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  • Trying New Smartwatches
  • Tech Enthusiast
  • Love To Compare Wearables
  • Love To Take Part In Fitness Challenges.
  • Passionate Strength Training Venturesome
  • Fond Of Testing Smartwatches, And Fitness Tracker In Gym.

Felix Leo is a passionate smartwatch enthusiast. He has been in this industry since 2017 and aims to help people adopt smart wearables in their life. With a deep passion for the smart wearable industry, he frequently tests smartwatches and shares authentic knowledge with his audience. 

With a unique blend of technical expertise and a genuine love for smart devices, Felix carefully evaluates each product he reviews, ensuring that his readers receive honest and comprehensive assessments. 

He delves into each device’s features, functionalities, and usability, providing readers with a holistic understanding of their potential benefits and drawbacks.

Felix’s goal is to help people to understand smartwatches and get the maximum benefit out of them. Through informative articles and helpful guides, he equips his audience with practical tips, tricks, and best practices for optimizing their fitness tracking. 

He loves Fitbits and Whoop trackers, as these provide valuable data regarding health and fitness. Besides that, Felix tests and compares several smartwatches to identify which is best for cycling, hiking, running, strength training, yoga, sleep tracking, health tracking, and more. 

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How Accurate Is Fitbit Heart Rate? [Real Time Testing]

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6 Best Smartwatches For Calling And Texting [2024 list]

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Despite tracking your fitness and health, smartwatches can call and reply to text messages.  Even though many smartwatches are available in the market, only a few can be used for calls and texts.  We have tested several smartwatches, their microphone…

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Charging: [10 Quick Fixes]

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Samsung Galaxy watches provides dozens of smart and health-tracking features. But it will stop tracking your health if it’s not charged.  It’s even worst when your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not charging. This situation can put you in trouble because…