How To Set a Fossil Watch With 3 Dials? (Easy Steps!)

Are you looking for a fossil watch with 3 dials? Therefore, read the following guide for more information about setting up your Fossil Watch.

Fossil produces a variety of watches that are available on the market in various styles or models. In addition, fossil makes several types of timepieces, including multifunction watches and chronographs.

Chronograph watches usually have 3 dials to track time-lapse: a minute dial for tracking seconds, a seconds dial for tracking minutes, and an hour dial for tracking hours. 

There are many options for setting fossil watches with 3 dials. Below is a step-by-step procedure for setting fossil watches with 3 dials.

Furthermore, adding subdials to fossil watches makes them more stylish. And there are separate subdials for minutes, seconds, and hours, making the timepiece easier to read.

In this post, we will show you how to set up a fossil watch with three dials. With our ultimate guide, you’ll learn about setting up the timekeeper and other essential things you should know.

How To Set a Fossil Watch With 3 Dials?

The following steps will assist you in setting up the fossil 3 dials watch.

  • Place the crown in position three.
  • Be sure to rotate in a clockwise direction.
  • After two complete rotations of the crown, the day will change.
  • Rotate the crown to adjust the time after setting the day. 
  • After that, return the crown to its original position.

How Do You Set The Date on an Analogue Fossil Watch?

How Do You Set The Date on an Analogue Fossil Watch?

The conventional fossil timekeeper shows the date by changing its crown on the second hand.

Take the crown off your watch and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on your mod; you will need to reenter after you have made changes.

There is a wide array of technically advanced timepieces on the market today, which offer more advanced technology than the previous generation.

The watch includes two hands for measuring hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as a date indicator.

The calendar can be changed by turning the crown clockwise, or as you move counterclockwise, days will progress in that direction.

How To Set The Time on a Fossil Watch?

The new watch does not tell the time, and that’s the case with a Fossil watch as well. The date function on Fossil watches is quite different. You need to adjust the time according to the current time.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to set the time on your Fossil watch:

  • Taking out the small knob on the side of the watch face located near the crown is necessary.
  • Turning the crown changes the hour and minute hands.
  • Next, the crown on the watch face needs to be replaced.

Be sure that any watches equipped with Fossil crowns have the crown clicked back into place.

How To Set The Date on a Chronograph Fossil Watch?

How To Set The Date on a Chronograph Fossil Watch?

When using devices with this option, you will see the date advance after pushing inward from 12 o’clock by rotating your cursor clockwise to select a calendar day.

People who need to keep track of the time often choose watches with chronograph movements. Occasionally, stopwatches and dates appear simultaneously, but sometimes only one is required.

You need to pull out the crown until the second position appears, pull it back in, and you have changed the date. Depending on how far you must go back or forward, you can determine which way to turn clockwise.

It is possible to keep track of both the time and the date down to the second with stopwatches and calendars.

However, a chronograph option is available on only a few watches, so make sure you check if this is an option you’d like to have when shopping for a watch.

How Do You Reset the Factory Settings on The Fossil Watch?

The factory reset will not affect any data in your Google account or wipe any information on your phone or tablet. If you wish to clear all info on your timekeeper, you can reset it.

Here are the steps you need to follow for resetting your fossil timekeeper to factory settings.

  • To turn on the display, press the middle crown.
  • To open the app menu, press it again—select settings from the menu.
  • Click Reset and Disconnect to confirm the factory reset.
  • Lastly, you will need to turn off Bluetooth on your phone when removing the timekeeper.

After it has been reset, your timepiece can be used again once connected to your phone. The application can be re-downloaded easily once your device is connected to the timekeeper.

How Can You Clean The Leather Strap Of The Fossil Watch?

You should maintain your Fossil watches properly so that they perform at their best. If you have leather straps on your watches, never swim with them or take a bath.

If you want to clean your leather straps, you can wipe them with a clean, dry cloth. You don’t need any oils or treatments.

Furthermore, to preserve its leather, you should avoid placing the Fossil strap directly in the light, such as on a window sill or a dresser.

Although we don’t recommend keeping your Fossil watch inside all the time, that would be weird; while wearing your watch, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight.

How Do You Remove Links From Fossil Watch?

You can resize it while maintaining the links if you want to keep the same metal strap on your Fossil watch. The tools you will need to begin for resizing process.

We recommend that you buy the items you need online, sometimes in packs, and individually since they are affordable and crucial to completing the work correctly. You can remove the links on this page by following these steps:

You will need the following items:

  1. Holder for watch bands
  2. Punch pins
  3. Hammer one that has a metal and soft side

Here we go!

Firstly, you should customize your Fossil watch then you can remove links from the watch band. Put the watch on your wrist, close the clasp, and pinch the band until it fits correctly. Count how many links you want to remove.

To remove a pin from a watch, hold the pin pusher with one end facing the pin to be removed and strike the edge of the watch hammer with the other end. The pin pusher will pull the link out, requiring two pins per link to be removed.

You will now connect the watch strap to the block holder when you place it over the arrows.

Place two links over each other with their holes facing in the same direction. Put a pin in each hole on the watchband that is lined up. Then tap the pin into the watchband with a hammer with a soft side.

Additionally, ensure that all the pins holding the links in place are secure after reassembling your Fossil watch. Then wear it and enjoy it as well.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the 3 dials on a Fossil watch?

There are typically three dials on chronograph watches: a first dial commonly referred to as the second dial, a second dial, which is also known as the subsecond dial, and a third dial, which is the hour and minute dial.

According to the watch manufacturer, it has dials for hours, minutes, and seconds at six o’clock, twelve o’clock, and nine o’clock.

Why do fossil chronograph watches need three dials?

A chronograph watch combines the functions of a stopwatch and an automatic wristwatch. Chronograph watches display the precise duration of time by winding themselves, manually, or using quartz.

Why do watches have subdials?

A subdial is a small dial that sits on the watch face or dial. Also called auxiliary dials, these devices display information such as the time, minutes, and seconds.

The Mechanical and Specialty watch industries offer timepieces like GMT, calendars, chronographs, and moon phases.

What does my Fossil watch button do?

Double tapping the bottom one will launch Google Pay. The center one will bring up the list of applications and can be rotated to scroll. You can also hold down the top one to launch Google Assistant.

How do you set a fossil chronograph watch with 3 dials?

Turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the model of your watch. As though you were setting the time, rotate the crown to position 3 by rotating the crown clockwise. Position the crown at its fullest extension as though you were setting the time.


After reading this long guide, hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to set up 3 dial fossil watches.

Additionally, it is mostly the same way to set the date in fossil watches. However, while setting the date, you have to consider the time.

The company manufactures three-dial watches. They have been in business since 1984 and are still going strong. At last, feel free to share your feedback if you enjoyed the content.

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