How To Turn Off And Restart Fitbit Versa 2?

You’re a new Fitbit user and face problems figuring out how to power off and restart your watch for troubleshooting purposes.

Also, Fitbit smartwatches with so many astonishing Qualities have a drawback, and that is the decreasing life span of their battery.

So, you can save Versa 2 battery and extend its life by some methods. And The most common one is turning it off and on. 

But how can one do that? There is nothing to distress over because it’s pretty simple. This article will teach you how You can turn off and restart your Fitbit versa 2.

Just follow this article and find answers to your questions.

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How can Fitbit Versa 2 Be Turned Off?

how to restart fitbit versa 2

Versa 2 can be turned off by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Versa screen.
  2. Locate the settings menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the About link.
  4. There should be a shutdown option.
  5. Tap it to activate it 
  6. It will now request confirmation. 
  7. To confirm the shutdown, press the Yes button.

How To Restart Fitbit Versa 2?

How to Turn Off and Restart Fitbit Versa 2

A restart or reboot is one of any Fitbit tracker’s most fundamental troubleshooting methods. We’ll walk you through the stages of restarting your Fitbit Versa.

There are two ways to accomplish this. Both are straightforward and can be quickly done at any time. We recommend that you try any of them if you have an issue with your Fitbit app or account on your device.

1- How to Restart the Fitbit Versa 2 Using the Settings Menu

This is the most basic method for restarting your Fitbit Versa. Do this if you have an issue or wish to save battery power.

  1. Navigate to the main or home screen on your Fitbit Versa.
  2. Swipe left on the screen until you reach the Settings menu.
  3. Select Settings (This will open the Settings).
  4. Scroll down and select About.
  5. Choose Shutdown.
  6. To confirm shutdown, tap Yes.

Tap and hold the Back (left) button for a few seconds to turn the watch back on.

2- How to Restart Fitbit Versa 2 Using the 2-Button Method

Instead of navigating to Settings, you may reset your Fitbit Versa simply by tapping two buttons. 

If your watch has become difficult or unresponsive, this is an excellent approach to restart it. Unlike a factory reset, this will not lose your data so that you may do it safely. This is how it’s done:

  1. Simply press and hold the Back and bottom right buttons on your Fitbit Versa for a few seconds (about 10 seconds or 15 seconds) until the Fitbit logo displays.
  2. Just let go of buttons when you see the Fitbit logo on the screen.
  3. Wait only a few seconds for the gadget to vibrate. This indicates that the reboot was successful.


  • Versa has a little hole on the rear of the tracker (altimeter sensor). Do not try to restart your device by putting any objects, like paper clips, into this hole, as this may cause harm to your Versa.
  • Some users avoid restarting because they believe it will cause data loss; however, this is not true. Restarting your PC will not cause data loss.

When you tap the button on your Fitbit Versa, it may not respond. If your tracker does not turn on even after you push and hold the button, make sure to charge it by plugging the charging wire into a USB connection.

Tap and hold the bottom buttons and back button until you see the Fitbit logo after connecting it to a wall charger with a ul-certified charging cable.

Continue to press the buttons until you’ve seen the logo or some other indicator that it is turning on. Whether it is not charging, check to see if the pins on the charging port or the charging cord are damaged. You can also swap it out if you have a spare charging cable.


When Is It Necessary To Restart Your Fitbit Versa 2?

You should restart your Fitbit versa 2 when:

  1. Your device isn’t synchronizing.
  2. It’s still dangling.
  3. It is unresponsive to your switches or taps.
  4. It does not display any notifications or alarms.

Restarting should be your first option in this situation. As a result, if any of these events occur, you can always restart your watch.

Common Causes Of Fitbit Versa 2 Not Turning On

Fitbits are usually entirely reliant. However, they can be afflicted by faults at times. And this seems to be true for all wearables.

When you tap the Fitbit display or move or turn your wrist, the screen on your Fitbit should come to life. However, there is a possibility that the screen would simply sit there unresponsively, refusing to do anything. It can be frustrating. Don’t freak out.

In that example, some Community Forum members stated that they left their smartphone charging only to discover that. Still, it had switched itself off and refused to turn back on.

Or their device would simply stop working for no apparent reason, like a dodo.

There are various reasons why this could occur, and they can be different. It could be a drained or faulty battery, a faulty charger or charging cord, a software problem, etc.

