Starting a weight loss journey can be an exciting yet challenging task.

The most difficult task in this journey is to figure out the best things to eat that shred some pounds.

Most people often turn to salads to achieve their dream weight goals, but unfortunately, most of them are packed with extra fat and calories.

Without proper selection and knowledge of salads, people can’t lose weight. Instead, they gain more pounds, leading to stressful situations.

So, for this reason, it’s important to be careful when eating clean and select salads with extremely low calories.

That’s why I have shared a collection of 30 salads under 300 calories to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

But before that, I’ve listed some salad rules for the perfect salad with low calories and tastes good.

So let’s have a look at them first.


The Rules of Salad Under 300 Calories

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  • You should use low-calorie ingredients like spinach, arugula, or kale as your Salad base.
  • Your Salad needs to have a source of protein. Whether it’s meat, chickpeas, or nuts, adding protein will help keep you full.
  • Avoid high-calorie ingredients like cheese, nuts, seeds, or dry fruits.
  • It must contain plenty of low-calorie vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, etc.
  • Your dress needs to be perfect. f the dressing sucks, your Salad will suck. So you should be picky about dressings.


1- Fast Carrot and Beetroot Salad

If you’re in a rush and need a healthy and low-calorie salad, this carrot and beetroot salad is just the choice.

Easy, simple, naturally sweet, vegan-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and with only 238 calories per serving.

2- Tex-Mex Cowboy Salad

This Tex Mex Salad recipe is an easy summer side with veggies, beans, and corn.

It’s a delicious combination of flavors and textures with only 242 calories.

3- Taco Salad Recipe

This taco salad recipe comes together in 10 minutes with simple, fresh ingredients.

It is one of the easiest salad recipes, with just 246 calories.

4- Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe

Cucumber Tomato Salad is the best of summer’s harvest.

It’s my favorite choice nowadays because it combines crisp cucumbers and luscious tomatoes with bright and creamy lemon poppy seed dressing.

92 Calories with an exceptional taste. Isn’t it amazing?

5- Vegan Coleslaw with Creamy Cashew Mayo

Surprise your taste buds with this creamy, colorful, crunchy, and packed with Vitamin C vegan coleslaw. 

It’s a perfect, easy vegan summer salad for your next BBQ, potluck, or taco night with 258 calories per serving.

 6- Arugula Nectarine Salad

This arugula nectarine salad with fresh basil dressing is ideal for summer or fall! 

Its flavors and colors will make it the go-to for your menu.

With only 141 calories, it’s easy to make in less than 15 minutes.

7- Korean Cucumber Salad

This simple Korean Cucumber Salad is easy to make and is a zesty, spicy side dish for any meal.

It takes only 30 minutes to be served on your table and contains just 40 calories per serving.

8- Peach Salad with Cherries

This lovely peach salad is an explosion of gorgeous flavors, with happy summer sunshine in every bite!

This vegetarian, gluten-free recipe, ready in just 30 minutes, and contains only 91 calories.

9- Pecan Chicken Salad

The Pecan Chicken Salad belongs to some other universe. All magic lies in its quick Maple-Balsamic Dressing.

It’s just CRAZY, delicious, and contains 146 calories.

10- Easy Mandarin Salad Recipe

This Mandarin Salad is an ideal option for a healthy lunch or dinner.

You’ll love the flavors in this salad recipe. Has 187 calories for a 2.5 cup serving.

11- Ultimate Copycat Panera Strawberry Poppyseed

Packed with fresh fruits, crunchy pecans, and a creamy dairy-free dressing, it’s perfect for lunch, dinner, or your next potluck. 

Get ready to savor the flavors of summer without worrying about weight gain because it has 300 calories.


Enjoy this easy and healthy simple spinach salad in just minutes.

It’s a fresh side dish with 155 calories and goes with any meal or can be enjoyed for lunch.

13- Make Ahead Apple Almond Poppyseed Salad

This delicious and easy Apple Almond Poppyseed salad with chicken can be enjoyed anytime.

It’s a game-changer in my love for salads because of the fruit and poppyseed dressing.

Contains 200 calories per serving.


Cucumber Strawberry salad is a perfect addition to any meal or as a standalone dish. 

It’s a refreshing and vibrant dish with 196 calories. So, I must give it a try!


This vegan wilted spinach salad is the easiest warm Salad you can make in just 15 minutes.

With 145 calories, it can be a major helper in achieving your weight loss goals.


This simple Salad is perfect all year round & can be made in just 10 minutes!

Made using simple ingredients, it contains only 175 calories.

17- Cherry Tomato Salad

This Cherry Tomato Salad is light, flavourful, and so delicious with the perfect combination of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, and herbs.

With 172 calories, it’s a perfect summer dish or light lunch.

18- Balsamic Tomato Basil Salad

Enjoy Balsamic Tomato Basil Salad in just 10 minutes. 

With 194 calories, this low-carb and gluten-free Salad is a light lunch or delicious side to all your favorite main courses.


Healthy Quinoa Salad is a refreshing, easy-to-make, delicious recipe perfect for any season. 

A 10 mint salad with only 230 calories.

20- Turkey Avocado Salad

With 288 calories, this Salad also stands out as the best option for dinner, with just 15 minutes of preparation time.

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