What To Do If I Lost My Whoop Strap?

It’s very annoying when you lose the Whoop strap, as it disconnects you from tracking your fitness routine. So what can you do if you lose the whoop strap?

Unfortunately, the Whoop strap doesn’t have a built-in GPS, so it’s difficult to locate it once you have lost it. 

Even though Whoop uses the phone’s GPS to track distance and speed etc. but it’s not possible to locate it using the phone’s GPS. 

But you don’t need to worry about that; in today’s guide, we will help you to find the lost whoop strap. And also discuss the Whoop replacement criteria.

How To Look For a Lost Whoop Strap?

How To Look For a Lost Whoop Strap

Whoop is a competitive fitness gadget, but unluckily it lacks GPS; that’s why it’s laborious to search for it when it gets lost. 

But if the Whoop strap is connected to your smartphone, you can easily find it out there. 

How To Check If The Whoop Is Connected With a Smartphone

Grab your smartphone and open the BlueTooth. 

If you see the whoop name under the Bluetooth icon, it means it’s connected to your smartphone. 

So first start from your bedroom; search it under the bed, pillow, tables, drawers, and chairs. Hopefully, you will find out the Whoop strap in your bedroom. 

But if you didn’t find it in your bedroom, check out the bathroom; maybe you take off the Whoop strap while bathing or washing your hands. 

If you didn’t find the Whoop strap in your bathroom, check it on your car’s seat or the dashboard. Sometimes you might forget the Whoop strap into the gym or gym bag. 

The laundry room has a host of lost items, so don’t forget to search the Whoop strap and check the laundry basket and packets of your pants. 

If the Whoop is connected to your smartphone, it must be within a radius of 100 meters. Ask your pattern to search for it. Hopefully, you will find it. 


How To Find Lost Whoop Strap If It’s Not Connected With Smartphone?

find lost whoop strap

The problem comes when the Whoop strap doesn’t connect to the smartphone, which means someone has stolen it, or you might forget it in a distant place. 

There is no authentic way to search for a Whoop strap in this scenario. However, you can use your smartphone to trace the last position of Whoop. 

Open the Whoop app and check where the last time you have finished the activity. Whoop uses a phone’s GPS to track the routes, distance, and speed. Taking advantage of that feature, you can locate the Whoop. 

ways to find last whoop strap

Can I Claim The Whoop Replacement Warranty? 

You can buy a new one if your dream of getting a whoop strap is unfulfilled. 

Most people ask if Whoop offers a replacement warranty on lost straps. No, you can’t claim the warranty if your strap gets lost. 

Whoop only give a warranty on the defective strap or if the Whoop strap malfunctioning. You can check the Whoop warranty policies here

So what should you do next if Whoop doesn’t offer the replacement warranty for the lost tracker? Now the only option is to buy a new Whoop strap.

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Does Whoop Give a New Strap If I Lost One?

Yes, Whoop offers a non-warranty replacement to its customers. So if you have lost the Whoop strap or someone has stolen it, you can opt for a new one. 

Luckily, the previous Whoop strap data is never lost, and you can continue tracing your fitness journey from where you left off.

But you must pay $120 to get a new Whoop strap. Also, ensure you have no unpaid subscription fees and a valid payment gateway attached to the Whoop account. 

If you fulfill the Whoop requirements, they will send you a new strap within 3 to 4 days. 

Can Someone Else Use My Lost Whoop Strap?

Whoop takes your privacy seriously. Unlike other brands like Galaxy, Fitbit, Amazfit, or Garmin, no one can use your lost Whoop strap until it’s connected to your Whoop account. 

But once you have removed the Whoop strap from your account or unlinked it, anyone can connect it with their Whoop account and start tracking their health. 

So whenever you lose the Whoop strap, don’t unlink it with your Whoop account immediately. 

What Happens If You Lost Whoop Strap?

You don’t need to worry if your Whoop strap gets lost. Whoop doesn’t let anyone use your strap until it’s connected to your Whoop account. 

You have to pay $120 to order a new Whoop strap, and you can connect the new Whoop to your old account and continue tracking your activities. 

Most people ask to cancel the Whoop subscription, but it’s not recommended. If you cancel the Whoop subscription, your lost Whoop strap will disconnect from the account, and someone else can use your Whoop strap. 

How To Prevent Whoop Strap From Getting Lost Or Damaged?

There are two possibilities for losing a Whoop strap. First, it got damaged, and second, you forgot it somewhere.

Like other fitness trackers, Whoop strap is also prone to damage, so taking care of it is your responsibility. Whoop strap is not a durable or rugged fitness gadget; it will get damaged if you’re using it ruthlessly. 

The Whoop strap is 10-meter water resistant, meaning you can use it while bathing or swimming. But it’s not recommended to do scuba and deep diving. Similarly, avoid using a Whoop band to wear in a hot tub.

Do not tie the Whoop strap too loosely on your wrist, as it is likely to fall off. You can also wear Whoop on your bicep arm; in this way, it will remain secure during your workouts. 

Final Words:

Being a human being, it’s common to lose a Whoop strap, but it doesn’t mean that you have Amnesia or any memory loss disorder. 

If you have lost the Whoop strap, search for it in your bedroom. If the Whoop band is connected to your smartphone, it is all around you. 

You can also claim the non-warranty replacement of the Whoop band if it’s stolen or gets lost. The new Whoop replacement will cost $120, and you can get a new unit within 3 to 4 days.  

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