But, you can usually resolve the issue yourself. When there is a hardware problem, such as a malfunctioning or broken screen, you should consider contacting Fitbit Support.

Check the warranty if your Fitbit is faulty. You may be able to get its replacement.

What To Do If My Fitbit Won’t Turn On?

To fix the issue of a static display, you can try several troubleshooting procedures.

As you can see from the examples above, the reason for a Fitbit not going on is not the same for everybody.

So, take your time and work through these fixes one by one. In the long run, resolving the issues yourself would save you time.

Steps for troubleshooting a Fitbit that won’t switch on or is unresponsive

  • Reboot the device.
  • Has the battery run out of power? Charge the Fitbit completely.
  • Clean the equipment thoroughly.
  • Check that your Fitbit isn’t in water-lock mode.
  • Recheck the display’s brightness settings — possibly it’s too dark.
  • Is the Screen Wake option set to automatic? Otherwise, it will fail to wake up when you raise your wrist.
  • Alter the appearance of your clock face.
  • Check that you are using the most recent firmware version.
  • Perform a Fitbit factory reset.
  • Contact Fitbit customer service.

How Does Turning Versa Off Help The Battery?

Because you wear your Fitbit Versa all the time, you don’t get time to turn it off, and why should you? Most people never turn off their versa since it serves no function if it does.

The Fitbit’s entire purpose is to track your every move, but leaving it on always causes the battery to drain quickly.

It is up to you whether to turn it off or on. However, if you know it won’t be used for a while and want to conserve the battery timing, it’s best to turn it off.

Restarting Versa regularly also benefits the battery and makes it work more efficiently.

Why Should You Turn Off and Restart Your Fitbit Versa 2?

Most individuals wear their Fitbits 24 hours a day and even seven days a week, removing them only for periodic charging. And hardly, if ever, turning them off.

The units are rarely turned off because a Fitbit continuously monitors your biometrics and activities, creating a progressively accurate accounting of your actions, health, and overall well-being.

Even if you wear your Fitbit Versa 24 hours a day, you should turn it off now and then because shutting it down and resuming it can help it conserve its charge or work more efficiently.

Does Turning Off Lose Your Data?

No, simply turning off your Versa does not erase your data. It’s simply a little technique you have up your sleeve to assist extend the life of your battery, even though resetting does the trick.

So, if you wish to reset your Versa 2, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the settings menu on your Versa.
  2. At the bottom of the list, click the about link.
  3. Look for the factory reset option ( can also be named as precise user data).
  4. Confirm your decision to do a factory reset.

Your versa will complete the process after some time.  


How do I reset my Versa 2 without my phone?

  1. For roughly 8 seconds, press and hold the back button.
  2. When the Fitbit logo vanishes, briefly release the button (for less than 2 seconds). Hold the button down again until you feel a second, more prolonged vibration, indicating that the factory reset was initiated.

How do I restart my frozen versa?

I propose that you restart your watch by performing the following steps:

  1. Hold down the Back (left) and bottom buttons until the Fitbit logo appears on the screen. This should only take a few seconds.
  2. Release the buttons

How long does the versa battery last?

When ultimately charged, the Versa battery typically lasts a week. A regular USB cord powers Versa. It even alerts you to charge when the battery is low, which is a nice feature.

Typically, there is an auditory reminder, a battery icon displayed on the screen, or a red light flashes. It all depends on the model you’re using. The Versa battery typically lasts 1-3 years.

How to increase the battery life of your Fitbit versa 2? 

There are other ways to extend your battery life if you don’t want to turn off your versa. These ways include:

  • The versa screen turns on whenever you move your wrist, which automatically eats up the battery, so avoid moving your wrist too much.
  • You can also turn on auto-brightness to save your battery. 
  • The always-on display utilizes a battery more than you can imagine. Go to settings to turn off.
  • Turning off notifications you don’t need also helps preserve the battery.
  • Fitbit uses GPS to track your route information when you are doing a workout but other than you don’t need GPS all day. So it’s best to switch off GPS when not needed. Also, GPS uses more battery, causing your versa to charge it frequently.


Turning off or restarting your Fitbit Versa 2 isn’t a difficult task. We have put two methods in the above article that you can follow to solve your problem. If your Fitbit’s button doesn’t work, you can restart or turnoff Veras 2 from the settings menu, which is very convenient.

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