11 Best Apple Watch Strap For Small Wrists

Apple watches come with customizable straps that allow you to easily adjust the strap on your wrist. There are hundreds of apple watch bands available in different colors and sizes. But which one perfectly sits on small wrists?

For Small wrists, strap sizes and comfort both matter; that’s why we have done a lot of research and find some best Apple watch bands for small wrists. Each band is comfortable and easily sits on small wrists. 

Which Apple Watch Strap Size You Should Choose For Small Wrists 

Choosing a perfect-sized watch is crucial for comfort and ease; an oversized watch might feel too loose on a small wrist and look very awkward. 

That’s why Apple always launches extra watch sizes with each flagship watch. Now watch strap size depends on watch dial size; you can’t fit a 42mm strap with a 38mm dial and so on. A 38mm watch or 40mm watch is the best option for small wrists. 

Here are some wrist sizes and case diameters you should notice while picking an Apple watch.

  • 38mm – 40mm case diameter for the 6-inch wrist.
  • 40mm – 42mm case diameter for 7 – 7.5 inch wrist.
  • 44mm – 46mm case diameter for 8 inches or larger wrist.

Similarly, strap closure is also a significant factor that makes the strap more comfortable for a small wrist. A stretchy nylon strap might be a perfect one that firmly sits on small wrists. Similarly, a strap with a needle closure allows you to adjust the strap size according to your wrist easily.

 Best Apple Watch Bands For Small Wrist:

1- Stretchy Nylon Solo Loop Band

Stretchy Nylon Solo Loop Band

This nylon band is made with premium stretch nylon which is very comfortable. It is available in different colors to pick the best one according to your outfit. 

Stretchy Nylon solo band comes with a stainless steel slider making it easy to adjust the band according to your wrist size. 

On a small wrist, this band sits perfectly with a firm grip, so you don’t need to tighten it again and again. This band is perfect for wrist having 4.3-8.7 inch size.

2- Apple Watch Band: Sport Loop


A more trendy apple watch band comes that gives a more sporty feel. This band is very comfortable and breathable. Unlike other nylon bands, it has double-layer nylon that provides a next-level soft feel.

Especially if you have sensitive skin, it’s the most recommended Apple watch band. It comes with a hook-and-loop that easily adjusts on small wrists for easy closure. 

Secondly, you can easily sleep with this comfortable nylon band, that’s why it’s value for money. This sporty strap is available in six different colors to choose from. If you have an Apple watch 41mm or 45mm, it should be the best Apple watch band.

3- Unite Stretchy Solo Loop Band

apple watch strap for small wrists


The solo silicone band comes with stretchy silicone, perfect for sitting on small wrists. Luckily, there is no buckle, so you can quickly put it on and take it off. 

You can go with its smallest 38mm size if you have tiny wrists, perfectly suit your wrist. This high-quality silicone band is adjustable and very comfortable, and breathable. Because of its water-resistant nature, you can use it while swimming or taking a bath. 

4- HUAFIY Top Grain Leather Band

iwatch bands for small wrists

This HUAFIY watch band should be your priority if you want a leather watchband. It comes with top-grain leather, which is soft and looks very durable. 

Because of its unique design, it looks more eye-catching and premium. It’s not much broad like other leather straps; that’s why it’s best for people with small wrists. 

You can easily tie the strap according to your wrist size, and it sits perfectly on a small wrist, making it perfect for carrying the watch easily. Different color options are available, but you can choose any color because every color perfectly matches almost all the outfits.

According to a review, you can use this watch band while taking a shower, and it wouldn’t ruin. Also, it dries too quickly and doesn’t give you a wet feel.

5- STIROLL Slim Leather Band

STIROLL Slim Leather Band

STROLL leather band is one of the best-selling watch bands with a more slim design. The leather looks premium and genuine, made with top-quality leather.

Although the band is slim, it’s much more durable and comfortable and has a non-slip back. That’s why it firmly stays on your wrist. For a small wrist, it’s a very cool band and available in different sizes, so you can easily pick the most convenient size.

Unlike other leather watch bands, the STIROLL band’s color never fades quickly because they use unique rendering technology. 

You can use this leather band while swimming or taking a shower as it’s water-resistant.

6- LKEITY Magnetic Leather Band

LKEITY Magnetic Leather Band


If you want to try something new, LKEITY brings an amazing magnetic leather band. The total magnetic closure allows you to easily tie the band on your wrist. 

Quality-wise, this band is made with durable leather that feels more comfortable. Also, the material used in the manufacturing of this band is free of toxic substances, so if you have sensitive skin, you can go with this band. 

This magnetic leather band is available in different color options, so you can easily choose the best one.

7- Fitlink Stainless Steel Metal Band for Apple Watch


Fitlink stainless steel band is one of my favorite bands that secure your Apple watch around your wrist with firm support. It also comes in 38 and 40mm sizes, perfect for people with small wrists. 

The band looks very durable because of its high-quality stainless steel. You will get a folding clasp which is pretty easy to lock your wrist band.

Overall this metallic band looks more stylish and shiny that attracts every eye. You can use this watch band for both casual and formal outfits. 

8- iiteeology Metal Band

iiteeology Metal Band

iiteeology is a famous Apple watch bands maker, especially their metal bands are very renowned and durable. You will get a vast collection of metallic bands that are pretty comfortable and breathable. 

Unlike other metals bands, this watch ban is not bulky, so you can easily carry it. This sturdy and stylish metal band snugly fits your wrist curve and gives the wrist a nice look.

9- AdMaster Sport Nylon Band

AdMaster Sport Nylon Band


This nylon band is a perfect option; its unique look makes your Apple watch more valuable and premium. The nylon material is pretty flexible, making the band more comfortable and convenient. 

The band is made of double-layer nylon, giving a more comfortable feel. There are different beautiful colors available so you can choose the best one that matches your apple watch. 

People with small wrists offer different sizes, and you can also easily adjust the strap according to your wrist size. While closing the strap, pull the strap parallel, which will make the adjustment process smoother and faster.

10- OULUOQI for Apple Watch Band

OULUOQI for Apple Watch Band

Nowadays, mesh bands are trendy because of their good looks. This OULUOQI watch band is made with premium mesh stainless steel metal that is breathable and comfortable. 

The magnetic lock makes it easy to adjust the strap on your wrist, so if you have a small wrist, this could perfectly sit on your wrist. You might think mesh bands are irritating or cause allergies to your skin, but this stainless steel band is made with non toxic material suitable for sensitive skin.

Its non-irritating nature makes it more skin-friendly and comfortable. You can also use this watch strap while swimming or taking a shower. To satisfy the customer, OULUOQI also offers 12 months of warranty so you can replace the item in case of any dissatisfaction. 

11- Secbolt Bling Band

Secbolt Bling Band


This watch band is like Jewellery that you can wear on your wrist. The strap is covered with rhinestones that sparkle and give a more attractive look. If you love creative things, then this band should be your priority.

You can use this watch band in both casual and formal styles. This stainless steel watch band is best for people with having wrist size of 5.5-8.1 inches. Adjusting strap size is extremely easy; it comes with a resizing tool so you can remove extra links from the strap to make it suitable for your wrist. 

Final Words

When it comes to comfort, strap size matters a lot. A strap that adjusts easily is best for small wrists. In the above article, all the Apple Watch straps are best for small wrists to choose the best strap of your desire. But before picking any strap, you should consider comfort, durability, and adjustments of straps.

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