Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down? (8 Reasons)

Most of the time, you have seen that people wear watches upside down on their wrists. 

Remember that everyone is different, and various people will usually have different interests and opinions. It’s entirely up to you which manner you choose to wear your wristwatch. 

Some people wear their watches upside-down because of their habits. By merely turning their wrist up, some watch users find it simpler to read the time. 

Is there any benefit of wearing a watch upside down? In this article, we will discuss why people wear watches upside down.

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8 Reasons to Wear a Watch Upside Down

wearing watch upside down

Wearing the watch on the inside of your wrists has some pretty good reasons, and we are sure you will enjoy them. These reasons may seem insane to others, but that is the best option for the wearer.

There are seven key reasons why individuals may prefer to wear their watches on the inside of their wrist:

  • Watches as a fashion statement
  • Keeping your watch safe from harm
  • Make it simple to read your wristwatch.
  • Prevent your watch from glaring and reflecting.
  • Grab Attention
  • Easy in multitasking
  • Personal Choice

Let’s go over the reasons in greater detail below:

1- Watches as a Fashion Statement

The passage of time brings with it changes in fashion or trends. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to represent ourselves. In today’s world, everyone wants to show off their uniqueness. No doubt, watches can play an essential role in conveying one’s personality.

One way to switch up your look is to wear your watch on your wrist. The majority of individuals nowadays wear their watches on their wrists backward.

2- Keeping Your Watch Safe from Harm

One of the most important reasons to wear a watch backward is to protect it from damage. Even wristwatches used to be tough, but they couldn’t withstand scratches and minor damage.

It is for this reason that watchmakers have concentrated their efforts on developing extremely durable watches.

When wearing a watch, you don’t want any scratches or damage to the crystal or dial. As a result, if the watch is not worn inside the wrist, the possibilities of colliding with a hard object are increased.

The watch will be less likely to be destroyed if worn backward because it is less exposed to the elements. Regardless of whether your watch is pricey or not, you will always want to look after it.

3- Prevent your Watch from Glaring and Reflecting

Every human being with eyes needs to avoid reflection and glare. It is self-evident that it is difficult to track the position of watch hands when traveling and to wish to check the time.

Even if your watch is digital, reading the numbers is difficult. Furthermore, the reflection of glass is harmful to our eyes.

Though, this is not a significant issue that affects average individuals. However, in situations where soldiers are engaged in combat, this reflection would be a fatal cause of battle loss. Soldiers’ concentration may shift here and there while they are in a reflective position.

Furthermore, if it diverts your focus away from the activity at hand, glare can be pretty distracting and lead to mishaps.

4- Grab Attention

Wearing a watch backward is the complete opposite of the current fashion trend. It is the reason that this style aids in attracting someone’s attention.

It is not as frequent among guys. Because ladies wear their wristwatches in the opposite direction, it is very prevalent among girls. However, it is undeniably an attention-getting approach for males.

5- Easy in Multitasking

When wearing the watch inverted, the reading angle is really useful. It enables you to continue working without wasting valuable time. While conducting any work, wearing a watch upside down also allows you to adjust the time rapidly.

6- Personal Choice

If you believe that none of the above-mentioned arguments is valid. The reason for tying the watch inside could therefore be personal preference.

Because there are billions of people in the world, everybody has their own choice. Some individuals prefer the watch in this style, while others prefer it in another.

Most people who have worn a watch inside their wrist will not be able to give you a valid justification. Then they will express their admiration for the watch in this manner.

7- Make it Simple to Read Your Wristwatch.

Wearing a watch on the top of one’s wrist makes it easy to read for most individuals. For many people, however, this is not true.

It makes sense for persons who deal with guns or instruments regularly or those whose employment requires them to hold their arms in a specific position to wear their watch backward.

For example, you should never twist your wrist while holding a brush if you’re a painter. It may ruin the beauty of your work. Wearing in an inward direction allows you to concentrate on your task and maintain track of time. By this, you won’t have to rotate your wrist at all.

8- A Big Reality

why people wear watch upside down

If you are a smartwatch user, this section might be interesting. Smartwatches come with different sensors to record your heart rate and other activities. 

Most people wear smartwatches upside down because they think that a smartwatch can give more accurate data. But the reality is smartwatch shows the same data whether you wear them upside down or up. 

I tested my HR on Galaxy Watch Active 2 by changing its position. And on both positions, I get an equal amount of results, and just results fluctuate by a difference of 1 or 2. 

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Types of People Who Usually Wear Their Watches Upside Down

Some citizens like to wear their timepieces upside down for reasons unknown to them or simply because they prefer it.

For the majority of others, it’s due to their line of work. Police officers and military people fall into this category. People who operate in war zones prefer to wear their timepieces in this manner as well.

There are a variety of other professions and situations in which wearing a watch backward is perfectly acceptable. Some pilots still reverse their timepieces to aid in the timing distance calculations.

Moreover, emergency medical technicians and paramedics are among the other professionals that prefer to wear their watches this way.


To sum up, it’s all about the justifications of the perplexing question, “why do people wear watches upside down?”

There are no written regulations for how to wear a watch. People’s preferences influence how they wear their watches. We can’t say whether a person should wear it on one side or the other.

For the uninformed, wearing a watch backward may appear funny, but it’s a practical habit in specialist professions and everyday life.

People wear the watches upside down to make it easier to check the time without twisting their wrists. It also protects the watch face from damage caused by bumping it on rough surfaces while working or walking.

Wearing a watch backward could be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Hence, there is no right or wrong way to do it when wearing the watch.

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