Suunto VS Coros: Which One Is Winner!

Suunto and Coros are two of the biggest names in the smartwatch industry. If you look closely, it can be challenging to identify the best. Suunto has reliable GPS features, whereas the Coros is amazing regarding fitness tracking, especially for runners.

However, we understand your confusion, which is what this article is for. We will have a detailed comparison between both watches so you can understand which one is better for you.

So, without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Comparison Table of Suunto and Coros 

Founded in19362014
Debut modelSuunto 3PACE multisport GPS watch
Flagship modelSuunto 9 Peak ProCoros Vertix 2
NavigationBreadcrumb mapsBreadcrumb navigation
AppSuunto AppCoros App
Payment ModeGoogle PayGoogle Pay
SpecialtyNavigationFitness Expert

Suunto VS Coros- Design 

Simplicity is one word that defines Coros’s design. If you look at one of the Coros watches, you will find one of the simplest and most elegant-looking watches. You can easily control the watch with one finger. It is possible because the three buttons on its side can control the whole watch.

Suunto also has a similar design to Coros. However, it is more complex than Coros. It may not appear to be easy to understand at first glance, but it appears more rugged and exquisite. The brand has recently won an award for Good Design because of its unique looks.

Overall, stylish curves and a fantastic interface make Suunto’s watches impeccable. So, as far as looks are concerned, we will hand this one out to Suunto. 

Suunto VS Coros- Durability 

Coros and Suunto both are equally significant when it comes to durability. Suunto is an older brand. It has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the market, especially regarding durability.

Coros, in contrast, was introduced just some years ago, which is why it is still in the building phases regarding reputation. Suunto comes with stainless steel bezels and Sapphire crystal lenses on most of their recent watches, whereas Coros has a Corning gorilla glass protector with Fiber Reinforced Polymers. 

Moreover, upon testing, both are water resistant up to 50 meters, and Coros is slightly better because it is waterproof with no covers.

But again, if you are an average user who needs a watch for some fitness activities, this shouldn’t even be a problem.

Suunto VS Coros- GPS Navigation 

Without a doubt, Suunto has a clear lead over Coros regarding GPS navigation. Many people might believe that Coros is utilizing a similar technology, but remember that Suunto is older and has been doing things correctly for a long time.

Both might be using the same breadcrumb maps, but Suunto has the proper utilization skill. For example, you can go to trails and tracks and even near trees. According to the test, Suunto will never lose the GPS, whereas Coros does at some specific points.

So, after all these tests, Suunto is better than Coros regarding GPS navigation. 

Suunto VS Coros- Heart Rate Monitoring 

Suunto uses wrist-based heart rate technology to check your heart rate. Looking at stats, Suunto performs great in checking heart rate.  

However, remember that the result depends on numerous factors. The overall estimate says that Suunto watches are 95 percent accurate in their heart rate monitoring results.

Whereas talking about Coros, they have a slight lead with an accuracy rate of 99 percent when it comes to heart rate monitoring results.

It might not be a considerable margin, but Coros wins because it has more accuracy. 

Suunto VS Coros- Sleep Monitoring 

Starting with Suunto, most of their recent watches have 24/7 sleep monitoring and can display time spent in Light sleep, deep sleep, and REM. Also, inactivity control is an important feature worth mentioning. If you have been asleep for too long, it will notify you to get up and involve yourself in an appropriate exercise. The significant factor is that the activities which will be suggested will make up for your sleep or idleness.

Coros, on the other hand, also offers 24/7 sleep control. Like Suunto, it can differentiate and display time spent in REM, light, and deep sleep.

To sum up, there isn’t a significant difference between both of these regarding sleep tracking, but Suunto is a little bit better. 

Suunto VS Coros- Fitness Tracking 

If you compare the starting dates of the two companies, Suunto has been around longer but still lags Coros in terms of running, workouts, and other activities.

Suunto allows you to monitor your heart rate in real-time and check your calories burned. You can also check your running performance and cadence by looking at Revolutions per minute. There is a wide variety of features in Suunto, but Coros has slightly outplayed them.

Coros produced its first watch four years ago but has already gained a lot of support regarding fitness. It is better because of its strong training platform. Effort Pace is one of the features worth mentioning that are absent in Suunto.

It is a newly introduced feature responsible for monitoring and displaying your running results in detail and tells you about how you can run faster without straining yourself.

Moreover, you can also have an in-depth view of your running performance. There are AI coaches that will suggest workouts and additional tips to improve your performance.

Suunto VS Coros- Battery 

The battery is one of the essential features of a watch. Suunto and Coros both have excellent battery timings, but we will be discussing Suunto first.

Suunto’s latest models, such as Suunto 9 peak pro and up, can be used for up to 40 hours in the performance mode and 120 hours in continuous exercising mode. Plus, you can use it for 70 hours in endurance mode. Besides, your watch can be used for as many as 300 hours, around 12 days in touring mode.

