How To Hard Reset Smartwatch Forgot Password?

If you forget your Smartwatch, there is no need to worry. Because we will tell you how to reset a smartwatch hard, forgot a password, and how do you reset a locked smartwatch.

To begin, you must confirm any faulty passcodes to prevent the Smartwatch from locking you out. It could take a few seconds or perhaps a minute. Make sure you’re using different passcodes for it. Then you’ll have to wait for 30 seconds. 

Then you’ll keep typing the wrong password until the smartwatch locks you out. Following that, you’ll be given the option to factory reset your Smartwatch. You must tap it and select “Done.”

You’ll need to pair your smartwatch with your smartphone again when you’ve completed the factory reset process. Before fixing your Smartwatch, you should delete its name from your smartphone’s Bluetooth device list. 

How To Hard Reset Locked Smartwatch Forgot Password

how to rest the password of smartwatch

It is tough to reset a locked smartwatch. To reset your Smartwatch, You will get a factory reset pop-up if you insert a consistently wrong password. To reset your Smartwatch, click on it and check the box.

At present, millions of users are using smartwatches, and they want to ensure the security of their data in it. For security reasons, they will need to use a passcode on the Smartwatch. It is not uncommon for the users to forget the passcode to access the Watch.

If you also have the same kind of problem, you do not have to worry about resetting your locked Smartwatch because you will get complete information about it.

Both smartwatches have a somewhat different technique of being reset. Remember that restarting your Smartwatch or doing a factory reset will destroy any data stored on it.

You can use your Smartwatch to reset, or you can use your linked phone to reset. You’ll use a factory reset warning before you can access your Wear OS Smartwatch if you want to reset it. You must follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this.

By Smartwatch

  • Reverse the procedure whenever your Smartwatch is locked with an incorrect password
  • Please use a different wrong password each time
  • Following that, you must press the Smartwatch unlock option
  • The factory reset pop-up will show as ahead and click. You must click on it
  • Other choices are available. Yes, all checkboxes, data, and buttons must be deleted.
  • Delete the Bluetooth name storage before disconnecting the Smartwatch from the device.

Use Your Smartphone To Fix Your Watch

  • Using your phone’s wear OS app, you may unlock a restricted smartwatch. 
  • To begin, open the Wear OS app and scroll down even more.
  • Then select Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • On your iPhone, go to Unpair Clock and then Remove Watch.
  • After that, on the base of your Android phone, there’ll be a reset button that you must press.
  • To unpair, hold the iPhone in your hand and then press the disconnected button.

How to reset Apple watch

  • Press and hold the power button
  • To begin, hold down the power button for several seconds. However, please remember that you must push till you see the power off button.
  • Click on power off
  • Then, for two seconds, press and hold power off button on the tap.
  • Delete all data and settings
  • Select the “OK” checkbox
  • The “OK” box is checked, and the reset procedure begins.


What is the procedure for resetting a smartwatch that has become locked?

To revert your Smartwatch to its original settings, You will get a factory reset pop-up if you enter a consistently wrong password. To reset your Smartwatch, press on it and check the box.

How to Remove a Password from a Smart Watch

Suppose you’ve forgotten your smartwatch password and need to reset it. You would need to factory reset your Watch if you forgot how to unlock it. If you’ve forgotten your unlock pattern, pin, or password, don’t worry.

Open the Wear OS by Google app on your Android phone. Tap Prompt, once in command at the bottom. Unpair Watch is at the bottom. Unpair the Timepiece. Click on it and select “Erase all information and data” if you want to be sure, and it will begin the restarting process. You’ll have to reset your Watch to factory settings.

All data recorded on your Watch will be erased if you factory reset it! This works with my friend’s Android-powered Fossil smartwatch. Three times, you’ve entered an incorrect passcode. Wait 15 seconds.

  • Repeat the process three times more with an invalid passcode. Wait 15 seconds before continuing.
  • For the third time in a row, type in an invalid passcode. Wait 15 seconds before continuing.

How to restore your Android Wear device to factory settings

  • A pop-up card will appear on the Watch, requesting a Factory Reset. The checkmark, often known as the Done button, should be pressed
  • Once Factory Reset is complete, you will need to repair your Smartwatch to your phone.
  • Remove the device name from the Bluetooth cache before pairing in-app.

If I forgot my Smartwatch’s passcode and am now locked out, how do I get back in?

You forget your smartwatch password code and need to reset it to obtain access. If you lose track of your unlock pattern, pin, or password, don’t panic.

Start the Wear OS by Google app on your Android device. Tap Prompt. Once in command at the bottom, tap Unpair Device at the bottom. Unpair Watch There are two ways to factory reset your Android Wear Smartwatch. Using a smartwatch, create an ever-changing password. After then, a system restores the pop-up that appears on the Smartwatch.


It’s a way to utilize the Wear OS app on your smartphone to unlock your locked Android Smartwatch. You’ll have to sync your Smartwatch with your smartphone then using Bluetooth technology after the process is finished.

After that, you can re-enter the new passcode in your Smartwatch to guarantee that your knowledge and analysis are safe. You may find specific customizations in smartwatches from various brands, making sure you understand the proper procedure before.

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