Watchmaker vs Facer: Which One Is Better?

Do you wear a smartwatch? It’s conceivable that you don’t want to observe the same watch face all of the time. With good watch apps like Facer or Watchmaker, you may change your watch faces. But wait, which is the best option?

With hundreds of watch faces to choose from, Watchmaker and Facer are the second most famous watch face applications. Any of these two programs will be excellent for you if you don’t want to grow tired with the same watch face all the time and want to change it now and then.

If you want to pick between them, you’ve come to the perfect location, as we’ll explain why one is better than another in this piece. So let’s get the party starting by comparing the various features of both watch face applications in the table below.

Watchmaker vs Facer: Ratings And Reviews

facer vs watchmaker

According to Watchmaker versus Facer Reddit, Facer provides a vast range of prebuilt watch faces, some free, while some require payment.

On the other hand, Watchmaker lets you customize your watch faces, which appears more pleasurable if you are creative. Additionally, you may obtain precisely what you desire by creating your face.

The Watchmaker has over 51,000 reviews on Google Play, with an average rating of 3.5 stars. In contrast, Facer has 55,000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating. This shows that Facer is considerably more popular and well-liked than the Watchmaker app review, based on average Google Play ratings.

However, the race for the greatest overall rating does not end here. Things take a sudden swing when we get to the App Store ratings. The Watchmaker currently has almost 9,000 reviews on the App Store, with an average of 3.5 stars.

On the other hand, Facer has only five reviews and a 2.6-star average rating. Buyers couldn’t download watch faces, and the producers were ignorant of the issue. Many users have also reported bugs and other issues with the Facer app.

So, based on ratings and reviews, both programs have flaws. Given their roles, app developers should attempt to fix these issues quickly.

Watchmaker vs Facer: Supported Platforms

What watches can use Facer?

We have a tie because both programs are equally excellent in terms of platforms. Watchmaker and Facer are two very popular applications available on all major platforms. You may find a watchmaker on the Google Play Store, App Store, and Galaxy Store. Facer, meanwhile, may be found on these platforms.

Watchmaker vs Facer: Collection Of Watch Faces

Without a doubt, one of the first items you check for when selecting a watch faces app is the watch faces collection. When you look at the watch faces from both applications on your smartphone, you will see an outstanding quality.

The Watchmaker has an exceptionally vast library of watch faces, with over 100,000 accessible in the app. On the other hand, Facer offers a library of 70,000 watch faces. So, based on the collection of watches, we can infer that the Watchmaker app has grabbed the lead.

Watchmaker vs Facer: Customization Of Watch Faces

watchmaker apk

The most interesting element of both applications is that they offer hundreds of watch faces to select from; they also allow you to apply your creativity and make your watch face.

Isn’t this fantastic? The Watchmaker software gives a lot of watch face customization choices. These choices include animations, a map, ring, moon phase, date, day, and time. This isn’t all; there is a slew of additional intriguing features.

Furthermore, if you purchase a Watchmaker premium membership, you will be able to access and use even more features.

Facer, on either hand, cannot create watch faces. If you want to build your watch face, you’ll need to utilize an online watch face creator on your PC or laptop. The basic design of the Facer’s watch face maker is sufficient, although there is room for improvement.

As a result, the Watchmaker app would win based on the User Interface since its watch face-making function is straightforward and inventive.

The Watchmaker software also has a built-in watch face maker, which benefits. As a result, we can again assert that the Watchmaker app is in the lead.

Watchmaker vs Facer: Running Speed Of The Applications

One of the most significant aspects of utilizing an app is its responsiveness. The Watchmaker premium applications, according to users of the Watchmaker and Facer apps, are fairly slow, but the Facer app operates at a flawless pace on the 2nd generation Moto 360.

The Watchmaker software does, however, provide the option of replicating a variety of different timepieces, which looks nice as well. However, the majority of Watchmaker premium watches are not only unstable and slow, but they also often freeze up.

Many users have noted that adding additional functionality to a watch’s face-making software decreases the program’s reliability and speed. People remarked that although Alpina and Blancpain bathyscaphe dials are beautiful, they would lock up their timepieces.

There have been no similar complaints about the Facer app. Users claim that the Facer watch faces work more smoothly and flawlessly than the Watchmaker watch faces.

Watchmaker VS Facer: Battery Consumption

Battery usage is a severe problem linked with various applications, and it’s a drawback for such apps since they tend to deplete the device’s battery faster. When it comes to battery usage with the Watchmaker app, it relies on the Watchmaker watch face you’re using.

If we do precise estimates, the wristwatch would still have 35-45 percent of its life after the 11th hour with most watch faces.

Only 10% of the battery life is left in a few watch faces at 11 p.m., whereas 55 percent remain after the day in others. This implies that the Watchmaker face you’re using impacts battery usage. Some watchmaker watch faces are high-consumption, while others are low-consumption.

Many users have complained about the Facer app’s battery usage, which has been reported to be as high as 10% per hour. As a result, both applications may need some work in terms of battery usage.

Personal User Experience

Now it’s time to talk about some of the additional issues that Watchmaker and Facer users have encountered. Let’s get Watchmaker started. It is simple to use and intuitive, and consumers like this software.

There are no intricacies in this software that might cause you to get confused. Everything is really simple to locate in this app. The existence of a default Dark mode is a significant benefit.

But, one aspect of the program irritates users: the constant ads. Users claim that the adverts keep flashing up after every fourth or fifth touch, aggravating. Furthermore, consumers said that although the Watchmaker has many great features, you will only be able to access most of them if you upgrade to the app’s premium edition.

Now let’s look at the Facer app, which has a nice user experience. It’s also highly user-friendly and intuitive. You’ll have no trouble finding what you’re searching for.

Which one is the most cost-effective?

Both applications are around the same price. It is up to you to choose whether or not you can afford such luxury.

Facer does have a benefit. Because it is a community-driven platform, if a designer gives a watch face for free, users may use it. Facer has several extremely creative watch faces that are accessible for free.

The best thing about this app is that, unlike the Watchmaker app review, it does not include a lot of adverts. As a result, this is a feature of this software that encourages consumers to select Facer over Watchmaker.

You can use many watch faces in this app for free, but you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version if you want to utilize it more.

When we examine the prices of the premium versions of both applications, we can see that the Facer app’s premium subscriptions, whether monthly or annually, are somewhat less expensive than the Watchmaker app’s.


We’ve come to the end of our exhaustive comparison of two fantastic watch face applications. Facer has a history of learning from its errors and keeping its commitments. It’s come a long way in the last few months, and the users appear to like it.

Finally, we’ve explored the positives and downsides of employing both watch face apps. It’s now up to you to determine which one you’d want.

It depends on what you want; for example, you should use the Watchmaker app if you want an app with a built-in watch face creator. On the other hand, the Facer app is advised if you want to enjoy your app without being troubled by interruptions such as ads.

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