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Can Smartwatch Play Music Without Phone?

Felix LeoJan 9, 202213 min read
Can Smartwatch Play Music Without Phone?

Smartwatches are mostly use to track your daily fitness routine, and some smartwatches also allows you to make calls, use GPS, and more have more…

Do Garmin Watches Measure Blood Pressure? Yes or No!

Felix LeoJan 5, 20224 min read
Do Garmin Watches Measure Blood Pressure

Since 1989 Garmin has been making market-leading smartwatches. Garmin watches mainly focus on measuring your outdoor performance.  You might have seen tons of health tracking…

Does Apple Watch Always On Display Drains Battery? Fact!

Felix LeoJan 5, 20224 min read
Apple Watch Always On Display Drains Battery?

The always-on display is very useful to view your notifications, time, date, steps count, calories burned, and other things when the screen is turned off.…

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Tips And Tricks + (Avoid These Features)

Felix LeoDec 30, 20218 min read
garmin vivoactive 3 tips and tricks

If you have recently owned a Garmin Vivoactive 3 and don’t know much about this watch, then you are in the right place to know…

Why is My Apple Watch Screen Green? (SOLVED!)

Felix LeoDec 23, 20213 min read
Why is My Apple Watch Screen Green?

The majority of issues that arise on a daily basis, particularly those involving the Apple Watch screen going green, have a simple solution. We will…

15 Best Garmin Watch Faces (2023 Updated)

Felix LeoDec 22, 202114 min read
best garmin watch faces

There are tons of Garmin watch faces available on Garmin Connect IQ so that you can customize your watch regularly according to your outfit.  Garmin…