15 High protein Low Carb Snacks

Low-carb and high-protein snacks are your best companions if you’re on a weight loss journey or investing your energy in strength training workouts. 

Who doesn’t want a shredded body and beautiful muscles without the ugly fat? You must focus on a high protein and low carbs diet along with your training to achieve that shape. 

15 High protein Low Carb Snacks

I’ve been doing weight training for many years, and to stand out in this game, you need to eat healthy, clean, high-protein, and low-carb diets. After a lot of research and experimenting with different foods, I’ve come across these 15 healthy and delicious food options. 

Benefits Of High Protein And Low Carbs Food 

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  • High protein food stabilizes blood sugar levels and provides a steady source of energy throughout the day. 
  • Protein helps muscle building and growth and is perfect for athletes.
  • Low carbs and high protein snacks are like a fat burner, and with regular use of these meals, you will get a shredded body that everyone dreams of. 
  • Such types of meals are best for diabetic patients. These foods stabilize blood sugar levels, particularly for individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance.


1- High Protein low Carb Snacks

This colorful protein snack tray features hard-boiled eggs, almonds, veggies, hummus, and cheddar cheese, perfect for those who have a high protein intake.

You will get 34 grams of protein per serving, which is better than your breakfast oatmeal. 

2- Healthy biscoff protein balls

Looking for something more crunchy and delicious? Try these healthy biscoff protein balls that are kid-friendly and perfect for parties or picnics. 

The good thing about these Biscoff protein balls is they come out in just 10 minutes and need a few staple ingredients to prepare. 

3- High Protein Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

I can’t live without pizzas, and when it comes to high-protein pizzas, this chicken Caesar pizza is near to my heart. 

This salad features chicken crust and is topped with refreshing Caesar salad, which makes it a perfect treat for summer days. This pizza contains 10 g of carbs and 49 g of protein– which is insane, that’s why, my friend. Always eat it as a post-workout to load that protein into their muscles. 

4- Yuk Sung – Classic Chinese lettuce wraps

Chinese are diet-conscious, and most Chinese cuisine has low carbs and fats. Similarly, this Yuk Sung lettuce wrap is a light and refreshing treat filled with lean ground beef, celery, mushrooms, and some basic spices. 

The taste is amazing and better than any Chinese restaurant takeout. You can further customize it and add vegetables to make it more healthier. 


Are you looking for a recipe that comes out under just 5 minutes? Look no further than this high-protein chocolate mousse, a perfect snack to fulfill your craving for something sweet and high in protein. 

You can also whip up these snacks for your kid’s lunch box, picnics, or to feed large gatherings. 

6- No Bake Keto Protein Bars

These no-bake keto protein bars are budget-friendly, easy to make,  and have an irresistible taste. Perfect for folks who are on a keto diet because these bars have less than 1g of carbs. 

Plus, they do not bake and come out in under 5 minutes. The whey protein isolate gives high-quality protein, and you can also use this treat as a post-workout. 

7- Almond Bars

Get some protein in your diet with these almond bars made with coconut oil, which enhances the taste and makes them more delicious. 

Almond butter is one of the healthier ingredients, but you can replace it with peanut butter. It is best for kids, adjusters, and anyone who is craving healthy, sweet snacks. 

9- Keto Cheese Crisps

If you hate carbs and want only 1g of carbs, try these keto cheese chips that offer a delicious sweet and salty taste. 

The crispy, cheesy, rich texture will make you like this recipe. You can use your favorite seasoning to elevate the flavors. Thankfully, this recipe only needs three ingredients and comes out in under 10 minutes. 


These key lime pie truffles are my favorite afternoon snacks. It’s made of lime juice, vanilla extract, and fruit sweeteners. All these ingredients make the truffles so refreshing and are the best option for summer days. 

Easy to make in a large batch and to feed crowds. These truffles are also the best bet for people who are looking for gluten-free, sugar-free, and low-carb snacks. 


I love this healthy Tuna salad because it is packed with protein, probiotics, and veggies! This gluten-free recipe is a breeze to whip up in 5 minutes, making it perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. 

With ingredients like canned tuna, cherry tomatoes, celery, and fresh mint, this salad bursts with wholesome goodness. Versatile and delicious, enjoy it on toast, lettuce leaves, whole grain crackers, or even as a wrap.

13- Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Peanut butter is a fantastic source of protein, and these chocolaty peanut butter bars are a delicious way to fuel your day with a healthy snack.

And without baking, you can make these bars in just a few minutes. The oats inside these bars further increase the nutrient value, and it’s truly the best snack for post-workouts. 

14- Mexican Pizza

With 42 g of protein, this Mexican pizza is my go-to recipe for weekends. The spicy, cheesy, and tangy flavor gives an utterly delicious taste for kids and adults. 

This pizza is delicious, and its vibrant appearance will wow your guests. It’s perfect as an afternoon snack or a complete dinner to make your kids happy.

15- Maple Cashew Crunch Energy Bites

Maple Cashew Crunch Energy Bites are the perfect on-the-go snack, blending healthy ingredients with a sweet treat taste.

Made with rolled oats, peanut butter, crunchy cashews, and a light chocolate drizzle, these bites are ready in 15 minutes using only six ingredients. 

They’re a great option for busy times, providing a protein-packed, refined, sugar-free alternative to store-bought snacks.

14- Cottage Cheese Smoothie 

If you’re a fan of smoothies and looking for a healthier and refreshing smoothie to beat the heat, try this cottage cheese smoothie. The cottage cheese brings a thicker and creamier texture, making that feel so much more delicious and filling. 

With no added artificial sugar, this thicker smoothie is also the best option for kids during the summer. 

15- Spicy Roasted Cashews 

These spicy roasted cashews are no fuss, budget-friendly, and have quick recipes perfect for people who want gluten-free and vegan snacks. 

Made with unsalted cashews, fresh rosemary, dried thyme, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and kosher salt, all tossed in olive oil, they’re a healthy and versatile treat.

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