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Fitbit Fall Detection: Which Fitbit Has Fall Detection!

Felix LeoJul 21, 20235 min read
Fitbit watches have various amazing features, but unluckily Fitbit watches don't have fall detection. To get fall detection on Fitbit, you can use...

Fitbit is one of the eminent brands in the fitness tracking industry. It offers all those features that help you to stay fit and active.…

10 Best Smartwatches For Construction Workers

Felix LeoJul 17, 202321 min read
Best Smartwatches For Construction Workers

Are you a construction worker and looking for a durable smartwatch for your wrist? You’re in the right place. I have shared some of the…

7 Top-Rated Watches for Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

Felix LeoJul 12, 202318 min read
Watches for Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking has become a fun activity nowadays. And an MTB watch can make it even more exciting. The latest MTB watches offer built-in GPS…

7 Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists in 2024

Felix LeoJul 8, 202318 min read
Best Smartwatch For Small Wrists

Finding the perfect smartwatch for a small wrist can be a daunting task. The market has options, but many are designed with larger wrists in…

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm VS 40mm: Get the Best Now!

Felix LeoJul 8, 202314 min read
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm VS 40mm

Galaxy Watch 4 series has two different versions based solely on size. These Samsung watch models include 44mm and 40mm. You might be concerned about…

Do You Need A Sim Card For An Apple Watch? (Explained)

Felix LeoJul 4, 20236 min read
do you need a Sim Card For An Apple Watch?

Apple watches do not need a sim card because they have a sim card embedded in them. This embedded sim card is known as eSIM.…