How To Charge a Smartwatch Without Charger?

Do you own a smartwatch but lack a charger? Or you may be traveling and prefer not to carry the additional weight of the charger.

Regardless, this blog article is intended for you! This article will demonstrate how to charge a smartwatch without a charging cable.

Your smartwatch can be charged in several different ways. Use a power bank or a USB connector on your PC.

Wireless portable chargers are convenient, but DC or phone chargers plugged in at home are also viable options.

You can utilize the smartphone’s reverse charging feature if you own an expensive smartwatch or a flagship smartphone from Apple, Samsung, etc. So keep reading to know the best ways to charge your smartwatch without a charger.

How To Charge a Smartwatch Without Charger?

1- Use a Power Bank

Many people use power banks to keep their devices charged while on the go. However, power banks can also be used to charge a smartwatch.

To do this, simply connect the power bank to the smartwatch using the included charging cable. Then, press the “Charge” button on the power bank.

The smartwatch will begin charging, and the power bank’s indicator light will turn on. The charging process may take a few hours, so it is best to leave the power bank connected.

Once the smartwatch is fully charged, you can disconnect it from the power bank and reconnect it to your smartphone or laptop.

Power banks are an essential accessory for any tech-savvy individual, and they can come in handy when you need to charge your smartwatch.

2- Use a Portable Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a technology that allows devices to be powered without using physical cables.

Portable wireless chargers are small, convenient devices that can charge various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches.

These chargers work by inductively transferring energy from the charger to the smartwatch.

To use a portable wireless charger, place the watch on the charging pad and ensure it is properly aligned.

Most chargers will have an indicator light to inform you when the watch is properly charged. It takes two hours to charge a smartwatch using a portable wireless charger.

In addition to being highly convenient, portable wireless chargers are also relatively affordable, making them an excellent option for anyone who owns a smartwatch.

3- Use a USB Port on Your Computer

USB, or Universal Serial Bus, ports are standard on almost all computers. While they were originally designed for connecting peripherals like keyboards and mice, they can also charge devices like phones and smartwatches.

To charge a smartwatch using a USB port, you will need to use a cable that is compatible with the watch.

Most smartwatches come with a USB charging cable, but if you don’t have one, you can usually purchase one online or at an electronics store.

Once you have the suitable cable, connect one end to the USB port on your computer and the other to the charging port on your watch. The process is usually simple and only takes a minute or two.

4- Use a Wall-Mounted Dc or Mobile Phone Charger

A wall-mounted or mobile phone charger can charge a smartwatch by attaching the watch to the charger using a USB charging cable and connecting the charger to a power source.

The watch will then draw power from the charger and begin charging. Smartwatches typically take a few hours to charge fully, so it is essential to leave the watch on the charger for the duration of the charging process.

Once the watch is fully charged, it can be disconnected from the charger and worn as usual.

Charging a smartwatch using a wall-mounted or mobile phone charger is a convenient way to keep the watch powered up.

5- Use a Reverse Charge from a Smartphone

Most flagship smartwatches support wireless charging, while most flagship smartphones offer reverse charging. The reverse charge option is useful when you forget your watch charger at home while traveling.

By activating this option on your phone, you can charge your smartwatch using your phone.

Connect the back of your smartphone to the back of your smartwatch, and your smartwatch will begin receiving power from your smartphone. The charging will only occur if the watch is placed directly on top of the charging coil.

Not only does this come in handy in an emergency, but it also means that you’ll never have to worry about your smartwatch running out of juice.

So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your smartwatch charged, enable the reverse charge feature on your smartphone.

Best Way to Charge Samsung Watch Without Charger

The best way to charge your Samsung watch without a charger is to use the wireless powershare option.

This feature allows you to transfer power from your phone to your watch, meaning you can charge your watch without having to plug it into a wall outlet or USB port.

Most Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy fold, Galaxy Z flip, Galaxy S20 series, and Note 20 series, support “Wireless Powershare.”

Place your watch on your phone and select the “Wireless Powershare” option from the menu to use this feature. Your watch will begin charging immediately, and you can continue using it while it charges.

The wireless powershare option is a convenient way to keep your Samsung watch charged without needing a separate charger, and it’s also great for emergencies when you can’t access a charger.

Charge Your Fitbit & Garmin Smartwatch Without Charger

Users of Fitbit and Garmin can also charge their gadgets without a charger. For these devices, there is a portable magnetic charger. These chargers are very portable due to their small weight.

This portable charger eliminates the need for an additional charging cable and the associated nuisance of wire tangles. It protects the watch and charger from damage caused by excessive current, voltage, short circuits, or temperature.

USB Type-A is included, allowing you to use this charger with any device that accepts Type-A USB connections. The Fitbit watch should be placed backward on the charging mat once the cord has been connected.

Garmin watches charging docks can also be used. This is a practical option for powering your smartwatch.

How Can an Apple Watch Be Charged Without a Charger?

The Apple Watch is a popular technology, but keeping it charged when you’re away from home can be difficult.

One way to charge your Apple Watch without a charger is to use a portable power bank. Most power banks have a built-in Lightning connector that can be used to charge the watch.

Another option for charging an Apple Watch without a charger is a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

These chargers use inductive charging, which means that they transfer energy through electromagnetic induction. To use a wireless charger, place the watch on it and wait for it to begin charging.

Making use of an adapter made for Apple products is another option. The Apple Watch can be charged using the same power adapter as any other Apple device with a Lightning connection or 30-pin Dock connector.

Insert the power adapter’s connector into your watch’s back, and then link the other end to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Finally, some people may find that they can charge their Apple Watch by connecting it to a USB port on their computer. However, this method is not recommended by Apple and may only work with some computers.


How Long Is the Charging Time for A Smartwatch?

Depending on the smartwatch’s make and model and the charger used, the charging time can range from 30 minutes to several hours.

Can Any Charger Be Used to Charge the Smartwatch?

The short answer to this question is yes, any charger can be used to charge the smartwatch. It is important to make sure that the charger is compatible with the smartwatch.
The charger must use the same connector type as the smartwatch. For example, the charger must also use a micro-USB connector if the smartwatch uses a micro-USB connector.

Can I Charge My Smartwatch Using My Phone’s Charger?

Your smartwatch can be charged using the same charger as your phone. You need to verify that your phone charger is compatible with your smartwatch.


Even though your watch probably came with a charging cord, you may find yourself without it at some point. Even if you don’t have the original charger, you can still charge your smartwatch differently.

One way is to use a power bank. Another option is to invest in a portable wireless charger. If you have access to a USB port on your computer, you can also use that to charge your watch.

Additionally, many people find it helpful to charge their smartwatch using a wall-mounted DC or mobile phone charger.

Finally, some smartphones can provide enough power to charge another device through reverse charging.

We hope these solutions can benefit you when you need access to an original charger.

However, there are more efficient methods than these charging methods. If you want to charge your smartwatch quickly and securely, you should use the original charger.

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