracking modes.

Connectivity: Some smartwatches only connect with android phones, but you should need universal connectivity.

Your watch must connect with all Android and iOS devices.

Music: These days, all the old music instruments have disappeared, and all your music is found only in your smart devices. So it would be helpful if you purchased a smartwatch that supports music.

You can enjoy music on your watch everywhere, whether in the kitchen, office, bed, during workouts, etc.

NFC: It is one of the essential features, but it is scarce in cheap smartwatches.

NFC stores your Credit/Debit card information and data, so whenever you purchase any item from the store, they scan your watch to take payment.

Final Words:

We have mentioned several different brands. All of them offer the same features, and there is not much difference. Depending on your needs and outfit, you can choose the right one.

We have done deep research before making this list to buy any smartwatch with confidence. Remember that no one smartwatch will give you 100% accurate results. With these tools, you can enjoy tracking your fitness activities.

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Which one the best smartwatch under $50 for iPhone?

Virmee VT3 Fitness Tracker and wilful smartwatches are considered to be the best for iPhone users.

Which one is the cheapest smartwatch?

Magolo Slim Fitness Band

Which is the best smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor under $50?

CanMixs Smartwatch has advanced sensors that can effectively track your blood pressure.

Which are the high-quality Smartwatches?

Vermeer VT3 Fitness Tracker, wilful smartwatches, and Tozo S1, HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Hommie Smartwatch