8 Best Non-Slip Exercise Mat For Hardwood Floor

If you are doing exercises without floor mats, then it might affect your back and hip muscles. To stabilize your back and hip muscles during workouts or yoga, you need a non-slip mat. Especially if you have a hardwood floor in your home, then a non-slip mat is a must-have thing. 

If you’re performing floor exercises, then you might notice that it’s very difficult to make a grip with your hardwood floors during pushups, bump squad, bicycle crashes, carb Toe Touch or any other. Also, you feel very uncomfortable doing floor exercises on hardwood floors without a mat. 

But using a non-slip mat on hardwood floors will give you a strong grip on the floor and stabilise your body during workouts. 

Based on my personal experience and long research, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best exercise mats you can use on hardwood floors. 

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Best Non-Slip Exercise Mat For Hardwood Floor

1- Gorilla Mats- Premium Quality


If you’re performing your ground workouts regularly, then Gorilla mats is a recommended option for you. Because of its premium quality and durability longer compared to other mats. 

The mat has a patterned bottom surface that provides a strong grip and prevents mats from slipping on hardwood floors. The material used in this mat is non-toxic and durable.

It also provides comfort when you place your feet on it. The shock-resistant quality of the mat allows you to easily perform jumping squats, pushups, and other such exercises. 

This Gorilla mat has 6′ x 4′ dimensions which are 2X larger than standard size mats. On such a larger mat, you will feel the freedom to perform any exercise. Even two people can perform yoga on this mat. 

Unlike other exercise mats, this mat is completely odor-free. You will never feel any frustrating odor from the mat during workouts. 

Gorilla mat offers a lifetime warranty, and with this mat, you will get a free microfibre towel and storage bag.

  • Durable shock absorbing
  • Microfiber towel
  • Non-slip bottom
  • The large size gives extra freedom to perform exercises.
  • Expensive

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2- AmazonBasics Exercise Mat

 Exercise equipment mats for hardwood floors

If you’re looking for an affordable exercise mat, Amazon Basic mat is best for you. It’s especially ideal for yoga and pilates. 

The mat is made from a durable form that feels strong and comfortable. Because of its lightweight and compact design, you can easily carry it and take it anywhere. It has two straps that allow you to carry the mat by hand, or you can also put it in a backpack. 

Secondly, this mat has a non-slip surface making it suitable for hardwood floors, tile floors, or any other floor. 

Amazon Basics exercise mat has a 74 x 24 x .5 inches dimension that seems small. Hence, it’s not recommended for large men or women to wear out quickly. 

Also, some people found that this small-sized exercise mat is not the perfect option for such exercises. You need to wear shoes. But you can’t ignore this mat because of its low price and strong grip on hardwood floors. 

  • Very lightweight
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive mat
  • Available in many colors
  • Non-slip surface
  • Too small 
  • You will feel an order from this mat

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3- Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat

non-slip rubber mat 

After the Gorilla mat Gxmmat exercise mat is the top option that offers similar durability and sturdiness at an affordable price, this one is a thick mat with a non-slip surface, so you can easily perform your ground workouts on hardwood floors. 

Gxmmat mat is made of non-toxic materials, and you can use it anywhere inside your home. You will love this mat because of its large size, which gives you the freedom to do any kind of workout.

It is an effective mat for yoga, stretching workouts, pilates, TRX, power yoga, setups, and other ground workouts. 

This mat is available in four colors, but the black one gives a more aesthetic look. Like Amazon basic mat, this one is also recommended for shoe-free ground exercises.

Moreover, this mat is not as tear-resistant as the Gorilla mat is. However, it’s pretty good to protect your bones and joints from the hardness of hardwood floors. Not only on hardwood floors, but you can also use marble and cement floors. 

  • 7mm thickness making this mat softer
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic material
  • Large size
  • Protects joints from the hardness of floors
  • Only be used without shoes
  • Not much durable like Gorilla mat

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4- BalanceFrom GoCloud 


If you’re on a budget but still need a thick, high-density foam mat, look at BalanceFrom GoCloud. This mat is available in seven different colors, with similar dimensions and 1″ thickness. 

Apart from thickness, this mat is super lightweight, making it easy to carry. Unlike other mats, you can wash BalanceFrom mat because it’s moisture resistant. The mat has non-slip traction making it best for yoga, pilates, or other bodyweight exercises. 

The mat works best with non-shoe workouts because the form may tear out quickly. But overall, the form provides extra cushioning and comfort to knees and other lower joints. 

