10 Tips To Save Battery on Galaxy Watch 4?

Today’s article will discuss some best tips to save battery life on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung Galaxy 4 is an excellent watch with extensive connectivity modes like LTE. Moreover, it also has practical features like a BioActive sensor and oximeter. 

However, one noticeable problem with this smartwatch is that its battery drains too fast. Typical smartwatches’ batteries can last up to weeks, but this one has only a battery life of up to 40 hours.

Under heavy load, this battery can even drain faster. And thus, it can last for a shorter period. This might be one of the most notable drawbacks of this Watch.

Why Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Drains Fast?

This smartwatch has a lot more features than a typical smartwatch. It also comes with a memory range that can be too extensive for a watch. Besides that, it comes with multiple pre-installed sensors, music, and workout applications.

And all of these features run on a 40mm: 247mAh battery. For this typical smartwatch battery, this much load is undoubtedly excessive. That is why it drains faster than other smartwatches.

Another reason might be the use of inappropriate chargers for charging the battery. This fast battery drainage of the Samsung Watch 4 has become troublesome for many people.

Therefore, if you are also concerned regarding this matter and want to extend its battery life, then analyze some of the following tips that can help you extend your Galaxy Watch 4’s battery life.

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How to Save Battery on Galaxy Watch 4

How to Save Battery on Galaxy Watch 4

The following are some of the best tips that can help you save and extend the battery life of your Galaxy Watch 4.

1- Close Unnecessary Applications 

One of the biggest factors that lead to faster battery drainage of devices is the running of applications in the background.

Sometimes, you do not close an App properly on the Watch. Thus, such applications remain active in the background and are termed background applications.

These background applications put a load on the battery, and thus, the battery drains. Therefore, to preserve the battery, always close applications properly.

And if they accidentally remain open, don’t forget to remove them from the background. This will reduce the load on the battery and help it run for a more extended period.

2- Delete Unimportant Data

It is utterly crucial to remember that you cannot store as much data on a smartwatch as on mobile. An excessive amount of data can reduce the Watch’s memory and put a strain on the battery. Therefore, from to time, it is necessary to delete unnecessary data from your smartwatch.

Moreover, if you ultimately want to clean the Watch, you can get the ‘Galaxy Wearable’ application from your mobile.

This application will help in connecting your smartwatch with your mobile. Then, you can clear off your smartphone by going into the application’s ‘Storage’ option. After doing this, you will notice a visible difference in your smartwatch’s battery life.

3- Turn off the AOD when not in Use

The Samsung smartwatches feature an incredible AMOLED display supported by the ‘Always On Display’ specification. The AOD remains active and displays battery percentage, time, and other notifications.

Despite having an excellent resolution, AMOLED puts a load on the battery. Consequently, if the AOD remains active all time, then the battery will ultimately drain faster.

Therefore, switching off the AOD mode is better when the smartwatch isn’t in use to avoid faster battery drainage. This will help the battery to run longer.

4- Turn of Connectivity Modes When Not In Use

Galaxy Watch 4 is a very generous smartwatch for its connectivity modes. From Wi-fi to Bluetooth and LTE, it has all. But these modes, if they remain active constantly, can result in battery drainage. Therefore, turn off the unnecessary connectivity modes to preserve your Watch’s battery life.

5- Turn off GPS of Watch When It is Not in Use

Not all the time, you would require GPS. Therefore, switching it off is suitable when you are not using it. Contrary to typical thoughts, GPS also consumes a battery. Thus, you will enjoy a longer battery life by switching it off.

6- Disable the Sensors and Health Applications You Are Not Using

Another way to prolong this Watch’s battery life is to disable the health-related sensors and Apps you are not using. By disabling them, you will save your battery from additional stress. Thus, the battery life will ultimately increase.

7- Use AMOLED Black Display

AMOLED does not have a backlight like that of LCD and LED. Instead, the pixels of this display get active during motion. This is one of the ultimate reasons for faster battery drainage of smartwatches with AMOLED display.

However, there are specific ‘AMOLED Black Watch Faces in the’ Galaxy Wearable App.’ These are black displays whose pixels remain inactive when you are not using the Watch.

Using them will ultimately help you in preserving the battery life. Besides that, the Galaxy Wearable App has some versatile AMOLED black days. You can search for them on the application. Besides saving battery, they will also make your Watch look cooler and more stylish.

8- Lessen the Brightness of Watch

Lowering the brightness of any device has always been a viable way of preserving the battery. This is because the display consumes most of the battery. Therefore, by lowering the brightness, one can efficiently reduce battery consumption.

9- Manually Set Notifications For Applications

As mentioned earlier, a smartwatch is not designed to bear as much load as a smartphone. Therefore, to reduce fast battery consumption, it is better to limit the notifications. Not all the applications on a smartwatch might be essential for you too. But when you auto-set the notifications, you have to receive them from all applications.

Therefore, it is advised to set them manually. You will get notifications from applications that are important to you by doing so. It will help you avoid unnecessary notifications and cut decrease the stress over the Watch’s battery.

10- Enable Good Night Mode 

This suggestion is for times when you are not using the smartwatch. By enabling this mode, the notifications and wake-up gestures will get disabled. Besides that, the AOD will also become inactive on this mode. By doing this, you can preserve your smartwatch’s battery when you aren’t using it.

These were some of the best ways to preserve the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Besides that, it is also advised to switch off your smartwatch while charging. This will help the smartwatch in getting charged faster.

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