Amazon Halo Vs Whoop | All You Need to Know Now

In this age of technology, the fitness industry has blessed us with many fitness trackers. Among the top of the list are Amazon Halo and Whoop.

If you still need clarification on which one to buy, read on, as this article will give you a productive Amazon Halo vs Whoop comparison.

To begin with, both of these fitness wearables are among the best. Whoop gives you sleep, recovery, and strain data as this health and fitness device is more data-driven.

On the other hand, Amazon Halo lacks advanced data provisions. But this health monitoring device does provide additional features like body scanning and tone analysis, and these features are unique to this fitness tracker. 

Our article will help you better understand which health and fitness tracker to select among these based on your needs. Let’s dig deep into it!

Comparing Features Amazon Halo vs Whoop

1- Sleep Tracking

whoop sleep tracking

Whoop tracks sleep relatively efficiently compared to Amazon Halo, as this health monitoring device provides a sleep quality score based on sleep patterns and the time spent in each stage of sleep.

This Whoop strap provides graphs of all the sleep stages, including REM (Rapid Eye Movement), the deepest stage of sleep.

Amazon Halo tracks sleep but doesn’t provide too much data on sleep quality, but a separate Halo bedside device has this ability. So, if you want your health and fitness wearable to give you graphs and sleep data, go for Whoop.

Conversely, you can go with Amazon Halo if you don’t need to get into such advanced measurements.

2- Performance and Activity Tracking

halo vs whoop

If you’re an athlete or anyone related to the health and fitness industry, then Whoop is better for you to track your performance. This fitness wearable provides tailored performance data based on the type of fitness activity you engage in. 

On the other hand, Amazon Halo provides you with activity and performance tracking ability based on your heart activity.

But this performance tracking device cannot distinguish the type of activity you just engaged in. It uses a point system to track your performance; you receive activity points based on your daily and weekly activity.

Thus, regarding activity and performance tracking in Amazon vs. Whoop, Whoop has a competitive edge. If you are starting your fitness regimen, you can also go for Amazon Halo. 

In fact, both of these fitness monitoring devices track heart rate, but only Amazon Halo tracks your steps. For professionals and athletes, Whoop is a much more suitable fitness wearable, that gives accurate calories tracking data.

3- Monitoring Voice Tone

amazon halo and whoop

Amazon Halo has an inbuilt machine learning system that listens to whatever you say. This health and fitness device monitors your tone and analyzes it. This feature helps to correct your tone if you’re someone who has to talk a lot.

Tone analysis makes you aware of how you sound to others in a workplace or private setting.

This Amazon Halo feature is not available in Whoop. So if you want this feature, you should definitely opt for Amazon Halo.

4- Body Scanning

halo vs whoop

Unlike Whoop, Amazon Halo has the body scan ability to scan the user for weight and body fat percentage.

Users can simply take photos to get to know their weight and body fat percentage. This Amazon Halo helps to keep your body fat in check for ailments and fitness purposes.

The results of body scanning by Amazon Halo are the most accurate compared to other health wearables. This feature has made it the go-to fitness device for gym geeks.

5- Recovery and SPO2

Whoop Fitness Tracker

If you are an athlete or a pro in the fitness industry, then Whoop is better for you as it tracks your recovery. This recovery data is based on the strain your body feels, whether physical, mental, or combined. 

When it comes to Amazon Halo vs Whoop in terms of recovery, then Amazon Halo doesn’t even compare, as it lacks a recovery feature.

On top of this feature, Whoop also measures SPO2 levels in the user’s body. SPO2 is blood oxygen level; measuring it helps regulate your fitness regimen.

6- Water Resistance

These health and fitness wearables are water resistant but are not waterproof.

Water resistance implies that these devices can withstand water under certain conditions. Amazon Halo has an excellent water resistance of up to 50m compared to only 10m of Whoop.

If you are considering to keep your fitness device safe in a pool, go for Amazon Halo, as it can resist water within a depth of 50m.

7- Battery Life and The Method of Charging 

amazon halo vs whoop strap

For Amazon Halo, the battery life depends on the tone analysis feature, as this feature drains this health and fitness tracker considerably.

If you turn the mic off to disable this feature, the battery lasts 7 days, but if enabled, it shrinks to 1-2 days only.

Contrary to this, Whoop has a battery life of 4-5 days and is chargeable while still on your wrist. Charging this fitness tracker is simple: slide the battery on your fitness band.

In contrast, you must remove Amazon Halo from your wrist to charge with the hook(clip) provided. 

8- Price

Both fitness trackers are subscription based, so you can’t buy them directly. These health and fitness wearables’ subscription packages give you access to their respective apps. 

You can monitor your health and fitness metrics on these apps on your phone. You cannot use Amazon Halo and Whoop without a subscription.

Amazon Halo has a subscription fee of 3.99 USD per month after 6 months of free trial, while the band costs about 99.99 USD.

On the other hand, Whoop costs about 30 USD per month and even has other membership plans based on time. After a subscription, you get a Whoop band for free with surprisingly excellent app access. 

So, Whoop seems more costly than other fitness wearables. But we have also listed alternatives to Whoop if you want to try them out.

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Amazon Halo VS Whoop Comparison Table

Specifications (Features)Amazon HaloWhoop
Sleep and Activity TrackingYes (Basic)Yes (Advanced)
Body Scan and Tone AnalysisYesNo
Recovery and Strain TrackingNoYes
SPO2(Blood Oxygen Level Measurement)NoYes
Water Resistance50m10m
Battery Life and Charging Method· 1-2 Days (with tone analysis)7 Days (with tone analysis disabled)· Separately Charged· 4-5 days· Charged with a slide-on battery
Price (Subscription Per Month)3.99USD per month with a separate payment of 99.99 USD for the fitness band30.99USD including the fitness band

Wrap Up

If you’re an average person who wants to keep track of their body health and fitness, then Amazon Halo does the job. It helps you to take on good habits by giving you a basic idea about your body and performance.

On the other hand, for a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or the person aiming to become one of these, Whoop is more suitable. This fitness wearable provides you with advanced data on your health and fitness to better achieve your goals. 

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