Moreover, BalanceFrom GoCloud comes with a carrying strap and two years of warranty. From a budget point of view, this is a perfect exercise mat, but it’s not recommended if you want long term durability. 

  • Affordable price
  • Versatile
  • Water-resistant 
  • Washable
  • Extra cushioning
  • Not much durable as other mats
  • Slightly smaller

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5- Body SportĀ® Personal Exercise Mat

 Regarding the budget, you will hardly get a quality exercise mat under a low budget. And most of the cheap mats don’t offer high-density foams and non-slip grip. But body sports mats offer all the features of high-quality mats at a very affordable price tag. Because of its lightweight, you can take it with you anywhere. 

This portable mat comes with a strap; you can also roll this mat to save storage. Both sides of this mat are different, and the ribbed side is used for doing yoga. At the same time, the smooth side of the mat is used for stretching, sit-ups, and pushups. 

The one thing I love about the Body Sport exercise mat is that it has large holes with grommets so you can hang it on the wall. 

Unlike other normal mats, this one is more comfortable due to its thick foam. Most exercise mats spread odor after a month or two, but this exercise mat can easily be wiped down after a workout with soap or a cleaning wipe. 

This fitness mat is best for yoga, pilates, stretching, squats, warm-up and pushups. But it’s not recommended for pro athletes because it’s too small and doesn’t give you much freedom to perform extra workouts. 

  • Portable
  • Holes with grommets for hanging
  • Affordable price
  • Can be clean easily
  • Not recommended for pro athletes
  • Small size

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6- IncStores 1 Inch Thick MMA Foam Flooring Tiles

 non slip exercise matsIf you’re a pro athlete and serious about your fitness goals, then you need IncStroe’s thick MMA foam mat. This exercise mat lasts longer than previous mats.

This mat has a textured surface which offers support and stability on hardwood floors. No matter what type of floor you have, this exercise mat works perfectly with any kind of floor. 

Instore mat is available in different color options, including grey, pink, and red. Also, this exercise mat is pretty large, and you can perform any type of ground workout with freedom.

Unlike other exercise mats, this looks stylish. Because of interlock edges, you connect as much time as you want. The 1″ thickness of the mat provides extra comfort, making it a great mat for walking on, stretching, pushups, rolling around and more.

Moreover, you can easily clean the surface of this mat, and you can use a slightly damp mop on it. The waterproof surface works well for spills or sweat and keeps away from odor. 

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Beautiful color options
  • You can clean it easily
  • Expensive

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7- B YOGA B MAT Everyday


If you are a yoga lover, the BMat is made for you. It’s made with a high-quality rubber that seems more durable. The new open-cell technology pulls moisture away from the mat and keeps it odour-free. 

Because of the durable rubber material, it stays on the hardwood floor and never slips. You might think that rubber is not an eco-friendly material. But in the case of the B yoga mat, the rubber is very eco friendly and odour-free. 

Although the B yoga mat is not as thick as the previous one, it’s only 4mm (1/8-inch thick), but it can provide enough comfort to relieve your joints during a workout. 

Moreover, its 71″ length gives you enough freedom to perform any ground workout. But if you are taller, you should go for its 85″ variant.

The lightweight and foldable design save storage in your room. The one downside of this mat is that it pulls dust too quickly because of its open cell technology. So you have to clean this mat after a week or less. 

  • Best for yoga 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Open-cell technology 
  • Innovative B yoga rubber
  • Lightweight
  • Not much large

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7- CyclingDeal Bicycle Mat 

CyclingDeal Bicycle Mat  

Here comes another affordable exercise mat that is larger than standard mats. Because of its puzzle design, you can extend its size according to your need. 

The foam is dense, which provides more room and cushion than yoga mats. Because of its durable nature, it last longer; even you can perform ground exercises with shoes.

ProSource mat is also recommended for putting treadmill, elliptical and other workout equipment because it is robust. This mat is easy to clean, and you can use any type of moping. 

Moreover, the textured surface on the back improves your grip during workouts and prevents slipping. ProSource exercise mat is not only best for hardwood floors, but you can also use it on marble, cement floor, or any other type of floor. This mat is available in tiles. You can get them in a pack of 6 that covers 24 square feet.  

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to clean
  • More durable and last longer
  • Non-slip surface
  • Tiles may detach in some cases

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8- MRO Premium Large Exercise Mat

 MRO Premium Large Exercise Mat

If you are looking for a larger exercise mat for more than one person, this premium mat is suitable. The MRO exercise mat is made of premium latex-free and non-toxic. 

