How to Activate Sim Card for Smartwatch? Easy Steps!

Since smartwatches can receive and send texts and calls, they require a SIM card activation to function. That’s why I’m going to share the activation process of the SIM card for your smartwatch.

You can activate the sim card by inserting the sim and then contacting the service provider for activation. Then you will receive a confirmation OTP that you will need to enter into the device for activating your sim card.

However, this process isn’t as simple as it seems. Therefore, for the sake of better understanding, a systematic process of activating the sim card is mentioned below.

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Guide for “How to Activate Sim Card For Smartwatch?”

How to Activate Sim Card For Smartwatch

To understand the process of activating a sim card on a smartwatch, some pre-process points are crucial to acknowledge before heading towards the main discussion.

1- Size of the Sim Card

Most people neglect the cruciality of the sim card’s size while buying a sim card for a smartwatch.

A smartwatch has a very compact structure, and thus, a normal-sized sim card can hardly fit into it. Therefore, while buying the sim card, it is vital to check its compatibility with your smartphone.

Usually, sim card comes in large, micro, and nano sizes. Out of the three, nano is the ideal size for the sim card and is followed by the micro one. Large-sized sim cards can hardly fit into the smartwatch’s sim card port.

Moreover, you can also take help from the ‘buying guide’ of the smartwatch you have purchased, where it is typically mentioned, which sim card size will be ideal for the watch. 

2- Prep Stage

The second step is to make your smartwatch ready for the sim card’s insertion and activation.

  • Make sure that your smartwatch is charged. Smartwatch’s battery life under heavy load of working can drain fast. Therefore, if the smartwatch gets powered off during the process due to no battery charge, your entire efforts might get ruined. And you will have to initiate the whole procedure again.
  • Some people mistake not switching off the smartwatch while inserting a sim card. They think that a smartwatch will behave like a smartphone in this regard. But, in reality, not switching off the watch while sim card insertion can potentially damage your smartwatch. However, you can instantly power on the watch after inserting the sim card.

3- Insertion of the Sim Card into the Watch

For inserting the sim card into the watch, it is first obligatory to locate the sim portal on the watch. In some watches, the port is located at the back of the watch.

While in others, the slot gets more compact and is present on the side. Therefore, the further process depends upon what kind of slot your smartwatch has.

  • If your smartwatch has a sim slot at the back, it probably would have screws that you need to remove using a screwdriver. After opening the back, you will see a sim slot to place the sim. Ensure that the golden part of the sim is in contact with the slot. Once accurately positioned, screw the panel again, and you will be done with your sim card insertion.
  • However, if the sim slot is at the side of the sim card, then the process will be different. There must be a rubber or plastic lid that you will need to open to access the sim slot. Once opened, carefully position the sim card, and ensure that the golden part faces upwards. This one might seem more manageable, but it is pretty tricky than the previous one.

4- Activation of Sim Card

The final step after the insertion of the sim card into the smartwatch is the activation of the sim card. It is the step that gets most people confused. However, if done optimistically, then it can be relatively more straightforward. We have divided the sim activation procedure into the following steps for better understanding.

  • To connect your phone with your smartwatch, you shall be first required to download a ‘Device-linking application.’ However, before installing the application, it is mandatory to determine whether it is compatible with both devices’ operating systems (OS).
  • Then you would need to contact the service provider of your sim card. The provider will give you an eSIM link, which you will be required to copy.
  • Then open the linked application on your smartphone and paste it there. After pasting it, you will be directed towards an agreement page, where you will be required to give consent upon terms and conditions to proceed further.
  • Then a six-digit OTP will be sent to your device, which you will need to enter on the next page.
  • After this, your sim card will get activated, and you will be able to use the sim card freely on the smartwatch.
  • If the sim card still does not get activated, switch off the smartwatch and power it on again; the sim will get activated this time.

ESIM in the “How to Activate Sim Card for Smartwatch” Process?

eSIM is an advanced form of sim card that is now being used in the latest cellphones and smartwatches. These devices have an embedded sim card that can be activated by choosing a particular cellular plan from the service provider.

Thanks to the eSIM, you would not need to go through the hassling of inserting and activating the sim card.

However, the eSIM technology is still very new, and not all smartwatches and phones come with this incredible feature. Therefore, you would need to learn the sim insertion and activation process to use the cellular features in most cases.


The above article concluded that the SIM card could be activated by sending a confirmation OTP.

Surely now you’ll be able to know how to activate a SIM card for a smartwatch. The above guide is based on my research and experience, and I’m sure that you’ll get benefit greatly from my experience.


Why Does My Smartwatch Keep Asking For A SIM card?

This happens when you have a standalone smartwatch that supports LTE. Due to this reason, your smartwatch is asking for a SIM card again and again. 

You can also use it without the SIM card, but you must disable the option for LTE services on it to avoid disturbance.

What Is A Standalone Smartwatch?

A standalone smartwatch has built-in cellular connectivity that allows you to make calls or send texts without having it connected to the smartphone.

What Are The Best Smartwatches With eSIM Support?

  • Apple Watch Series 4 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 onwards.
  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Will Any SIM Card Work In A Smartwatch?

Standalone smartwatches require a GSM SIM card for cellular connection because these watches work independently without a smartphone connection. So, standalone smartwatches need to have a SIM card.

How Does A SIM Card Work In A Smartwatch?

A smartwatch SIM card allows access to the cellular network and enables the watch to receive and make calls, track locations, etc.

What SIM Do I Need For A Smartwatch?

Smartwatches use a micro SIM card or a Nano SIM card. After the insertion, you’ll have to activate it.


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