Should I Wear Watch While Sleeping? | Explained!

Most of the people often ask whether they should wear watch while sleeping or not?

It’s not a good idea to sleep with the watch; most eyes are made with metals that can harm your wrist during the night. During sleep, we insert pressure on our watch that affects the quality of the watch and leaves a stain on your wrist. 

But some people use fitness trackers to measure their sleep, so you can wear them during sleep because fitness trackers are comfortable and lightweight that will not harm your wrist. 

There are different advantages and downsides of wearing a watch at night so let’s discuss them.

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Should You Wear Watch While Sleeping?

You can wear the watch at night, but it’s not a good approach; constant wearing of the watch can tighten it on your wrist. And if your wrist vein is compressed for a long time, it will affect your blood circulation and cause pain in your wrist or arm. 

Especially if you are using luminous watches, it’s not recommended to wear them while sleeping. As luminous watches emit radium in very small amounts, its constant transmission in your skin can cause several health problems.

Apart from this, wearing a watch while sleeping also affects the watch’s quality. In most cases, the watch’s straps may detach from the dial part. 

The Pros Of Wearing Watch While Sleeping

Is it not OK to wear my watch to bed?

Time Until Morning

Many people are habitual of looking at the time when they wake up during the night, and some just want to know while others want to feel the satisfaction of knowing how much more time they have until they have to wake up.

If one sleeps with lights on, a simple watch will do the job; however, if you cannot sleep until your area is dark, a watch with a light or a smartwatch may be a much better option.

Less Possibility of Forgetting

Forgetful individuals often find it hard to remember little things, like putting on their watch in the morning. Due to this, they often struggle during the day because as much as mobile phones have made lives easy, they cannot be taken everywhere.

[su_box title=”For Example”]You need to use the restroom, so there are low chances that you would want to take your phone in there, especially if you fear dropping it in the toilet.[/su_box]

Also, when you are in a meeting, it seems rude to check your phone even if you only want to look at the time. Therefore a watch can be helpful in situations like these.

Easier Access to Phone

If you wear a smartwatch that connects to the phone, it will help you check your messages and attend calls even if your phone is far away or on the charge, so you cannot remove it.

While sleeping, wearing your smartwatch will mean you will not have to reach out for your phone in a sleepy state. There is also the risk of breaking something or anything falling, including your phone.

The Cons Of Wearing Watch While Sleeping

Is it safe to wear smartwatch while sleeping?

May Hurt You

If you wear your watch to sleep, there is a possibility that you may hurt yourself or your watch hand. It could either happen while you are changing sides, or if you end up sleeping on your hand, it can hurt you badly.

It is best to take it off before you sleep unless you need it to check the time or your message if you wake up.

Sleep Disruption

If you sleep in a very quiet environment and wear a mechanical watch, the ticking sound may disrupt your sleep. However, that may not be a problem if you are a hard sleeper.

On the other hand, a smartwatch may ring when you receive a message or call, and while that might be a requirement for some people who have jobs that call employees at odd hours, such as doctors or policemen.

If such is not the case with you, a smartwatch may disrupt your sleep, so it is better to take it off or at least shut it off before you sleep.


DIgital and smartwatches emit a small amount of radiation which can be harmful in the far future.

Some emit magnetic and electric radiations, while smartwatches release radio-frequency radiations, which are a lot more harmful than magnetic and electric comparatively.


If you sleep with your watch on, you end up finding a broken watch in the morning because you slept on it, or when you moved, it crashed into something. If you have one specific watch that you use every day, a broken watch could become a problem.

Are There More Pros or More Cons?

It would not be accurate to state whether the pro side is heavier or the con side because some advantages of wearing your watch when you sleep may be more beneficial to some people, while others may not benefit from it that much.

The same applies to the downsides of wearing a watch as some of the disadvantages may be significant to some people while not that much to others.

[su_box title=”For Example”]For someone who always has had the habit of checking the time immediately after they wake up, wearing a watch may feel necessary. However, another individual who does not care about it that much may not find this advantageous.[/su_box]

Another example is the con of wearing a watch to sleep. Some people are restless sleepers who move a lot while they sleep, so the chances of them breaking the watch may be much higher than someone who sleeps and wakes up in the same position.

How Should You Decide?

As mentioned previously, the pros and cons play a different role in every person’s life. If you feel like you cannot give up wearing a watch even while sleeping, as the pros are essential to you, you should wear a watch.

However, if you believe that the pros are legitimate, but the cons overpower them, then you know what to do! Take off that watch before right sleeping!


If you believe that having a watch with you while you sleep is essential for time or notification purposes, but you are unwilling to sleep with it, you can find another way!

You can keep your watch beside you on your bed before going to sleep. If you do this, you will not have to keep wearing it while you sleep, but it will be near you, therefore, making it easier to access it.

You can also keep it on your nightstand or any table or chair close to your bed, or at least within reachable distance.

You can also keep your phone close to you to check out the time or text messages if you have a job that requires you to respond as early as possible.

If you need a watch to see the time, you should replace your smartwatch with a regular or digital one. This is because they do not release radiation frequency radiation, which is much more harmful than electric and magnetic radiation.

[su_note note_color=”#a7ddfd”]Also Read: Can I Wear a Fitness Tracker With Watch[/su_note]


As stated previously, it depends on person to person when it comes to the necessity of wearing a watch even while sleeping. If you believe that the pros are much more important to you than the cons, you can wear your watch while sleeping, too.

There are no immediate life-threatening reasons due to which you should not wear a watch. However, the radiation emitted can prove to be harmful in the longer run. Therefore it is best to be safe not to wear it to bed.

If you decide to wear it, make sure to replace it with something better and less harmful such as a basic watch that only shows time.

You can also keep a table clock if you own a nightstand as it will fulfil the purpose of showing the time, which the watch was doing previously.


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