This exercise mat comes with three layers; it’s 7mm thick and provides extra comfort. The top layer contains net clamping cloth for durability, the mid-layer contains high-density foam for resilience, and the bottom contains a textured surface that provides extra grip on hardwood floors.

Because of its shock-absorbing nature, it provides more stability during workouts. You can do cardio, MMA, Zumba, Jumping rope, HIIT, and other exercises with freedom of space.

Unlike other mats, the MRO mat allows you to do ground exercise by wearing shoes. Moreover, you can place a treadmill, benches, and other heavy exercise machines on this mat. 

With this exercise mat, you will get three stripes and one carry bag, so you can easily roll up and save storage. The package also includes a microfiber towel and a jumping rope. 

Sometimes the water spilled on the exercise mat, which might produce a bad smell. But this premium quality mat is 100% water-resistant and sweat-proof. Also, you can easily clean any type of stain from it. 

  • Large in size
  • Premium quality material
  • Contains three-layer
  • Non-slip surface
  • Only two color options are available.

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How To Choose The Best Exercise Mat For Hardwood Floor

1- Non-slip Back:

The first and foremost thing that you should consider is a non-slip back. Such mats will stay in place during your workouts and prevent you from slipping on hardwood floors. However, if you are too conscious about your safety, you can use mat tape that helps you stay in place.

2- Purpose Of Mat

First of all, you have to decide what purpose you’re purchasing. If you want to protect your floor from treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, then the CyclingDeal bicycle mat is preferable. Similarly, if you are a cat enthusiast, you should go for a small-sized mat that is easy to carry. 

3- Cushioning

Cushioning is also a crucial factor to consider, especially when you do exercises on hardwood floors. A thick exercise mat with high-density foam can protect your joints and provide ease during workouts. Plus, such mats also protect your hardwood floors from dating. 

4- Price:

I guess price tag is a factor that plays a primary role in purchasing. But keeping things short, if you invest more, you will get high quality and durable exercise mat. But it’s also not recommended to spend much Money on exercise mats. 

Exercise mats come in different budget options. If you want a better quality mat with durable nature, then a Gorilla exercise mat is the most recommended option. 

How To Care For Your Mat

If you own an exercise mat, it’s your responsibility to take care of it. There are a few guidelines that you should follow. 

  • First, keep your mat away from direct sunlight, especially if you have a rubber mat, because direct sunlight can degrade the quality of your rubber. 
  • Similarly, never wash your mat in the washing machine. Because it will ruin your mat, cause discolouring, and damage all its forms. 
  • Don’t use harmful chemicals to clean your mat. Using harsh cleaners can damage your mat and make it slippery. 


Which type of mat can damage hardwood floors?

Few low-quality rubber mats can damage the finishing of hardwood floors. These mats contain chemicals that interact with the floor’s surface and cause damage to it. Such mats also harm your environment, especially if you have kids in your home. 

Instead of cheap rubber mats, it’s better to go for high-designed foam mats. 

What is the best thickness for an exercise mat?

A normal exercise mat must have at least 0.5 inches of thickness. Similarly, you can opt for 0.7 or 1″ thick exercise mats if you have weak or sensitive joints. 

What is the difference between an exercise mat and a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are small in size and made of PVC material, providing comfort during yoga sessions. Yoga mats are only recommended for shoe-less exercises.

On the other hand, exercise mats are designed to be thicker and more durable. Similarly, these mats are larger and give you the freedom to perform any type of ground exercise. You can also do workouts on exercise mats by wearing shoes. 

How do I keep my mat from sliding on my hardwood floors?

The majority of the exercise mats come with a non-slip surface that keeps the mat to stay on the floor and prevents sliding. But if your mat doesn’t stay in place during workouts, you should use tape for extra grip. But make sure that the tape you’re using won’t leave marks after removal. 

How do I clean my exercise mat?

It’s recommended to clean your exercise mats with light mopping. Never wash the exercise mat in the machine. In the best-case scenario, mix warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bowl. Dip the rag into the bowl and clean the mat gently. 

Final Words

If you have a hardwood floor in your home, you should protect it from heavy exercise equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. The best method is to use a durable exercise mat that stays on the hardwood floor. 

There are a lot of such exercise mats available in the market, and you can easily get the best one. All the mats mentioned above are suitable for hardwood floors. But in the end, it’s your choice which mat suits you and your budget the most.

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