On the other hand, the latest flagship model of Coros, Coros vertex 2 can stand for 15 hours with GPS, and it can last 80 hours in the ultra max mode. It doesn’t come with a power-saving mode and doesn’t have a lot of variety, such as a touring mode.

It is the reason Suunto has a top side here.

Suunto VS Coros- Price 

Suppose we look at Suunto’s latest flagship model price. The Suunto 9 Peak pro costs us $899, which is a lot for an average man if he wants to get a sports watch.

However, the latest flagship model from Coros’s side costs us around $699. It almost saves you $200 compared to the latest watch from the Suunto.

In our opinion, Coros offers many features similar to Suunto, so if you aren’t too concerned with GPS tracking, battery, and looks, Coros can be a good option too. 

Which One Is The Best For Running? 

If you are a professional runner searching for a perfect sports watch brand, Coros is the best one, thanks to its fantastic running and training features.

Although Coros offers dozens of unique features such as an AI training coach, Live heart rate display, and your RPM, Effort pace is one of the best features of Coros. The primary goal of this feature is to make running easier and better for athletes. This feature measures your running movement regarding different statistics and then presents them to you with some reviews.  

It tells you about how you can run faster without applying a lot of energy which is the main reason for its name, “EFFORT PACE.”

With Effort Pace, athletes can easily understand which type of running they need to get involved in. When, how, and where you need to apply your energy is one of the reasons how it improves your running skills.

For example:

If you are running on a straight track, one might think he can exert the maximum pace within the start and overtake, but he will slowly exert himself, causing fatigue. With Effort Pace, you can estimate how much time you spend on aerobics and anaerobics.  

This way, you can focus on your running by understanding where you need improvement.

Which One Is Good For Health Monitoring? 

Suunto uses WHR heart rate monitoring. Further, both brands use the same method to check the heart rate by passing light through your wrist and checking your blood levels. But, when comparing precision, Coros is marginally superior to Suunto.

However, this doesn’t mean that Suunto is a bad health monitor. You can use their wearables for measuring heart rate. You can check your heart rate while exercising and do all sorts of the usual stuff. If Suunto is that good, why have we listed Coros as a better watch?

Here’s why:

Coros uses PPG technology in their watches. There is a light wave that passes through your wrist and provides you with an accurate heart measurement. Tests and researchers claim that Coros has a 99 percent accuracy rate which is better than Suunto.

Which One Is The Best For Hiking?

Coros might be suitable for runners, but there is no way it can beat Suunto in hiking. Hiking involves a lot of exertion and requires a good sports watch to provide you with an algorithm with a good plan.

Such a plan won’t tire you, nor will it exhaust you, and Suunto provides you with that in its sports mode. The best part is its GPS Navigation. As we mentioned, Suunto is the best smartwatch brand regarding GPS navigation.

Furthermore, their breadcrumbs map technology will always satisfy you, even when you are on the verge of a cliff.

Coros also uses the same breadcrumbs technology but needs to make many changes. One of the biggest challenges for Coros regarding GPS is they need to optimize it the way Suunto has done.

Which One Is The Best For Cycling? 

When it comes to cycling, Suunto is again better than Coros because it has more variety of features.

Talking about Coros, they offer different modes from where you can warm up, then start the cycling mode. Basic features like checking your speed will be available so you can keep an eye on mph. There is a unique warmup option for you to prepare for your cycling workout to avoid injuries.

You can also put rest when you have stopped cycling and then start again at the same time. Most of the basic features are here, but Suunto defeats Coros because of several advanced features.

Suunto has introduced AI-based technology in their watches that have helped them improve in so many aspects. First, the warmup modes come with exercises that will help you prepare for cycling and focus on your legs so you can exert more power with less effort.

You can set a goal for yourself and then cycle to push through the limits. Your cycling grade, speed, and cadence will be displayed on one screen, which is a big plus.

Not only that, you will get a detailed report after cycling that allows you to look into statistics and understand where you lack and need improvement.

If you are a cyclist, you should choose Suunto because it outperforms Coros.

Final Words 

We can’t determine one brand as the best because of the difference in budget and many other features.

If you are tight on budget and aren’t much obsessed with GPS and cycling, go for Coros because it gives tough competition to Suunto in almost every prospect. In contrast, if you have a higher budget, then always opt for Suunto because the results are evident. 

Suunto is better than Coros in GPS, sleep monitoring, and design. However, Coros is great with accuracy. The only negative aspect we found in their watches is the absence of cycling features.

Moreover, it is strongly advised that you understand why you are purchasing a watch in the first place. Is it for hiking, running, or swimming? If you can answer yourself, then not only will it help you select the best watch brand, but it will also help you make a decent purchase.

We hope you liked the article and it helped you understand which smartwatch brand is best for you.

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