Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch Review: Should You Buy It?

Tinwoo Eclipse is the best smartwatch for those people who are on a budget. You will get all the fitness tracking and other useful features that you have expected. 

The watch has a pretty classical look and round dial that look like a hybrid watch. Tinwoo Eclipse watch has a fully durable body with stainless steel bezel and back. Overall the watch looks pretty lovely, elegant and lightweight. 

But is it worth it? And under the hood, what are hidden features? We’ve spent a lot of time gathering all that information, so don’t miss anything about this smartwatch.

Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch Review: Design & Display

tinwoo smartwatch review


First of all, let’s talk about its design. Tinwoo Smartwatch is a unique sports watch, which is just like a hybrid watch. After wearing it, you will feel a taste of a classical watch on your wrist

There are three knobs on the left side that give a strong feeling. Overall the watch is very durable because it is made of stainless steel bezel and back. Because of its 62 grams of weight, the watch is much more comfortable, so you can wear it for longer periods of time. 

With IP68 water resistance, you can also use Tinwoo Eclipse to measure underwater activities. Lastly, it has a soft Silicone band that gives support to make your wrist feel more comfortable. 


With a slim design, there is a 1.3″ touch screen display. The Tinwoo Eclipse watch has a full smart display with black and white switching at sunrise and sunset. 

With this display, the watch looks premium and gives a classical feel. You will get 14 different watch faces, so you can quickly adapt the color of your outfit. Plus, you can also customize most of the watch faces, which is a pretty cool thing. 

Unlike most smartwatches, Tinwoo Eclipse offers an Always-on Display that helps you to check your fitness stats with one glimpse.

Tinwoo Eclipse Review: Sports Tracking Features

tinwoo eclipse smartwatch

Fitness tracking or sports features are the most crucial thing in any smartwatch. And luckily, you will get all the valuable sports features in your Tinwoo Eclipse watch. 

The watch can track your heart rate in real-time, sleep tracking, daily activity tracking, calories monitor, steps and distance tracking, breath training for yoga lovers, and more. Your watch will automatically detect and track your sleep and provide you with a detailed analysis of it. 

Apart from this, you can connect your watch with the phone’s GPS to know about the distance cover, pace, speed of your running or cycling. Similarly, there are eight sports modes in this watch that can track your different indoor and outdoor activities.  

This smartwatch comes with an HRS3300 optical sensor that accurately tracks your heart rate with vibration alerts. 

You can set goals on your smartwatch, and it will effectively track all of them. Side buttons on the left side help you to start or pause tracks, so everything in this watch is fully functional and easy. 

After your whole day activities, you can check their insights on the “Tinwoo” app. Both Android and iOS versions of this app are available. You will see different charts and visual graphics on this app that help you understand your insights better.

Tinwoo Eclipse Battery Life & Price

tinwoo eclipse watch-

Battery Life:

Long-lasting battery life allows you to keep tracking your fitness for a long time. And Thanks to Tinwoo that adds a 300mAh of powerful battery that gives you 25 days of standby and 15 days in smartwatch mode.

The second exciting thing is that this watch comes with magnetic charging that will boost the charging speed. It takes approximately an hour to charge its battery fully. 

Note: Battery life depends on your use. If you use many fitness tracking features at a time, it will drain the battery. 


Don’t worry; Tinwoo Eclipse is a budget-friendly smartwatch, and anyone can easily afford it. You can own this amazing watch for 50 bucks which is too cool. The women’s variant of this watch is available at $39, which has a rectangular dial. 

I think no other smartwatch offers all such features at the same price tag. The affordable price is the big secret behind the success of the Tinwoo brand. 

Tinwoo Eclipse Review: Other Features

tinwoo smartwatch review

Just like other smartwatches, Tinwoo Eclipse also comes with a lot of other valuable features. It will show you real-time notifications from your smartphones. It supports social notifications, calls and message notifications, SMM message email.s You can also block notifications on your Tinwoo Eclipse.

 Similarly, if your smartwatch is connected to your phone, you can control the music and camera of your smartphone, which is a pretty cool thing. Just like other smartwatches, you can set alarms, timers, check weather forecasts, and more.

In this watch, you have a Nordic 52832 processor with 64KB + 512 KB memory. To measure your steps and acceleration, you have an updated 3-axis accelerometer sensor. 

This watch has three shortcut buttons. The top is used as a power-on button, the middle one is used for a stopwatch, while the last one is used for adjusting between sports modes.

  • Affordable Watch
  • Comes with various clock faces and a lot of customization
  • Has all the useful fitness features
  • Real-time heart rate monitor
  • Excellent battery lilfe
  • Can’t track swimming data
  • Sleep data is not much accurate

Final Words

If you are on a budget, then you should buy this excellent smartwatch. You will get all the valuable features in the device, plus it has 15 days of extended battery life which is an insane thing.


Which app is used for Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch?

There is an app called “Tinwoo”, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How To Pair Tinwoo Smartwatch With Android Phone?

You can easily pair your Tinwoo Smartwatch with Android phones. Turn on the Bluetooth from your phone and search for available devices; you will get a confirmation option. Select “ok” to make the connection.

How Many Watches Are There In Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch?

There are 14 different watch faces available in Tinwoo Eclipse Smartwatch, and You can also customize the most of watch faces. 

Is Tinwoo Eclipse Watch is Water Proof?

Yes, this watch is waterproof up to 50 ATMs, which means you can also use it during swimming and bathing etc. But it’s not for scuba diving.

How To Pait Tinwoo Watch With iPhone?

To pair the Tinwoo smartwatch with iPhone, you need a third party app. Install BLU utility and go to peripherals. When you hit the pair option, tap the notification on your watch.


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