Being a vegetarian, achieving your protein intake goals seems a difficult task. 

I understand this problem but don’t worry. It’s just a myth.

I’ve found 20 high-protein vegetarian meals full of flavors, healthy, and fun to make.


They are delicious and packed with healthy ingredients and contain enough protein to keep you satisfied for hours!

Want to shred some pounds or build muscle? If so, you should try these meals that are high in protein.

So below are 20 high-protein vegetarian meals. They’re not only delicious but will also skyrocket your progress in losing weight or building muscle.

So, go ahead and dig right in!

1- Healthy Pumpkin Chili Recipe

This Healthy Pumpkin Chili is an autumn favorite. 

I love its healthful ingredients and big, bold flavors. Your family will thank you for serving comfort in a bowl.

2- The Best Vegetarian Chili

This is the best vegetarian Chili I’ve ever tried.

You will be surprised by its big, bold flavors.

3- Vegetarian Eggplant Lasagna

This Vegetarian Eggplant Lasagna is a delicious, low-carb way to enjoy a classic Lasagna.

4- Air Fryer Vegan Lentil Burgers

You will love these delicious, homemade vegan lentil burgers. 

They are absolutely delicious and loaded with green lentils, sweet potato, carrots, and red onion.

5- Mediterranean Lentil Salad

This healthy salad works perfectly as a side dish to a meal or even as lunch with pita bread and hummus. 

6- Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Recipe

Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Recipe is a hearty vegetarian recipe for a nice main meal or side.

7- Best Black Bean Burger Recipe

Make this mouth-watering black bean burger in just a few steps.

It’s both nutritious and satisfying, perfect for your first or next culinary adventure.

8- Red Lentil Dal

This vegan light dhal is simply divine. It’s also sugar- and gluten-free, so all can dig in.

9- Green Moong Beans (Sprouts) Pulao

Vegan Green Mung Dal Pulao is a protein, iron & fiber-rich, vegan, plant-based, one-pot wholesome meal.

10- Spinach & Chickpeas Pulao Rice

Palak Kabuli Chana Rice is a Vegan, Plant-Based, South Indian Style one-pot meal with spinach (Palak) & Chickpeas (Chana).

11- Easy Vegetarian Keto Breakfast Plate

Serve this easy vegetarian keto breakfast with a slice of sourdough or rye bread, and give yourself a head start!

12- Frittata Cavolo

This Frittata Cavolo is super easy to cook and loaded with healthy stuff.

13- Quick Healthy Vegetarian Plateau

Check out this healthy vegetarian plateau. 

You’ll enjoy great cheeses, boiled eggs, bread, and summer vegetables. 


Dive into the best vegan BBQ sandwich loaded with homemade seitan—packed with flavor and 32 grams of protein per serving!


This vegan fettuccine alfredo recipe is the best you’ll ever eat. 

It’s made with a homemade dairy-free alfredo sauce and takes 30 minutes.


This easy vegan spaghetti with homemade seitan ground “beef” will satisfy all your cravings.

I guarantee you haven’t tried the best vegan spaghetti like this one.

17- High-Protein Low-Carb Lupini Bean Hummus

This nutrient-dense, high-protein lupini-based hummus recipe is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and keto-friendly.

18- High-Protein Overnight Pumpkin Oats

This is an awesome vegan breakfast to wake up to, and it’s super customizable.

It’s the best way to start the day with a healthy and delicious breakfast without compromising taste.

19- Easy Edamame and Green Pea Pasta

 Easy Edamame and Green Pea Pasta is a bright, healthy, and satisfying meal for any day of the week.

It uses simple ingredients and only takes 30 minutes of prep time!

20- Seasoned Tempeh and Black Bean Burrito Bowls

These tempeh burrito bowls are a great recipe for a weeknight meal when you’re looking for something delicious yet healthy.

High-in-protein ingredients will help you achieve your protein intake goals.

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